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Baghdad on the Bayou

Placeholder Irregular Burbon Street Adventure Pt 2

Wherein the Irregular’s Mardi Gras adventures continue into the Cortege Gras portion of the Nevernever.

Placeholder for the Cavalier's Bakery Bruhahah

In which the Cavaliers follow up on the mysterious cookies and the bakery they came from.

Placeholder: Irregular Bourbon Street Adventure Pt 1

Wherein they explored Bourbon Street during an unforgettable Mardi Gras.

Suicide, Poltergeists, and Romantic Revelations
In the which the Guys discover a friendly (??) White Court vampire, and plan for upcoming nuptials

Little time has passed since last our friends encountered a group of smugglers and thieves, battling a troll and retrieving a cursed denarius wrapped in the hair of Samson. That was a couple of weeks ago, though, and on this particular fine afternoon, they are sitting together chatting in Beaumont’s family’s cafe, being fed and mother-henned by Beaumont’s mom. In discussion, Gideon announces his upcoming nuptials, and Beaumont volunteers, as his wedding present, to make their wedding cake. They are discussing this and other events when Greer walks in.


The first thing everyone noticed is that Greer and Beaumont hugged and kissed. No one had realized that they were dating. Greer is a spectacular hottie, and all of the guys give him enthusiastic signs of approval and congratulations, which Greer politely, and pointedly, ignores, letting the boys be boys.

Greer has come to the bakery, under counsel from Beaumont in a conversation earlier that morning, for the purpose of finding all of the guys together. One of her dear friends and a mentor on the police force, Officer Mason Guillot, has apparently committed suicide overnight, and she is confused and worried. Her feeling is that it was not in his nature to do such a thing, and it seems very suspicious to her. He wasn’t the kind of a guy to get depressed, and certainly not suicidal. He has recently been involved in a shooting, in which he had been forced to kill a young man that had gone crazy and killed a young lady. When Officer Guillot came upon the youth, he was hunched over the body of the dead girl, attempting, it seemed, to eat her. When Guillot shouted at him to step away, the kid charged and attacked him, forcing Guillot to shoot and kill him. The review board recently determined that it was a completely justified killing, and that Office Guillot could return to the force as soon as he completed his mandatory post-shooting counseling sessions.

Because of her only-recently reinstated status in the Sheriff’s office, Greer is hesitant about her ability to look into it in any way at all, and was hoping that Beaumont and the guys could help her out. With Beaumont’s enthusiastic urging, the guys all decide to go along and see what they could discover. Anything to help out a bro.

After some discussion, they decide on three avenues of investigation: First, David arranges to meet and have lunch with his girlfriend Betty, who is on the force, to see if she has heard anything, or knows anything more. It turns out that Betty doesn’t know much more than Greer, but she did tell David that there were still officers at Guillot’s house. Second, they had thought to go to the scene of the suicide and investigate it themselves. They decided against this, though, after David’s talk with Betty. Maybe this is something they can get back to once the police presence dies down. Lastly, they decide to go and talk to the psychiatrist that was talking to Guillot for his mandatory counseling.

Albertus Marais is a successful local psychiatrist that often works with the sheriff’s department, helping with the mandatory counseling session for officer-involved shootings. He has been doing this for years. The guys travel across town and show up at Marais’s office, a very elegant, converted shotgun shack. Vic uses his skills to convince the receptionist that they are from the sheriff’s office, and need to see the notes from Guillot’s sessions with the doctor. She has them fill out a release form, and tells them that she’ll be able to access the records once the doctor is out of his current session, in about twenty minutes or so. Eventually, Marais’s current patient leaves, and he greets the group, having been told their purpose by his receptionist. He invites them in to visit, and having been informed that they are from the force, he shares with them what details he has.

Guillot had only been in to visit him for two of his four mandatory counseling sessions so far. Marais’s initial evaluation of Guillot indicated that he was perfectly fine, and he expected to release him to return to the force as soon as his mandatory sessions were completed. This wasn’t a surprise. Guillot was an old-timer, this wasn’t his first shooting, and the shooting itself seemed particularly justified. Marais discusses a little bit what the guys had surely all seen in the news a few weeks earlier.

Officer Mason Guillot had shot and killed a local 25-year-old college student after being arriving in response to an emergency 911 call. The young man, Dalton Rufus, was a student at the University of New Orleans. When guillot arrived in response to the 911 calls, he found a naked Dalton Rufus savaging the body of a young woman that he had killed with his bare hands, apparently. By all appearances, he was attempting to…eat the body of his victim. Guillot shouted at him to step away and surrender. Rufus jumped up, covered in blood, and rushed Officer Guillot, and Guillot was forced to shoot him. Rufus died on scene from his wound. The incident was widely reported in the news, and the guys know very little about it other than what they have heard on TV.

Because of the incident, however, Officer Guillot was attending these counseling sessions. Marais had heard about Guillot’s suicide on the news this morning, and admits to being a little surprised. In his first session, Guillot was the hardened old curmudgeon on the force, having already lived through a number of gruesome incidents. It’s New Orleans, after all, and weird stuff happens. Marais does mention that in between his first and second appointment, Guillot seemed to have changed a little bit. He wasn’t overtly depressed at all, and certainly not suicidal, but he did seem to be doubting himself a little bit. He had asked about whether he was really right in killing the kid, and maybe he could have done something less final. All questions that anyone would have asked in the situation, but they were only odd and worth mentioning because they were so different from what he had expressed in their first visit.

Marais said that Guillot had mentioned a pop-culture self-help guru that he had heard about that was doing some seminars downtown. The man’s name was Dylan Cannon, and was the latest iteration of the Tony Robbins-type help. Marais didn’t know very much about him, but did know that a number of his patients had mentioned visiting him, or listening to his seminars. What little the guys could find out about him online seemed legit and on the up-and-up. At least, no more kooky than any of the other self-help gurus out there.

There was one thing that Marais mentioned that raised the guys’ collective eyebrows. Marais mentioned that in the past month or so, he has noticed a slight up-tick in suicides around the city. A few of his patients, in particular some that had also mentioned Dylan Cannon, had unexpectedly committed suicide. There was no evidence of foul play, these things happen sometimes, and Marais certainly didn’t want the bad press the would come with revealing that his patients were committing suicide, so he didn’t say anything. As long as the sheriff’s office was here making inquiries about Guillot, though, he felt like it was worth it to make an unofficial observation.

