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Hunter or Hunted: A New Orleans Style Aftermath

The Crescent City Cavaliers, Episode 1

October 2011

Gideon had a restless night sleep – ominous dream, something has happened. He lets his bike take him where he needs to go and in the process of being led through the city he enlists the help of Vic. Vic introduces Gideon to Luther – he is a little crazy but is really good in a fight. They also stop by David’s home to find it has been broken into and trashed in a fight. Luther mentions he has worked with Beaumont in the past. He is a private investigator who specializes in finding missing people who might be willing to help them. ‘Donkey”, Gideon’s motorcycle, led them to the abandoned Plaza Tower in the business district. It has been abandoned since 2002 and they manage to discover the current owners – who have owned the Plaza Tower for about a year – is Terra Nuevo Development, a subsidiary of Nuevos Verita, Inc.

They entered through the gate after Gideon cut cleanly through the chain and lock with this huge machete looking sword he pulled from a scabbard on the side of his motorcycle. Vic also veils them in an illusion of construction workers entering the job site for mold removal and cleanup as Luther starts assembling an AR-15 from parts in his backpack.

As they approach the abandoned building, Beaumont and Vic both notice a strong illusion magic, and realize the building was not as abandoned as they thought. Once the illusion is pierced, they discover that it has been inhabited and in use for some time.

They enter the building, prepared and cautious – ready to handle any threat inside. However, they soon discover several ‘humanoid, but not human’ bodies and remains littering the premises. They are all dead and seem to have perished amid going about their evening activities last night when their hearts exploded from their chests, all instantaneously at the same time.

Those familiar with the vampire courts realize that these are the remains of Red Court Vampires. Something killed them all instantaneously at the same time – and there are dozens upon dozens of Red Court bodies throughout the building. The party finds the vampires’ larder, in the form of holding cells full of humans in the basement. They are disheveled and weak – having been fed upon.

After freeing the prisoner’s (or as some in the group called them – ‘cattle’) the group decides to split up. Beaumont and Luther go to David and Betty’s place to investigate the missing persons, while Vic and Gideon take the rescued to St Louis Cathedral for help.Reverend Lantern informed Gideon and Vic about some strange things he has heard as well and tells them to go talk to the Bojangles. When they talk to Charlie Bard he tells them that several of the more psychically sensitive members reported strange dreams, ranging from all out nightmares of 1000’s dying instantly to more ominous dreams of something bad happening like Gideon’s. He also mentions that several of his group did not show up to work today and they have not heard from them. When asked Charlie provided them with some other known locations of suspected Red Court activity. When they visited these sites, it was similar to what they found at the Tower – Red Court with their hearts exploded out of their chests.

Beaumont and Luther find the door smashed in and David and Betty’s place trashed and ransacked. At first it looks like someone tossed the place but after investigating it is apparent that someone went down fighting. There are several kitchen knives embedded in walls and various improvised weapons appear to have been used in self-defense. One of the knives in the wall has a dark, almost purplish blood on it – not human, possibly Red Court blood or something else.

Upon further investigation, it appears David left in a planned fashion. Betty’s personal items are still here: purse, keys, guns, badges, patrol car, etc. It is assumed Betty was the one taken and David either had left before her capture or in response to it. Beaumont performs a tracking spells and discovers that Betty is still in town – in the direction of the docks, but it appears that David is several hundred miles – if not more- to the north east and outside of the city. They decide to follow the spell to Betty and let the others know that it looks like the trail leads in the direction of the docks and railroad yard on the banks of the Mississippi River.

After a fortuitous use of divine guidance, the two groups meet up on the way to the docks. Beaumont triangulates using the spell and discovered the warehouse where Betty is at. As they scope it out, they find one very large human looking figure in a turtleneck on guard at the entrance to the warehouse. Beaumont had never seen this supernatural race before but had heard about the Fomor and their servitors – humans who have been altered by the Fomor to serve and assist them.

While deciding on a plan of action it became apparent that Luther and Gideon wanted to take more direct action with a frontal assault, which started with Luther sniping the guard in an impressive display of marksmanship. Gideon went in first after saying a prayer for protection on Betty.

They entered a darkened warehouse filled with various shipping crates and pallets as well as shelves of merchandise to be shipped. It was quiet except for some clicking noises that sounded very much like the echolocation that some animals do. Immediately they were ambushed by flying coral projectiles that exploded into acid when they hit. Most of the party was missed, Gideon was wounded with acid burns after he was hit, and his armor was melted away by acid.

Beaumont found the light switch and gave them light, Vic cast a rave spell to distract the Fomor. Gideon charged ahead – fully relying on God to help him – and cut down a Fomor servitor, several were shot and killed with guns and magic. It soon devolved into a battle, Luther found a janitorial supply closet and threw together some very improvised IEDs and used them effectively. Gideon battled his way to the Fomor Sorcerer who was leading the servitors and took down his magical shield, injuring him in the process, Beaumont finished him off with an impressive display of fire magic. Empty, the Servitor leader ran away to regroup and report to his superiors on what happened.

After that it was just a matter of mopping up and freeing the captives which included, Betty, Freddie, several of the Artist Colony, and a few other minor talents or practitioners in town. They rescued many people today, but their discoveries have led to more questions.

What caused all the Red Court in town to have their hearts ripped out? Who is this new threat – the Fomor moving into town?


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