Campaign of the Month: May 2021

Baghdad on the Bayou

Susannah's Training Montage

When Susannah returns home from the Brown wedding she contacts Bernie to turn in Alex’s Hells Angels ring. Susannah mentions to him the rituals she heard about through the Shadow Hunters in Kentucky, Bernie just shrugs in response. “I know a guy, can teach you if you’re interested.”

Later that week, during a meeting with a man named Doug for a shoplifting charge, the man says he’s a friend of Bernie’s and if Susannah has any interest in summoning and binding he would be willing to teach her. A few hours and an Archangel later, Susannah spends the summer upholding the law and trying to do magic. When she finds her weapon skills are backsliding from lack of use, she turns to Bernie and The Templar Knights Motorcycle Club to add something else to her schedule. Idle hands are the Devil’s workshop after all.


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