Other than that, there doesn’t seem to be anything particularly revealing that the psychiatrist can offer, and the guys head out, deciding to rendezvous with David at the Monteleone Hotel, where Dylan Cannon is hosting his seminars.

They arrive together at the hotel and see a placard out front announcing Cannon’s seminar: Dylan Cannon of the Eternal Path Union. Seminar today in the Pontalba Conference Room. Today’s seminar: Trauma Retaliation! Last minute registration at door: $895

In an attempt to find out a little more information about what’s going on with Dylan Cannon, they call in one of their contacts from the Bojangles, to learn what they have seen around the hotel. The Bojangle performer confirms that some of the people that have committed suicide have been seen coming from Cannon’s seminars. He also mentions that as long as the guys are looking into mysterious events, they should also know that there has been a rash of children going missing lately, and it has a lot of the Bojangles keeping an eye out. So far, so leads have come from it, but it’s a growing concern. Beaumont notes that he’s helped a few people find missing children lately, and that he’s noticed the same increase.

They head up to the Pontalba room, and after some deliberation, quietly enter the back of the room to catch the last few minutes of the seminar. Cannon seems to be a typical self-help speaker. The majority of the people in the room, there are around 100, seem completely engrossed in what he has to say, hanging on his every word. It seems a little odd, but not creepy. Just a little bit more engaged than normal. Also, they notice that Dylan seems to spend as much time talking about how riddled with self-doubt and self-loathing the crowd must be. He’s helping them, and giving good advice, but just seems to be over-emphasizing the self-doubt.

The guys talk a little, and David decides to look at Dylan with his wizard’s eye. As the seminar ends and the crowd filters out, he does so and sees Dylan as a giant, terrifying monster. A creature that is clearly vampiric, but the odd thing is that instead of being surrounded by darkness, this “monster” is suffused with light. He’s brilliant. So brilliant that he almost hurts to look at. His brightness, in fact, almost hides the fact that he is a vampire. Confused a little at his impression, David manages to close his wizard’s eye. The other notable occurrence is that the moment David opened his wizard’s eye, Dylan flipped his head around and stared at the group.

Dylan clears out the last of the seminar attendees, and boldly walks right up to the guys. He introduces himself, and asks what they want and what their intentions are. He even asks if any of them are White Council. The guys are a little surprised at his openness, but hey, he is a self-help guru, and knows how to take charge. In fact, more than seeming angry, he seems fed up and exasperated, like “I gotta deal with these guys AGAIN.” He is clearly unafraid of them in any way, even knowing that some of them are White Council.

After some discussion, Dylan openly admits that not only is he a white court vampire of House Cannon, but that he has been feeding off of the crowd. He is very careful to take only a tiny bit from each of the people that can handle it, and never feasts deeply on anyone. He doesn’t even take anything from people he can tell don’t have it to give, and his seminars are honest ways to help people. He holds legitimate degrees in counseling, and genuinely helps people. How does he know that he doesn’t take more than people can give? The same way that ordinary mortals know when they are about to take the last chip from the bowl in the middle of the table.

Cannon also mentions in response to their queries that Mason Guillot had come by, but had not attended the seminar. They had spoken briefly, but Guillot left without being willing to pay the seminar fee.

The guys, in particular Gideon and David, are not completely convinced, and Beaumont in particular is openly hostile. (The players do, however, remember the description of Thomas feeding gently from women in his hair salon, and see this as a mostly similar scenario.)

Just as they are deciding what to do about it, there is a scream from the lobby. A woman is screaming “He’s dead. It killed him!”. The guys go to race down, telling Cannon to keep where they can see him. He laughs, and tells them that they had better try to keep up, and then in a burst of vampiric speed, is gone in a flash down to the lobby, where the screams are coming from.

When they arrive in the lobby, Cannon is already comforting a lady over behind the reception desk, and they are surrounded by hotel staff, including the manager. It turns out that the woman and her husband are a rich, elderly couple, and that a couple of nights ago, they awoke to crashing sounds from the common area in their suite. When they came out to investigate, the room was in shambles. They were worried that the hotel would charge them for the damages, but the hotel quietly and quickly fixed things up, asking them not to fuss over it. Now, though, she insists that a ghost has tripped and thrown her husband against a wall, killing him.

After questioning, the manager, Layne, admits that the room is haunted, but that the ghosts there almost never do anything. There are many ghosts in the hotel, and the hotel enjoys publicizing the fact, it helps draw in customers, but this particular room they don’t talk about. The ghosts there manifest only rarely, and always to ill effect, and they definitely don’t want the kind of tourist that is interested in dangerous ghosts frequenting the hotel. The hotel has tried having the room exorcized in the past, but “the crackpot priest” (as described by Layne) from the local cathedral was not effective. The ghosts are poltergeists, a couple that were involved in a gruesome double murder at the end of the last century. Blade and Amaranth Lovelace were a well-to-do couple staying there for Mardi Gras in the late 1800s. He walked in on her cheating on him one night, and killed her, only to be attacked and killed by her lover, who subsequently escaped and was never found.

Layne none-too-eagerly agrees to pay the guys a sum of $10,000 if they can clear the ghosts out >tonight<. It’s a $2000/night room, and they can’t afford to have it closed off permanently. The guys reluctantly agree, but only after Gideon extracts a promise of a free room for his upcoming wedding night, and they also get promised room-service dinner and breakfast while they are here.

The guys set up in the room and figure out, again using the wizard eye, that there are lots of ghosts coming around. They invite their friend Sunny, who can speak to the dead, to come help them trap this particular set of ghosts. When she arrives, a supernatural force slams the door shut on her, and seals it shut. Gideon uses his holy sword to cleave the door in two, and allows Sunny in.

She helps set watch, giving them warning when the ghosts appear, and the guys set up a ritual circle to trap the ghosts. To help them with this Gideon brings his motorcycle (his holy symbol) up from the parking garage, using the freight elevator. The two poltergeists appear and start wreaking havoc, but are quickly trapped in the ritual circle that was set for them. The guys are all set up for a knock-down, drag-em-out fight, and they can tell the ghosts will be formidable, but Sunny winds up talking to them, helping them find a kind of resolution. In the end the ghosts turn away from each other and fade away, presumably never to be seen again.

The next morning, an angry Layne sends up nothing but bowls of oatmeal for breakfast, but the guys have completed their task and banished the ghosts, and Layne agrees to pay them their due. As they leave, he offers them each a chocolate chip cookie from a local bakery, mentioning how popular the place has become and how the cookies are simply amazing.

The guys leave with new leads to follow up on, in particular the missing children and the mysteriously good chocolate chip cookies.

