Campaign of the Month: May 2021

Baghdad on the Bayou

Back To The Future...Or The Past

A mysterious benifactor sends us on an adventure in the past

After the fight in the museum with White court vampires and their minions we lost the artifact. We saved the fake one while the White Court stole the actual one out of the vault. We were met by the museum’s mysterious benefactor Calcasieu Nementou, an elderly native American man.

He gives us a chance to redeem ourselves by helping him retrieve another sphere artifact but to do so we need to go into the Nevernever and plant a seed that will grow a tree that will bear fruit (another artifact) by time we get back. We follow him out to a remote part of the swamp as he drives a serious tricked out old Cadillac Boss Hogg-style. He opens a gate to the Nevernever for us and gives us very vague directions on where to go to plant the seed.

We take off into the Nevernever trying to find the location with the directions we are given. Not to long after we go through, we realize this does not feel like the Nevernever. We suspect he sent us back in time. It is later confirmed when we find a hunting party of early Native Americans. We manage to communicate that we are from Calcasieu. They seem to understand and insist on taking us back to their tribal village. They feed us and give us a place to sleep telling us in gestures and word in their language, that they will take us to the spot in the morning.

Morning comes and Rikard has stayed up all night keeping watch – which the natives think is funny giving him the name Hetsiwef. True to their word they take us to the spot, and we find a place to plant the seed. They then take us back to the portal and we return to Calcasieu who has been waiting for us to return. He asks if we did it and if we met the tribe. We respond yes to both, and he then takes us to where we planted it. There is now a magical tree with a fruit on it. We pick it and give it to him.

On the way back to the vehicles we ask if he sent us back in time. He smiles and says he sent us to a ‘special Nevernever’ since the White Council doesn’t let us time travel. He winks and Rikard asks him if he is a Trickster like Loki . He smiles and says no but he knows him and my Grandfather. We load up in our vehicles and head home to New Orleans.


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