Campaign of the Month: May 2021

Baghdad on the Bayou

An open letter to the Hell's Angels

Alright wussies—listen up!
I bet you are like me… you can barely remember your life before becoming an Angel. They like it that way. They give you power, but they suck away everything that makes you…You. Your memories. Your personality. Even your name. But you are bigger than that crud.
Maybe you are like me. Maybe you have doubts about being a Hell’s Angel. Maybe you felt a glimmer of something in the mortal realm. Maybe you met a girl. (or a guy—I’m not gonna judge.) Maybe somebody did something nice for you—then you didn’t want to kill them so much anymore.
You have a choice. I met this Godly dude a bit ago—-he told me I can choose. (I think he was the Big Lebowski, or Santa Claus, or something.) He said I could just get out of the Hell’s Angel business—just dump that blasted ring—so I did. I ran. I know some of you have been sent to find me. You almost got me a couple times—I’ve got the scars to prove it. Lucky for me, I’ve got some friends who have helped me out. Healed me up. Helped me hide. They are good people. We can help you too.
But you gotta understand—I’m not hiding anymore. You want some of this? Come get some. I’ll be looking for you. Come at me as a Hell’s Angel—-and I will kick your trash back to Cain’s front door. Come to me as a dude looking for help, and I’ll help you out. But hurt my friends, and I will end you.


guyredshirt hedronist