Placeholder Eli's One shot
A Cavalier's Adventure

Vic was contacted by Hugh of the rival Swamp Court to help with a militant faction in the Swamp Court.

Vic contact the rest of the Cavilers and we head off to a secluded river access to a nearby lake where Hugh told us the rouge faction of his court is operating under the direction of the Patriarch’s Daughter and her Troll muscle.

After some reconnaissance and sneaking (thanks to Tru) the group of heroes follow them back to a warehouse in a small town outside of New Orleans.

The Cavaliers discovered an Anti-Magic field inside the warehouse. after taking out the Faerie henchmen outside they fight the troll. David got pile driven into the ground but they managed to get the necklace of Sampson’s Hair holding an Blacken Denaraius (it was causing the anti-magic field) and kill the troll and escape with treasure and magical writings and histories. Just as they leave the Patriarch’s daughter shows up and now knows who they are.

Christmas in New Orleans

It’s Christmas time in New Orleans. The Bourbon Street Irregulars are celebrating the season in Jeanie’s upstairs studio in Lafitte’s Tavern. Outside, the city is alive with Christmas traditions. Carolers holding candles gather in Jackson Square. Local churches prepare for their midnight masses. New Orleanians prepare massive pyres on the levies to guide Papa Noel to New Orleans on Christmas Eve.

Suddenly, Sunny feels the faint unsettling disturbance in the fabric of the magic around her. Calvin hears the unmistakable echo of necromantic magic twisting the cacophony of city sounds into low throbbing beat, used by Sugar and Vice to control the undead. The Irregulars race down the stairs just in time to engage the first wave of zombies sieging the bar. They spring into action, taking down the zombie horde, with the help of Jeanie’s new bouncer, Alex Keene. Santi, Calvin’s father—in zombie form—is included as part of the assault. The keen eye of the Irregulars however spot he is somehow still alive—-his skeleton has been animated inside a living being. That disturbing type of living animation is the trademark of Calvin and Hugh’s old rival—Johnny Sunset, the Vice Grimlord of Sugar and Vice. Calvin and Susannah spotted Johnny a block away on a balcony. Susannah rode her bike and jumped it up onto the balcony deeply injuring Johnny. Calvin increased gravity turning the entire building into rubble. In desperation, Johnny attempted to animate a group of tourists to come to his aid, but Susannah finished him before he was able to cause any more harm.

Sunny communicated with the spirit of Johnny and discovers that he has recently had dealing with beings that barter in souls, known to him as the Seers. Clearly Johnny has plans, even as a spirit—but the Irregulars we unable to thwart his plans further. Santi—freed from Johnny’s control entered into a catatonic state, and has been put under Sunny’s care.

Greer is notified of a murder investigation happening at Jackson Square—-apparently theReverend Philip Nicholas has been murdered. At the same time, Susannah receives a call from her brother Peter, drunk, confessing that he has done something horrible. The Irregulars run to the Cathedral and lurk outside before being allowed in to investigate the scene. Gregory Lantern reports having witnessed Susannah’s brother Paul fleeing the chapel carrying something. As the party investigates the scene, they realize that strangely, the Reverend’s soul seems to be conspicuously absent.

With a city-wide police search for Peter, the party finds him first and hides him in Sunny’s van. Paul has no recollection of the crime, but has blood on his hands.

Calvin seeks help from his grandmother, Gaia, who was quite pleased to hear from him. She summoned Mnemosyne, his “aunt”, on his behalf, but told him to be prepared to make an offering for her assistance. The Titaness of Memory appeared in their midst—or maybe she had always been there. Their memories are quite spotty on their interactions with her. She took some of their memories in exchange—unfortunately, the party has no recollection of exactly which memories she took. She took Paul and did a deep dive into his memories. Even with her massive power, she was shaken by what she witnessed. Paul in fact had been inhabited by being from another dimension, known only as “He who is without restraint: The seer in secret.” Although no longer possessed, Mnemosyne could access a few scattered pieces of this being’s memories as well. She discovered this being’s affection for Jazz music, his proclivity for murdering people with axes, working as a mercenary for various beings in the past (including a decades earlier contract with the White Council, where he possessed rookie cop Earl to murder Greer’s parents. He was involved as well with the collection of Penelope’s soul several years early. There were also spotty memories of interactions with two other beings: “He who is without regard: The seer of secrets” and “He who is without remorse: The seer with secrets”. Whatever these beings are, their business seems to involve the collection and selling of mortal souls.
Through hacking Paul’s phone, the party was able to piece together that the Seer (in Paul’s body) had taken the Reverend’s soul to Cemetery number one. The party decided to rush to the cemetery for further investigation. Upon arriving outside the gates, they foundJoseph Luna and David waiting outside. Joseph seems unsurprised to find them there, almost as if he had been waiting for them to show up. They rush into the cemetery and approach the Pyramid Tomb of Nicholas Cage. There are obvious signs of a magical ritual recently in the area. David tells the Irregulars, “We’re late. Have your weapons ready, we are going in.” He opens a red glowing gate, and a wave of hot sulphury air flows outwards. He disappears into the portal.

The scene on the other side is madness. The party is in a red glowing wasteland outside a city dominated by a single tower rising into the sky. Roaring battle is underway in every direction. Angels clash with devils, what seems like two armies on motorcycles swerving in and out of the fray swinging medieval weapons. Einherjar and Valkyries battle unholy beasts. Jeanie briefly made eye-contract with her bouncer Alex among the Hell’s Angels.
They witnessed a small group of men, the Crescent City Cavaliers, making a run for the city itself. Joseph looked over at the group, and the looking to the north. Just outside the city, in a twisted hellish replica of the graveyard they just left, a group of robed figures seems to be performing a ritual around a pyramid shaped alter.

The Irregulars disengage from the fray and head towards the graveyard. (But not before Hilda commandeered a Pegasus from a fallen Valkyrie.) Several voodoo priestesses and warriors gather around the alter. Two souls magically bound together, pulsing with energy, provided fuel for the ritual. An almost invisible snake like creature seemed to be drawing the energy to gradually become more corporeal. The party descended on the group, killing the priestesses and chasing away the beast.

