Campaign of the Month: May 2021

Baghdad on the Bayou

Riders of the Storm

As the Bourbon Street Irregulars considered the news from our previous adventure, they hurried to the Plaza Tower, the epicenter of the last hour’s revelations. This was most of the party’s first time in the tower—which now was Rikard Baldurson home. Rikard escorted the party to the security floor. (Rikard is the director of security.)

The Fomor Weapon weapon was indeed activated. It hovered, and spun slowly, in synch with the brewing tropical storm over the gulf. Rikard attempted to grab the device and was severely shocked.

Others in the party questioned the Fomor who had barely emerged from a coma—but they found that a dead end. He was missing all of his memories. After ordering him some food, Susannah James felt compelled to assist him in eating. As she moved to his bedside, she just happened to catch a bullet fired from a nearby building, through the bulletproof glass, and into her back. Fortunately, the wound was not severe. (It was level with the Fomor’s head.) In the scramble that took place afterward, Rikard spotted an unfamiliar person headed towards the elevator in a hurry: The “nurse” who had brought up the “Pizza bites” from the kitchen, a couple of floors below. She entered the elevator at the same time as Hugh McKay. On the ride down, the two of them beat each other with fists, feet, and railings, and acid guns—Hugh took a beating, but his physical immunity protected him. (Unfortunately, he lost his favorite AC/DC shirt to the acid.) Hugh stopped the elevator to prevent her from escaping, but she pulled the doors open anyway, stumbling out into the medical wing. Rikard had been bounding down the stairs to catch them, bursting into the lobby just in time to cleave his sword cleanly through her.

(“Polite”, Fomor Servitor Assassin—now deceased)

Hashitomi Oka (Sunny) used his newfound abilities to speak with the now-deceased assassin and discovered that the Former Fomor upstairs (John) is a major threat to the Fomor. (Or at least a perceived threat—they aren’t completely aware of what he is capable of.)

As the party tried to identify how to destroy a “weapon of power”, Susannah James consulted with her “boss”, who indicated the way to destroy the weapon is not in New Orleans—and that Karl was their key. The party resolved to head to the The Boonieyonder to visit the Cour Des Marais.

That night the Irregulars traveled deep into the bayou. Most of them riding in the Monoc Securities Humvee, but then by stolen airboat, following Hugh who was riding Ioimós as he trotted over the water with ease. Once they arrived, Hunter “Hunt” Allain used the Shoony Chaakoo to open a gate into the The Boonieyonder. Hugh let the group to the Grand Marsh, where they investigated a magical fire that has been slowly ravaging the lands of the Marsh Court. They moved to the Turtle Beach, Carl’s homeland. They traded crumbs and booze for information. The turtles pointed the group off into the Ocean to consult with Maturin.

Hugh, galloped across the Fairy sea with Ioimós while the rest of the party remained with the turtles. Eventually, he found a small island, and attempted to climb, only to discover the entire island was the shell of a monstrous turtle. Maturin indicated the best way to destroy an “indestructible” Fomor Weapon is in an “indestructible” Fomor beast—like a Kraken. To face an indestructible Fomor beast, however, they would need an unsinkable ship—that apparently Jeannie had access to.

(Maturin, the greatest of the Fae Turtles)

The party returned to New Orleans to develop a new plan. They discovered that as a Fomor, John Doe could touch and move the weapon without being injured. Hunt used the Void Knife to open a hole in its pocket dimension, where John stored the weapon. The party returned to Lafitte’s Blacksmith Shop Bar, where they consulted with Vermalkin and Joseph Luna. In addition to other recent discoveries Jeanie has made about her legacy, Jean Laffitte had possessed an island, Grand Terre. Apparently there Jean Lafitte had left his ship, “The Pride” over 200 years ago. Joseph attempted to resurrect his old portal between the bar and the island for just a few seconds to allow the party to quickly “teleport” there.

There, in the moonlight, as if it was the fulfillment of some ancient prophesy, Jeanie fired her ancient flint-lock pistol into the air and summoned The Pride which rose like a spectre from the gulf. pride.jpg
( The Pride)

Sailing out into the Gulf, the party leaned on John Doe to try to reach out to the Fomor, and summon the Kracken. He almost surrendered his will back to the Fomor mental network, but with the help of the party was able to resist. Hunt the reopened the void, allowing John to pick up the weapon.

As the Kraken approached, Jeannie worked to steady the ship, while others fought off the onslaught of tentacles. Hugh lectured the group on the parallels of physics and magic. With a mighty toss, the weapon flew into the maw of the Kraken. Moments later, the indestructible Kraken seemed to turn into glass, and splintered into a million shards—taking the Fomor weapon with it.

A minute later, a bright beam of moonlight burst through the now dissipating storm, helping to light the Irregular’s journey home.

[Note: At this point, you should have 1 additional skill point, for a total of 11 Refresh and 38 Skill points.]


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