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The Crescent City Cavaliers, Episode 2

November 2011

It has been about 3-4 weeks since the destruction of the Red Court. It has been rumored that some supernatural event has occurred and wiped out the entire Red Court. There are whispers in supernatural circles that the White Council performed a death curse and ended the Vampire War in one fell swoop. The resulting power vacuum has sent the supernatural and mortal worlds spinning, the Red Court had their hands in many interests. The Fomor have begun an overt move for power in the wake of the Red Court’s end. Mortal businesses have suffered as well – captains of finance and industry have literally disappeared overnight. For example, most of the Bank of New Orleans Board of Directors recently disappeared. The president and several of the board of directors, and one assistant manager died in the same week. (The assistant manager died in a mysterious explosion inside the vault during a recent robbery). it has been confirmed by Bojangle intelligence, that Board consisted of four Red Court vampires (The president and three others—now deceased), two LaChaise Clan ghouls (one deceased, on the same day as the break-in), a high-ranking member of Sugar and Vice, … and a pure mortal by the name of Bunny Bytheway.

The group of acquaintance’s that came together on the eve of the vampire courts destruction have became friends and a cohesive group in the chaotic weeks and have gravitated to hanging out at Beaumont’s family bakery, ‘Josette’s Bywater Bakery’ in New Orleans and adopted the Crescent City Cavaliers, CCC or C3, as a nickname. They figured with 2 ‘knights’ and most of them having motorcycles the image of cavaliers was appropriate. In addition, their unofficial meeting place at the bakery is in the Bywater district, right at the heart of the crescent in the river that gives the city its nickname.

While meeting up and enjoying the Le Blanc family’s award winning beignets, Beaumont, Gideon, Luther, and Vic all receive identical packages from David as a thank you for rescuing Betty while he was out of town last month containing a bottle of Old Forester, Kentucky straight bourbon whiskey with a note saying he was guest lecturing at Duke University and he would not be able to meet up with the group this week.

As they traded stories it became apparent that the situation in New Orleans had become even more dangerous. Gideon’s PO/ Saint, Bernie, talked to him about the Hell’s Angels coming into town and told him to be on the lookout. Luther got a lead on the Professor being seen around The Aeon Institute. Vic was summoned to the House of the Rising Sun to account for his lack of progress in corrupting Gideon and he was also asked to investigate The Aeon Institute. Finally, Beaumont just returned from visiting with John and Kelly Montague about their missing 16-year-old daughter, Kylee. While all these seemed worthwhile, they decided to help Beaumont search for the missing girl. Luther goes to confirm his lead of the professor saying he would catch up with them at the motor lodge.

Beaumont had collected several of Kylee’s personal effects (with her parents’ permission, of course) to use a tracking spell. As he cast the spell, he met some resistance, either she was being shielded from magic or she was dead. After refining the spell and putting more power into it he got two possible locations, one close by to the west and a little south (Tulane University), the other farther and almost straight west (Airport). The one farther west was faint and muddled but stronger than the one closer to them, it was extremely muted.

The stronger pull of the spell leads C3 to the Contempra Motor Lodge out by the airport. On the way there Gideon gets a call from another Templar Knight, Davey Wallace. He says he just felt that he should call. He asks if everything is OK and if Gideon needs help. Gideon tells them the situation with Hell’s Angels in NOLA. Davey tells them he is in town and will meet them at the motel.

It was not hard to notice the seven motorcycles in front of rooms 7, 8, and 9. The front desk clerk says that they only got rooms for the night and asks Gideon if he is with them. He seems unfazed by the rough nature of the bikers and gave the impression that this is the type of motel you could get rooms by the hour. Further investigation revealed a lookout on the roof above the rooms.

Davey assists the Cavaliers by eliminating the lookout with the Sling of David. Beaumont hexes all their bikes in the parking lot. These actions alert the Hell’s Angels, and six hardened bikers come out of the rooms ready for battle. They are armed with pistols, knives, and other assorted weaponry. However as soon as they detect Templar Knights they begin to shape-shift into their demonic forms, complete with wings, claws, armored scales, and the like.

It is during this climactic standoff that a bus pulls up and tourists begin disembarking. Luther makes a dramatic appearance, shooting one biker as he is amid bus passengers. He hits the demon biker in the head. The demon wipes the blood off his forehead and cracks his neck laughing as the wound begins to close. Beaumont sets the parking lot on fire with magic – blocking their movement, while Vic conjures fireworks and light to blind and distract them.

Taking advantage of these events, the Templar Knights fire up their bikes and ride through the flames toward the demons. Davey wielding the Holy Sling of David above his head, and Gideon dragging the Apostle’s Sword through the flames – sparking on the pavement as he goes. This surprises the Hell’s Angels and intimidated they escape through a portal into escaping into the DownBelow region of the Nevernever.