They recovered the souls of Greer’s mother and the Reverend and prepared to escape.
As they approached the gates, they could see the forces of good in full retreat. They watched as a tentacle of shadowy magic whip Warden Luna who fell to the ground. David carried him through the last portal closing it behind himself, leaving the Irregulars trapped in Hell. Moments later, another portal opened in the sky, and a large canoe pulled by flying alligators emerged. As the Hell’s Angels and all sorts of other denizens from below descended on their position, Papa Noel, narrowly landed and loaded the group aboard. As they took to the sky, Papa Noel was hit by a blast of magic. Unable to control his own vessel, he handed the reins to Jeanie and said “This thing isn’t so different than a Tall Ship”. He then turned to Hunt, “Hunt, will you guide my pirogue tonight?”

On the vessel, Greer and her Mother had a final conversation. Unfortunately, the magic that tied her and Philip together, there was only enough substance left for one of them to return to our world. Greer’s mother refused to allow Philip to die in her place. At the appropriate point on their trip home, she stood and dove off the ship, finally finding peace.
Navigating the Nevernever by boat during a magical raging storm caused by the epic War Down Below was not easy, and the ship was almost lost, but at the last moment, cutting through the storm like a lighthouse on a rocky shore, the bonfires on the levies of New Orleans were lit—-giving Hunt and Jeanie the direction they needed to safely return home.

Parties and Plagues in the Park!

The Cavaliers got a text from Vic Noble thanking them for their help with his Gruff problem and asking them to stop by The House of the Rising Sun to assist him with another issue he was having.


They gathered there the afternoon of January 8th, and sharp eyed Gideon Rockwell spotted Chambord (the Benevolent Frog) leaping out the window when they arrived to talk with Vic Noble.


Vic Noble told them of the politics and opportunities he was seeing in the Cortège Gras dealing with the fallout of the Gruff, investigating who wanted him dead and who was more sympathetic, and preparing for Mardi Gras. But he also mentioned some intelligence he had heard recently that another group, the Cour Des Marais had launched some sort of attack on a local abandoned amusement park, which turned out to be Six Flags of New Orleans – New Orleans East, and he hoped they would be able to investigate that while he was occupied elsewhere. The Cortège Gras and the Cour Des Marais are often at odds, and Vic Noble feared that the latter was trying to take advantage of a moment of distraction and infighting for the former.


The group agreed to check it out, and traveled to the park that evening, after gathering information on the area from folks like The Very Reverend Gregory Lantern and telling loved ones like Betty Mullins where they would be.

The stories they heard were about vampires, not Cour Des Marais, so they were nervous to explore the area at night, but decided to stake out the parking lot of the eerie, dilapidated amusement park and see if anyone stopped by or anything suspicious happened. No one seemed to visit, but late in the evening they heard the music of a rave and decided, after much debate, to enter the park and learn more. Beaumont LeBlanc picked up a faded and moldy map of the original park design, which did not match the current changed topography since the devastation of Hurricane Katrina and years of subsequent neglect, but still proved to be an invaluable resource as they plotted their exploration of the cursed area.


As soon as Luther Church had scaled the fence and jumped to the other side, though, he was attacked by a ferocious pack of darkhounds, who did some serious damage as Gideon Rockwell sliced through the chains locking the gates, and the rest of Cavaliers rushed to his aid. They shot, sliced, and force-blasted the darkhounds into bloody severed heaps, but found that the haunting views of the creepy park at night, and some psychic wards left at the entrance were compelling them to flee and come back in the morning. David Brown had to talk Luther Church into sticking it out after being mobbed by hounds, and God himself seemed to be telling Gideon Rockwell that leaving now might put even more people in danger.


As they overcame their fears, and decided to push through and learn more, Beaumont LeBlanc had the brilliant and novel idea to use his fire magic to light the entire wooden frame of the collapsing Mega Zeph rollercoaster ablaze and see if the ensuing inferno, which was certain to consume much of the surrounding overgrowth as well, would draw out their enemies or help separate any innocents from any threats.


The fire certainly caught a lot of attention, and they headed back toward the center of the park, where David Brown was almost killed by an enormous alligator. It attacked him from a swampy area, but Luther Church was able to half blind the beast with an incredible shot, and as David Brown slid in the mud trying to back away, the seriously wounded alligator slipped back into the water and fled.


Shaken and still sensing that they were being watched with dangers lurking in the shadows around every corner, the Cavaliers returned to an area near the entrance to the park, and Beaumont LeBlanc was able to use some binoculars to catch sight of what appeared to be goth teenagers and young adults leaving the graffiti covered shell of the old Gator La Croix’s Dockside Cafe to climb on the metal remains of The Big Easy Ferris Wheel and other structures, to watch in awe as the Mega Zeph burned to the ground.


The Cavaliers decided the youth seemed harmless enough that they could approach, and though they were terribly unstealthy, and readily spotted, the party-goers seemed more interested in watching and waiting than either attacking or cooperating. Gideon Rockwell tried desperately to get the revelers there in the park to take him to their leader or answer any questions. Instead, the group simply insisted that the Cavaliers were not welcome and should not be there. Luther Church even went so far to as pummel one of the kids, Brandon, with the butt of his rifle and shoot off one of his toes, which enraged them but made them no more forthcoming.


When Luther Church started firing bursts of gunfire into the air and Gideon Rockwell and David Brown tried cutting down some of the few remaining structures in the park with their swords, eventually a woman made her way through the crowd of observers to confront the men.


As she demanded they leave, they decided that she, like the others, was not particularly afraid of them nor a real threat, and likely not Black Court either, so David Brown opened his third eye to better understand the nature of these stubborn youth. The horrific, nightmarish vision showed him conflicting powers both enslaving and consuming the goths, and he realized they were in real trouble from not one source, but two!

He also knew with a certainty that they were being watched.


Around the same time, Betty Mullins called Luther Church hoping to get ahold of David Brown but knowing that he was uncomfortable with cellphones. Remembering that he had told her he would be at the Six Flags of New Orleans – New Orleans East, she was concerned when her department and boss, Earl Knottyham, were called in to address the bonfire of the Mega Zeph and seemed to be bringing in resources from out of state as well. She warned them that something serious was going on there and though she did not know all of the details, they should get to safety.


Under further questioning, the goth woman – Angela – became possessed, and spoke with the voice of a man, telling the Cavaliers to leave, as no one who came here was safe, and that their help was needed, but they would likely not be able to do anything to save these kids.


