Campaign of the Month: May 2021

Baghdad on the Bayou

Rikard's Summer of Love

The last three months have been … interesting for Rikard. After almost a century as a soldier and warrior, a woman has captured his heart. This is all new territory for him, he finds himself always finding an excuse to be around Lady Oka, or Sunny. She keeps telling him he doesn’t have to be so formal. She has spent much of the last several months training and learning about her hammer. She has improved as a warrior and has taken many of the Einherjar by surprise with how fierce she is. Many have come out of a sparring match with her with bruises and broken bones. This is because Rikard has been giving her extra lessons and it has paid off.

They did take some time to go on some trips. Sunny has taken him to visit her tribe and family. Rikard has taken her to Norway to visit his family. While there he bought a dog for her.



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