Welcome to New Orleans, Louisiana

The Crescent City, The Big Easy, NOLA

New Orleans is a colorful city that never truly settles down. It has good food, and good music – with a large helping of the strange and supernatural as well. Of course, the city isn’t without its dangers, which is why it has yet another name: Baghdad on the Bayou.


Our Campaign begins around Changes, within the Dresden Files Series Timeline.


Baghdad on the Bayou

Aspect: Crossroads in the Pentagram of Blood
Aspect: Even in a war zone, you can still find what you need
Faces: Albert Cosgrove, Billy Mais, Charlie Bard
New Orleans lies on a node between ley lines on the Pentagram. In 2005 Katrina turned the city into a war zone. In the years that followed, New Orleans never shook off the post-apocalyptic vibe. Many buildings stand completely abandoned and deteriorating. But what really “caused” Katrina? And what changed as a result? Certainly the mortals suffered—but many in the supernatural community stood to gain from the “new normal”…

Nothing is what it seems

Aspect: One foot in both worlds
Faces: George, Noilly Pratt, The Colonel
That sweet girl on Spring Break is actually a fairy princess planning to shackle your freewill, while that homeless guy pretending to be a statue, is trying to save your soul. A fairy court dedicated to tempting and corrupting mortals has made its headquarters in New Orleans

The Edge of Our World Rubs Against Others

Aspect: Never surprised at something new.
Betty Mullins, Chambord
Wandering the bayou is dangerous—you might just end up stumbling into The Boonieyonder