Gideon Rockwell carried Angela to the nearby Sim Ex Pirates building, but the crowds of her friends blocked Gideon Rockwell and demanded to come along. The Cavaliers acquiesced, and the whole group hid in the building while Beaumont LeBlanc and David Brown prepared a complex ritual on Angela to better understand the nature of the conflicting forces disturbing her. Luther Church made a lookout post on the top of the building and discovered three important things: (1) the sheriff’s department had arrived in force, (2) they were not entering the park and seemed to rather be barricading people inside, and (3) no one was fighting the fire that had been started earlier on the far side of the park! With Gideon Rockwell praying for them, the two wizards were able to discern through their thaumaturgy that all of the partiers at the park where being dominated by Black Court Vampires, likely John and Wayne Carter, but simultaneously those same dominated mortals were infected with a horrific and highly contagious pathogen, introduced into the area by the Cour Des Marais. It was a disease that was meant to kill undead, but was also transmitted by and lethal to the living! And worse still, The Crescent City Cavaliers had caught it, too, from their time in the park!


David Brown decided their best hope for an antidote would be to travel to the booniewonder and question the Cour Des Marais. With his world traveller gifts, he was able to open a portal in an ideal area to quickly locate several interesting members of the Cour Des Marais, including a Nuggle and one of the daughters of the Patriarch, who introduced them to her father. There they obtained a cure, learned that the pathogen was pulled up from beneath the ocean floor by the Deep Water Horizon, and taken by a rogue agent or faction of the Cour Des Marais who wanted to stop undead and human threats to the natural world through measures of biological weaponry and terrorist extremes.


The Patriarch provided cures for The Crescent City Cavaliers, and said he could make more for the other infected individuals, but would need some promises protecting areas of nature from the mortal world, and that he would notify his ambassador Hugh McKay through the messaging service of Carl and work out a deal with the mortals to distribute the antidote if he could get guarantees of protection for certain lands. He specifically mentioned the “Little Lake” area of the bayous around New Orleans, but the Cavaliers were never able to learn why he was more interested in that region than the site of the Six Flags of New Orleans – New Orleans East.


Cured and more aware of the power dynamics and agendas in the area, The Crescent City Cavaliers cut a portal back to New Orleans, but outside the park and behind the line of quarantine that the Sherriff’s Department and CDC had formed to prevent anyone from leaving the contagion zone.


On the outside, they were able to call Betty Mullins, talk to Earl Knottyham, and let them know of the offer of the Cour Des Marais Patriarch to help save more mortals in exchange for some specific protections. The Crescent City Cavaliers retrieved their motorcycles from quarantine and headed home for a well deserved rest, leaving the land and cure negotiations in the capable hands of Hugh McKay and whoever Earl Knottyham was able to put him in touch with.


In Memoriam
The Crescent City Cavalier's Episode 5

December 26, 2011

The Epic Battle of Canal Street

The days after Christmas were a busy time for everyone. Gideon spent most of the days following reconnecting with Penelope and cleaning up. Beaumont and Luther spent much of their time helping at the bakery during the busy holiday time. Vic spent his time holed up at the House of the Rising Sun looking through the blinds – watching for the Gruffs to return. During this time Beaumont reads Warden Luna’s obituary, they were previously unsure whether he lived after being hit coming through the portal when they returned from Hell – now it is confirmed.

His funeral will be January 1, 2012, and the Cavaliers commit to attending. In the meantime, Vic calls the group in a panic saying he knows he is being watched. When they reach the House of the Rising Sun Vic refuses to come out and the CCC notices the Gruffs in surveillance and surrounding Vic’s location. They do not engage and just watch. Soon they hear giant footfalls getting closer with each resounding boom and soon above some of the buildings they see a gigantic Gruff clad in crystalline looking armor and carrying a sword as big as a car. As the Champion of Summer, he challenges Vic to a duel. After a moment of panic Vic starts discussing all the old rules and regulations regarding Challenges and Duels in the Cortège Gras. It was all deception and an attempt to confuse the Elder Gruff. It worked and he was confused enough to consult with his brothers.

The Eldest Brother Gruff then came to visit. All 5’2” of him. Dressed in wizard robes and carrying a rune carved staff, with three purple senior council wizard stoles on his belt. He visited with Vic and finally agreed with his ‘outline for the duel even though it was obvious he knew Vic was being untruthful. The duel was set for New Year’s Eve and Vic set it up where starting at 11:30 pm each would have 15 minutes and the Gruff would go first according to Cortège Gras dueling rules. They would meet at the Neutral Grounds on Canal Street and have a duel of Stories, letting the crowd decide who would be the victor. Vic did insist on a condition for the Gruff to tell him who hired his family to kill him.

At the appointed place and time, they met on the field of competing stories. The Eldest Gruff told a glorious epic tale of Summer attacking deep into the heart of Winter. It was wonderful and had all the right points – daring and brave protagonists, overwhelming foes, and the promise of sunlight’s hope breaking through and overcoming the cold, dark despair.

Then it was Vic’s turn. He told and equally epically heroic tale of a group of heroes who fought Frankenstein’s Monster, traveled the ocean floor, and fought at the gates of hell to recover lost love. His companions helped of course. Gideon prayed, Beaumont and Luther provided refreshment. They had also set up the duel so Vic would get the benefit of the crowd cheering when New Year happened. Needless to say, Vic won and just in time for the Warden’s funeral.

January 1, 2012

In Memoriam

On the first day of January, the supernatural community gathered to pay respects to a great man. The White Council was in attendance with Senior Councilman McCoy McCoy.jpeg and Captain Luccio Luccio.jpgand a contingent of Wardens. Of course, New Orleans wizards came as well: Beaumont, David, Hunter, and Sunny. The Irregulars and Cavaliers attended as well: Greer, Susannah, Gideon, Penelope, Jeanie, and Luther. Others from the supernatural community attended as well: Betty, Charlie Bard, The Runcie Sisters, George, Giavanna, John Corvac, and Marie Leveaux. There were also representatives from the other supernatural powers in the area: Rikard from Monoc, Hugh and Vic representing their respective courts, Bernie, Calvin attending for the Gore Family, The Archive, and The Colonel from the local White court in New Orleans. It was presided over by Reverend Lantern and Wizard McCoy presented the life sketch of his friend. The Cavilers also noticed a Native American gentleman they had not seen before also in attendance.

After the graveside services, they held a wake for Luna at Laffite’s Bar. Again, the mysterious individual was there and spent most of the time talking with McCoy – who he seemed to know and was friendly with. Each of the Cavaliers, Jeanie and the Native American man were asked to stay behind after the wake for the reading of Lunas will. In the will McCoy was named executor of Luna’s estate with Jeannie receiving Fort Livingston and its environs on Grande Terre Island along with $500,000 to renovate it as she sees fit. Each of the Cavaliers and Tru Felis – the mysterious gentleman -received $100,000. David, Luna’s last apprentice, received his Warden Sword, Luna’s home on Exchange Place, the rest of Grand Terre Island, and $100,000 as well.