In the minutes before first responders get there the Templar Knights take a victory trophy in the form of spark plugs from the Hell’s Angels bikes and Davey goes his way. While investigating the rooms ocuppied by the Hell’s Angels they discovered what Beamont discribed as a ‘dead hooker bag’, basicaly a huge duffel bag that could fit a body inside. It had hair and blood from Kylee inside. C3 leaves with Luther riding in Vic’s sports car, and head in the muted direction of the tracking spell toward Tulane University and the Aeon Institute.

Arriving at the Aeon Institute, Beaumont notices the hulking shadowy form again on the far side of the parking lot and the Cavaliers devise a plan with Vic as a rich possible investor. He also casts a glamor on the group making them look like assistants and security for the investor. Vic bluffs his way past the front desk in spite of Gideon almost giving them away with his rough demeanor and stench. Beaumont doubles down on the tracking spell and despite it being blocked manages to lock in on the missing girl she is about 9 floors above them. They head for the elevator and start up – only for them to come to a grinding halt because of Beaumont’ magic about halfway up. Upon opening the door, they find themselves between floors and have to escape through the access in the ceiling of the elevator. It is at this time the group learns that Luther is claustrophobic due to traumatic childhood events while being ‘raised’ by drug addicts. After coaxing and forcing him out they climb the remaining four floors up the elevator shaft to the 9th floor.

They open the door easily and begin to explore the rooms. One is locked with a keypad and sealed. They jury rig a way to open the lock and enter a morgue-like cooled room with rows and rows of cadavers. Not finding the girl they continue on to the end of the hall and the last door – which is also keypad locked. They try to override the keypad again and are interrupted by Dr. Avery. The Cavalier’s stick to their cover story about and investor and his entourage. He comments it is highly unusual for Dr Conrad to have visitors unannounced, but that they are just in time for the test and opens the door revealing a huge lab and testing facility.

On the left side of the room surrounded by machinery and lab equipment is a humming glowing machine that looks vaguely like an MRI with a body inside and slowly building up with electrical energy. Standing beside it was a female doctor, Dr. Wade, an electrophysiologist, and Dr. Adrian Shaw, lead researcher at Aeon. Almost directly across the large room stood another three individuals, an attractive and distinguished African American woman, Dr John Conrad, and The Professor – Luther’s target, who Conrad addressed as Igor. On the far-right side of the laboratory were various gurney’s and medical equipment along with three security guards with turtlenecks and guns. In the far corner, lying on a medical gurney was Kylee Montague, unconscious and encompassed by a magic circle.

The Cavalier’s burst into action. Luther ducks behind medical equipment lining up a shot on the Professor. His shot severely wounds Igor with broken ribs and a sucking chest wound. Beaumont moves toward Kelly to protect her, but the turtlenecks are blocking his way. Vic squares off with Dr. Avery. Dr Wade is paralyzed with fear and does not move. As the Professor is wounded, he calls out for his master to help him and Dr. Conrad blurs into motion and moves all the way to Luther and hits him with power well beyond his small size.

Beaumont hurls forth fire destroying the three Fomor Servitors and severely wounding Luther and Dr. Conrad in the process. The group notices Dr.’s Avery and Shaw’s skin begin to ripple and toad like tongues slither out their mouths. Gideon moves to assist Luther and ends up dealing the killing blow on Dr. Conrad – running him through with the Apostle’s Blade. The observation gallery above them shatters as a huge humanoid figure jumps through landing on the reanimation machine destroying it and ripping Dr Shaw in half – shredding the skin mask and killing the Fomor posing as the human scientist. The group finish mopping up only to find that the Professor and the African American lady disappeared through a secret entrance. They introduced themselves to the creature, Adam. He briefly tells them that Dr Conrad was originally Dr Johann Konrad Dippel born at Castle Frankenstein and has perfected ways to stay alive beyond normal human capacity. Adam was his first creation and has worked against the doctor attempting to thwart his work through the centuries. The doctor’s wealth is the greatest hindrance to Adam’s work, but he has managed to kill him several times and seems doubtful that they did it this time.

In the end The Crescent City Cavaliers, thwarted a Fomor alliance with an evil corporation owned by ‘Dr. Frankenstein’, rescued a girl from their clutches, and sent a band of demon bikers back to Hell. But is that the end of Dr Conrad? The Red Court had their fingers in a lot, but it is beginning to look like the Fomor do as well.

The PC did earn 2 skill points and 1 refresh to spend. Also feel free to change some aspects, some PCs have greater reason to do so than others.


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