Campaign of the Month: May 2021

Baghdad on the Bayou

Jeanie’s Indulgence

Developing my Island

I have started working on developing my part of the island and using some of my new found treasure to pay for it.

First of all Alex needed a place to hide from vengeful Hell’s Angels so I had a hidden “lair” built into a part of the fort ruins. It was built to be my own sanctuary from Bourbon street for the long-term so I went all out and spared no expense (although you would never guess because from the outside it still looks like abandoned ruins).

I have also been working with Charlie and Dylan to design and begin building “Indulgence”: A Bojangles haven and hideout built into the remaining fort ruins

Sailing back and forth from the island wastes a lot of time and is not ideal when you are being chased, (it’s a full day going only one direction). Therefore, I am researching how to build a 3-way portal that will allow me and the Bojangles to access the island from 2 separate portals .I would rather not have bojangles coming and going from my attic 24/7 thank you very much!


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