The wizards are asked to stay behind along with the Irregulars and Cavaliers. Luccio gave Hunter his new assignment as the Warden’s Regional Commander of the Southeastern US based in New Orleans. David is also made a Warden against his wishes. McCoy explains that Lunas sword – The Vorpal Sword – is bound to a line of wizards- masters to apprentices – not just a single warden. Because Luna gave it to David, he needs to be a Warden with the specific assignment to Protect the Vorpal Blade and be the custodian of Grand Terre Island. When asked what that meant McCoy responded, ‘As you attune to the sword and unlock its power you will learn.’

NOTE: The group receives 1 more skill Point and is now at the Home-brewed power level of ‘Snorkeling’ instead of ‘Submerged’, with a total of 12 Refresh and 40 Skill Points.

Also, you have a sticky aspect (tag 2x) of ‘The Warden’s Inheritance’ you could tag in a Resource Roll. Alternately, you could use it as an excuse to raise your resource skill, or take a stunt to boost your resource skill in some situations..

A Highway to Hell
The Crescent City Cavalier's Episode 4

December 21, 2011, New Orleans

After Odin/ Kringle left the bakery in the predawn morning of the 21st, the CCC decided to go to rescue Penelope (they think from Hell). They took a few hours to recoup and refresh, then met at the slaughterhouse. Gideon went there immediately and was waiting as the others arrived. After a few hours of cleaning up and resting from their deep-sea adventure the rest of the party convenes at the slaughterhouse, first Beaumont and Luther followed by Vic a few minutes later.

When Vic arrives, he was followed closely by a leather clad individual on a motorcycle. He dismounts and removes his helmet revealing an older man. He addresses Vic by name and asks if the others are inside. Vic tells him they are, and the man asks to be taken inside to speak with Gideon. When they get in Gideon introduces them to Bernie, his parole officer. Bernie asks if they are really going to go. He tells Gideon it is a trap; she has been gone for seven years. Gideon is will not be dissuaded from going and his companions are set on going with him.

Bernie lowers his head and ponders (prays?) for a moment then lifts his head up, looking at the Templar Knight. ‘Greater love hath no man than this… Go with God my friend. Just don’t forget the rings this time.’ He then turns to Luther and asks to see Gloria. Luther reluctantly retrieves his rifle and shows it to him. He asks if he may take it for a minute, but Luther holds on to it only allowing Bernie to touch it. Bernie runs his hands over the barrel of the rifle and words appear in it. Down the sides of it is written Psalms 82:3-4, ‘Give justice to the weak and the fatherless; maintain the right of the afflicted and the destitute. Rescue the weak and the needy; deliver them from the hand of the wicked.’ H then pulls two other items from his backpack and gives a piece of old wood to Beaumont, and a blood red ruby in the shape of a drop of liquid to Vic. He explains that these artifacts will imbue their spells with holy power making them useful where they are planning to go. He then leaves disappearing into the night.

Luther goes outside and as fate would have it, he finds a child’s bicycle forgotten in some debris. He leaves some money and takes the bike back inside prepared to ride a pink girl’s bike unicorn stickers on the chain guard, complete with a banana seat and streamers off the handlebars. Gideon is anxious to be going and wonders out loud if he needs a wizard to open the portal or if he can drive on though on his own. Beaumont laughs and tells him to go ahead and try. He then opens a portal for them to travel through. And the Crescent City Cavaliers pass through the passage and into the Downbelow with Luther ringing the bell on his bike.

The Downbelow

As they pass though it is not what they expect. Instead of hellfire and screams of agony they see blue sky and endless fields of white roses as far as the eye can see. They come through on a cobblestone highway winding off into the horizon towards a city on the horizon surrounded in an endless haze with a tall spire rising out of the center. There is a faint hint of brimstone or sulfur in the air. As they gain their bearings some notice the cobblestones in the road are brimstone and upon further investigation there is writing on them. Each one has a ‘good intention’ written on it. Who knew that there actually was a Highway to Hell and it was paved with good intentions?

They travel for what seems like hours, but don’t seem to be getting any closer to the city, some suggest they take off through the flowers and off the path to see id they cannot get there faster but Beaumont does not want to and thinks it is a bad idea. So, the party is at a stalemate when Luther throws his bike into the white flowers and … nothing happens -for a minute and then the ground erupts releasing a gigantic demonic (?) centipede and two spiders. They try fighting them but cannot make it past the hard carapaces. They soon decide that discretion is the better part of valor and hide under Vic’s glamor until the monsters go away. As they continue, they notice exit signs for turn offs – Helheim, Hades, Purgatory, Kur, Gehenna, and others. They also realize that if they do not look at the city on the horizon, they make progress on their journey.

As they approach the city, they notice a wide river that bends around the city and a ferry loading people for the trip across. They also meet a fellow traveler on the road – so far, they have not seen anyone else. He introduces himself as Gil, a fellow traveler, and asks if this is their first time here, because they obviously are not dead. They cautiously greet him and after several tests they decide to let him travel with them. He is excited about this prospect and eagerly offers to be their guide as they travel into the city.

As they approach the river and the docks they notice what can only be described as a subway entrance with stairs going down into the ground with the dulcet melody of a muzak version of ‘It’s a Small World’ coming from it. When they investigate, they find the uncommitted – those who in life took no sides; the opportunists who were for neither good nor evil, but instead were merely concerned with themselves, standing a long line queued up and waiting in line – to nowhere. Gil explains that when they get to the front of the line they have to go back and start all over again.

At the ferry ticket booth, they meet a man behind the counter, tall, elegant, and handsome, with chocolate-colored skin and bleached-blond hair, shaved military style. He wears tortoise-shell shades and a silk Italian suit that matched his hair. A black rose was pinned to his lapel, above a nametag with the name Charon. He is witty and urbane and loves nice Italian suits. He politely refuses them passage as they are not dead. After some fierce negotiations and Beaumont giving him a fine Italian suit in his pack, he agrees to let them cross. As they disembark on the far side, they see the gates of hell with the inscription ‘Abandon all hope, ye who enter here.’ With that Beaumont realizes that Gil is Virgil – the same who led Dante through hell. They also begin noticing similarities between this city and their city of New Orleans – in fact, it looks like a weird fun house mirror version of New Orleans. Gil mentions that this is New Orleans under New Orleans, hell looks like whatever city people come from.

