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The Crescent City Cavalier's Episode 5

December 26, 2011

The Epic Battle of Canal Street

The days after Christmas were a busy time for everyone. Gideon spent most of the days following reconnecting with Penelope and cleaning up. Beaumont and Luther spent much of their time helping at the bakery during the busy holiday time. Vic spent his time holed up at the House of the Rising Sun looking through the blinds – watching for the Gruffs to return. During this time Beaumont reads Warden Luna’s obituary, they were previously unsure whether he lived after being hit coming through the portal when they returned from Hell – now it is confirmed.

His funeral will be January 1, 2012, and the Cavaliers commit to attending. In the meantime, Vic calls the group in a panic saying he knows he is being watched. When they reach the House of the Rising Sun Vic refuses to come out and the CCC notices the Gruffs in surveillance and surrounding Vic’s location. They do not engage and just watch. Soon they hear giant footfalls getting closer with each resounding boom and soon above some of the buildings they see a gigantic Gruff clad in crystalline looking armor and carrying a sword as big as a car. As the Champion of Summer, he challenges Vic to a duel. After a moment of panic Vic starts discussing all the old rules and regulations regarding Challenges and Duels in the Cortège Gras. It was all deception and an attempt to confuse the Elder Gruff. It worked and he was confused enough to consult with his brothers.

The Eldest Brother Gruff then came to visit. All 5’2” of him. Dressed in wizard robes and carrying a rune carved staff, with three purple senior council wizard stoles on his belt. He visited with Vic and finally agreed with his ‘outline for the duel even though it was obvious he knew Vic was being untruthful. The duel was set for New Year’s Eve and Vic set it up where starting at 11:30 pm each would have 15 minutes and the Gruff would go first according to Cortège Gras dueling rules. They would meet at the Neutral Grounds on Canal Street and have a duel of Stories, letting the crowd decide who would be the victor. Vic did insist on a condition for the Gruff to tell him who hired his family to kill him.

At the appointed place and time, they met on the field of competing stories. The Eldest Gruff told a glorious epic tale of Summer attacking deep into the heart of Winter. It was wonderful and had all the right points – daring and brave protagonists, overwhelming foes, and the promise of sunlight’s hope breaking through and overcoming the cold, dark despair.

Then it was Vic’s turn. He told and equally epically heroic tale of a group of heroes who fought Frankenstein’s Monster, traveled the ocean floor, and fought at the gates of hell to recover lost love. His companions helped of course. Gideon prayed, Beaumont and Luther provided refreshment. They had also set up the duel so Vic would get the benefit of the crowd cheering when New Year happened. Needless to say, Vic won and just in time for the Warden’s funeral.

January 1, 2012

In Memoriam

On the first day of January, the supernatural community gathered to pay respects to a great man. The White Council was in attendance with Senior Councilman McCoy McCoy.jpeg and Captain Luccio Luccio.jpgand a contingent of Wardens. Of course, New Orleans wizards came as well: Beaumont, David, Hunter, and Sunny. The Irregulars and Cavaliers attended as well: Greer, Susannah, Gideon, Penelope, Jeanie, and Luther. Others from the supernatural community attended as well: Betty, Charlie Bard, The Runcie Sisters, George, Giavanna, John Corvac, and Marie Leveaux. There were also representatives from the other supernatural powers in the area: Rikard from Monoc, Hugh and Vic representing their respective courts, Bernie, Calvin attending for the Gore Family, The Archive, and The Colonel from the local White court in New Orleans. It was presided over by Reverend Lantern and Wizard McCoy presented the life sketch of his friend. The Cavilers also noticed a Native American gentleman they had not seen before also in attendance.

After the graveside services, they held a wake for Luna at Laffite’s Bar. Again, the mysterious individual was there and spent most of the time talking with McCoy – who he seemed to know and was friendly with. Each of the Cavaliers, Jeanie and the Native American man were asked to stay behind after the wake for the reading of Lunas will. In the will McCoy was named executor of Luna’s estate with Jeannie receiving Fort Livingston and its environs on Grande Terre Island along with $500,000 to renovate it as she sees fit. Each of the Cavaliers and Tru Felis – the mysterious gentleman -received $100,000. David, Luna’s last apprentice, received his Warden Sword, Luna’s home on Exchange Place, the rest of Grand Terre Island, and $100,000 as well.

The wizards are asked to stay behind along with the Irregulars and Cavaliers. Luccio gave Hunter his new assignment as the Warden’s Regional Commander of the Southeastern US based in New Orleans. David is also made a Warden against his wishes. McCoy explains that Lunas sword – The Vorpal Sword – is bound to a line of wizards- masters to apprentices – not just a single warden. Because Luna gave it to David, he needs to be a Warden with the specific assignment to Protect the Vorpal Blade and be the custodian of Grand Terre Island. When asked what that meant McCoy responded, ‘As you attune to the sword and unlock its power you will learn.’

NOTE: The group receives 1 more skill Point and is now at the Home-brewed power level of ‘Snorkeling’ instead of ‘Submerged’, with a total of 12 Refresh and 40 Skill Points.

Also, you have a sticky aspect (tag 2x) of ‘The Warden’s Inheritance’ you could tag in a Resource Roll. Alternately, you could use it as an excuse to raise your resource skill, or take a stunt to boost your resource skill in some situations..


Nice summary! Good times! Thanks for your GMing Clay!

In Memoriam
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