The first ‘ward’ of this city is Limbo. Overcast and a ash as fine snow falling on a monochromatic, bland uniform cityscape. Everything is identical, and Gil gets lost. Everything looks the same every building looks the same. They eventually find their way through by tracking and survival skills and move on to the next ward. As they enter the second ward the surroundings change – now they are surrounded by brothels, strip clubs, and red-light districts. The wind picks up and blows the spirits here with an almost gale force wind, however it does not affect the heroes – they seem to be anchored by reality somehow. The Cavaliers meet a woman clad in snake motif leathers. She introduces herself as Asmodeus, the demon in charge of the second Ward of hell – Lust. She tries to seduce Vic and he manages to put her off with future promises of liaisons.

They move on to the third ward and the scenery changes with it. This time the surrounding change to a giant restaurant district, food, and big pharma as far as they see and a putrid slushy rain falling. The spirits here run to and fro trying to eat the delicious foods, but it always turns to the putrid slush as soon as it hits their mouth. They meet a handsome Asian man in dog or wolf motif biker leathers, who introduces himself as Beelzebub. As they try to make it past him, he turns into a gigantic 3 headed wolf. They realize they must pack the dog’s mouths with the slush to paralyze and pass by him – which they manage to do, moving on to the next ward. The scenery changes again as they enter this ward into banks, pay day loan offices, and rent to own establishments – anyplace where you can get something now and pay later. Here they meet Mammon, the Demon of Greed, who speaks to them in a language none of them understand. As they are confronted by him, they are overcome by his sheer will and they fall to the ground – mentally and physically unable to move. Beaumont, by sheer mental fortitude, only goes down to his knees. Only Gil is unaffected by this. He looks around and sees the party incapacitated and only then rebukes the demon in the same language that it spoke. A quiet power thrummed through the CCC and they were released from the demon’s power. As they leave this ward of the city Gill says, ‘Come we must hurry. They know where we are now. Hurry!’

They then travel to the ward of Wrath – more like a swamp made from the runoff of the putrid slush from Gluttony. Gil gives the party the advice ‘to avoid Wrath one must be quiet and humble’ and they slip quietly past the demon. And through the swamp of wrath and sullenness. They finally find themselves at the Great Wall surrounding the Inner Wards of Hell and the City of Dis. The walls look to have no foundations almost floating in the air and beyond that is a gigantic skyscraper of a tower. Gil explains that the rest of the wards are in the tower with the highest, or ninth ward, reserved for Lucifer himself. On and along the walls are hundreds of Hells Angels – the estimate of there being 666 seems about right – standing guard on the gate with a Demon and Cain in front of the gates itself.

The demon calls out laughing at Gil and the Cavaliers, ‘You have no place here old man, leave here like the pathetic creature you are or prepare to die’, as he shifts into his demonic form of a flaming skeleton. ‘I have stood in opposition to you for centuries and will do so now and in the future. Gressil, let us pass!’ When asked by Gideon how they could possibly fight this host of hell. Gil answers, ‘Fear not: for they that be with us are more than they that be with them’ and then winks a Gideon as he pulls out a gremlin bell from his tattered clothing and throws it into the air. As it travels it releases a stream of bubbles. Suddenly he is not Gil but Bernie – or Saint Bernard, patron saint of the Knights Templar and opposer of the demon Gressil.

The Saint makes the sign of the cross and with a ringing basso rumble shouts, ‘IN HOC SIGNO VINCES!’ The bubbles then begin popping, sounding like Bubble wrap, and portals start opening. He then quietly says to Gideon, ‘On your left.’ And a huge bubble then pops, as the Templar Knights come roaring through on their motorcycles with weapons alight with a gleaming silver – all the Templar Knights. As other portals pop into existence, Rikard, Einherjaren, and Valkyries come through. Other openings reveal the Irregulars, along with David, Betty, and Warden Luna. Silver white comets appear in the sky streaking down, as they hit with thundering concussions – Angels are standing all around the party.

Demon hiss and gnash their teeth as the mount their fiery motorcycles and charge toward them. Bernie turns to the Cavaliers, “‘Greater love hath no man than this…’. Go get to their clubhouse and find her! We will hold them here, go get Penelope. Come back here, we will keep a way open for you here.” Turning to the Knights he calls out to them, ‘Come brothers, let clear them a path to the gate!’ With that they ride out in a spear formation clearing a path for the heroes as they make their way across the field to the gate. As thy make their way through the gate the Cavaliers clash with three minor demons. Divine guidance through Gideon leads them to what looks like an automotive garage. As they carefully approach, they spot a hulking gigantic six-legged bear with ram’s horns on its head inside the garage bays. Gideon recognizes this as the demonic form of one of the Hells Angels as it charges toward them in a frenzy, attacking Luther with a vicious swipe of it’s claws from the left side of his face to his right hip. They attack an after a brief struggle the heroes make it past it and surveil the garage clubhouse. They see three more Hells Angels inside and an unconscious Penelope tied to a table or alter in a separate room. They devise a plan where they sabotage the Hells Angels motorcycles so they will get stranded when Gideon draws the demonic angels away from the clubhouse. The rest of the group sneak in and rescue Penelope.

The plan works just as they had planned, and they meet Gideon by the gates of the city with Penelope. It is a joyous tearful reunion as they are reunited. As they kiss, some members of the group notice that she has a skull ring on the finger. She flashes an evil smile over Gideon’s shoulder as her other hand transforms into a claw and she drives it into Gideon’s abdomen with an upward angle – almost as it she is trying to reach his heart. Her glamor drops at the same time to reveal a middle-aged woman with a wicked grin on her face. Beaumont recognizes her as Kelly Montague, mother of the girl the Hells Angels abducted a couple of months ago and the newest Hells Angel. After a brief but furious fight they take out Kelly and race back to the clubhouse to finish searching it before the Hells Angels return. They find the real Penelope in a backroom in a glass coffin and surrounded by Fomor looking implements and equipment. Gideon kisses her and awakes Penelope with True Love’s Kiss.

They race back to where their allies are hold a Way open for them. When they arrive, they witness a great battle with their allies evacuating injured back through the Way as they can. Several Einherjar and Valkyries are wounded or worse, almost all the Templar Knights are injured, some severely – none are dead. Several of the Irregulars are injured or exhausted as well – including Betty. They do see the wizards of the white council led by a The Warden of New Orleans providing cover fire and artillery for the group holding the Way. Whenever an enemy gets to close to them Luna’s blade always seemed strike out in a brilliant display of swordsmanship cutting the enemy down. As soon as the group sees the Cavaliers coming, their allies begin moving to retreat through the gate.

Besides the Angels, the Wizards of the White Council are the rearguard and make sure the rest make it through. Luna’s swordsmanship is truly amazing as his blade reaches out, almost with a mind of its own, striking at the enemy. You would not guess that he is over 200 years old, it is almost as if he is more energized in the heat of a battle. Then a gigantic ‘shadow’ appears and lashes out with multiple attacks with tentacles of shadow. The warden’s sword flashes brightly each time it blocks an attack, but one slips past his defenses and strikes him down. The other wizards cover as David drags his mentor through the portal unsure if he is alive or not. They all make it through, and as the portal closes, they witness the angels streak off into the sky as beams of silvery light.

Aftermath – December 24

After returning they soon realize that it is now December 24th and it is 9:30 pm. They had promised Reverend Lantern to attend Midnight Mass. They clean up, tend their wounds, and attend Mass. Even dragging Luther along with them. When the service is over Beaumont’s family invites them to Réveillon, the big family dinner celebration that is tradition after Midnight Mass. When they arrive, they each find presents from Kringle under their Tree.

Vic received a hot wheel car set that when rolled has actual racetrack noises.
Beaumont’s gift was a big bowl of steaming hot Jambalaya- that refills whenever he thinks of Christmases past and a plate of beignets.
Luther received a tin cup (like for camping) with a star of David on the side full of eggnog (also refills when Christmas – or Hanukah is remembered, with a sufganiyot (like a jelly donut) and a Dreidel.
Gideon gets a set of matching wedding rings, that are magically connected with each other.


The PCs also receive 1 skill point and one refresh for the adventure.

Riders of the Storm

As the Bourbon Street Irregulars considered the news from our previous adventure, they hurried to the Plaza Tower, the epicenter of the last hour’s revelations. This was most of the party’s first time in the tower—which now was Rikard Baldurson home. Rikard escorted the party to the security floor. (Rikard is the director of security.)

The Fomor Weapon weapon was indeed activated. It hovered, and spun slowly, in synch with the brewing tropical storm over the gulf. Rikard attempted to grab the device and was severely shocked.

Others in the party questioned the Fomor who had barely emerged from a coma—but they found that a dead end. He was missing all of his memories. After ordering him some food, Susannah James felt compelled to assist him in eating. As she moved to his bedside, she just happened to catch a bullet fired from a nearby building, through the bulletproof glass, and into her back. Fortunately, the wound was not severe. (It was level with the Fomor’s head.) In the scramble that took place afterward, Rikard spotted an unfamiliar person headed towards the elevator in a hurry: The “nurse” who had brought up the “Pizza bites” from the kitchen, a couple of floors below. She entered the elevator at the same time as Hugh McKay. On the ride down, the two of them beat each other with fists, feet, and railings, and acid guns—Hugh took a beating, but his physical immunity protected him. (Unfortunately, he lost his favorite AC/DC shirt to the acid.) Hugh stopped the elevator to prevent her from escaping, but she pulled the doors open anyway, stumbling out into the medical wing. Rikard had been bounding down the stairs to catch them, bursting into the lobby just in time to cleave his sword cleanly through her.

(“Polite”, Fomor Servitor Assassin—now deceased)

Hashitomi Oka (Sunny) used his newfound abilities to speak with the now-deceased assassin and discovered that the Former Fomor upstairs (John) is a major threat to the Fomor. (Or at least a perceived threat—they aren’t completely aware of what he is capable of.)

As the party tried to identify how to destroy a “weapon of power”, Susannah James consulted with her “boss”, who indicated the way to destroy the weapon is not in New Orleans—and that Karl was their key. The party resolved to head to the The Boonieyonder to visit the Cour Des Marais.

That night the Irregulars traveled deep into the bayou. Most of them riding in the Monoc Securities Humvee, but then by stolen airboat, following Hugh who was riding Ioimós as he trotted over the water with ease. Once they arrived, Hunter “Hunt” Allain used the Shoony Chaakoo to open a gate into the The Boonieyonder. Hugh let the group to the Grand Marsh, where they investigated a magical fire that has been slowly ravaging the lands of the Marsh Court. They moved to the Turtle Beach, Carl’s homeland. They traded crumbs and booze for information. The turtles pointed the group off into the Ocean to consult with Maturin.

Hugh, galloped across the Fairy sea with Ioimós while the rest of the party remained with the turtles. Eventually, he found a small island, and attempted to climb, only to discover the entire island was the shell of a monstrous turtle. Maturin indicated the best way to destroy an “indestructible” Fomor Weapon is in an “indestructible” Fomor beast—like a Kraken. To face an indestructible Fomor beast, however, they would need an unsinkable ship—that apparently Jeannie had access to.

(Maturin, the greatest of the Fae Turtles)

The party returned to New Orleans to develop a new plan. They discovered that as a Fomor, John Doe could touch and move the weapon without being injured. Hunt used the Void Knife to open a hole in its pocket dimension, where John stored the weapon. The party returned to Lafitte’s Blacksmith Shop Bar, where they consulted with Vermalkin and Joseph Luna. In addition to other recent discoveries Jeanie has made about her legacy, Jean Laffitte had possessed an island, Grand Terre. Apparently there Jean Lafitte had left his ship, “The Pride” over 200 years ago. Joseph attempted to resurrect his old portal between the bar and the island for just a few seconds to allow the party to quickly “teleport” there.

There, in the moonlight, as if it was the fulfillment of some ancient prophesy, Jeanie fired her ancient flint-lock pistol into the air and summoned The Pride which rose like a spectre from the gulf. pride.jpg
( The Pride)

Sailing out into the Gulf, the party leaned on John Doe to try to reach out to the Fomor, and summon the Kracken. He almost surrendered his will back to the Fomor mental network, but with the help of the party was able to resist. Hunt the reopened the void, allowing John to pick up the weapon.

As the Kraken approached, Jeannie worked to steady the ship, while others fought off the onslaught of tentacles. Hugh lectured the group on the parallels of physics and magic. With a mighty toss, the weapon flew into the maw of the Kraken. Moments later, the indestructible Kraken seemed to turn into glass, and splintered into a million shards—taking the Fomor weapon with it.

A minute later, a bright beam of moonlight burst through the now dissipating storm, helping to light the Irregular’s journey home.

[Note: At this point, you should have 1 additional skill point, for a total of 11 Refresh and 38 Skill points.]