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Baghdad on the Bayou

Welcome to New Orleans!
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For the next month we are going to plan and develop the city of New Orleans in the Dresdenverse. We will be playing around the time of Changes in the timeline of the novels. It should be fun!

EDIT: It was decided that we will be running 2 campaigns concurrently in New Orleans, so the player characters have different tags for the different campaigns (.GN for Guys night, and .FG for the family game).

Hunter or Hunted: A New Orleans Style Aftermath
The Crescent City Cavaliers, Episode 1

October 2011

Gideon had a restless night sleep – ominous dream, something has happened. He lets his bike take him where he needs to go and in the process of being led through the city he enlists the help of Vic. Vic introduces Gideon to Luther – he is a little crazy but is really good in a fight. They also stop by David’s home to find it has been broken into and trashed in a fight. Luther mentions he has worked with Beaumont in the past. He is a private investigator who specializes in finding missing people who might be willing to help them. ‘Donkey”, Gideon’s motorcycle, led them to the abandoned Plaza Tower in the business district. It has been abandoned since 2002 and they manage to discover the current owners – who have owned the Plaza Tower for about a year – is Terra Nuevo Development, a subsidiary of Nuevos Verita, Inc.

They entered through the gate after Gideon cut cleanly through the chain and lock with this huge machete looking sword he pulled from a scabbard on the side of his motorcycle. Vic also veils them in an illusion of construction workers entering the job site for mold removal and cleanup as Luther starts assembling an AR-15 from parts in his backpack.

As they approach the abandoned building, Beaumont and Vic both notice a strong illusion magic, and realize the building was not as abandoned as they thought. Once the illusion is pierced, they discover that it has been inhabited and in use for some time.

They enter the building, prepared and cautious – ready to handle any threat inside. However, they soon discover several ‘humanoid, but not human’ bodies and remains littering the premises. They are all dead and seem to have perished amid going about their evening activities last night when their hearts exploded from their chests, all instantaneously at the same time.

Those familiar with the vampire courts realize that these are the remains of Red Court Vampires. Something killed them all instantaneously at the same time – and there are dozens upon dozens of Red Court bodies throughout the building. The party finds the vampires’ larder, in the form of holding cells full of humans in the basement. They are disheveled and weak – having been fed upon.

After freeing the prisoner’s (or as some in the group called them – ‘cattle’) the group decides to split up. Beaumont and Luther go to David and Betty’s place to investigate the missing persons, while Vic and Gideon take the rescued to St Louis Cathedral for help.Reverend Lantern informed Gideon and Vic about some strange things he has heard as well and tells them to go talk to the Bojangles. When they talk to Charlie Bard he tells them that several of the more psychically sensitive members reported strange dreams, ranging from all out nightmares of 1000’s dying instantly to more ominous dreams of something bad happening like Gideon’s. He also mentions that several of his group did not show up to work today and they have not heard from them. When asked Charlie provided them with some other known locations of suspected Red Court activity. When they visited these sites, it was similar to what they found at the Tower – Red Court with their hearts exploded out of their chests.

Beaumont and Luther find the door smashed in and David and Betty’s place trashed and ransacked. At first it looks like someone tossed the place but after investigating it is apparent that someone went down fighting. There are several kitchen knives embedded in walls and various improvised weapons appear to have been used in self-defense. One of the knives in the wall has a dark, almost purplish blood on it – not human, possibly Red Court blood or something else.

Upon further investigation, it appears David left in a planned fashion. Betty’s personal items are still here: purse, keys, guns, badges, patrol car, etc. It is assumed Betty was the one taken and David either had left before her capture or in response to it. Beaumont performs a tracking spells and discovers that Betty is still in town – in the direction of the docks, but it appears that David is several hundred miles – if not more- to the north east and outside of the city. They decide to follow the spell to Betty and let the others know that it looks like the trail leads in the direction of the docks and railroad yard on the banks of the Mississippi River.

After a fortuitous use of divine guidance, the two groups meet up on the way to the docks. Beaumont triangulates using the spell and discovered the warehouse where Betty is at. As they scope it out, they find one very large human looking figure in a turtleneck on guard at the entrance to the warehouse. Beaumont had never seen this supernatural race before but had heard about the Fomor and their servitors – humans who have been altered by the Fomor to serve and assist them.

While deciding on a plan of action it became apparent that Luther and Gideon wanted to take more direct action with a frontal assault, which started with Luther sniping the guard in an impressive display of marksmanship. Gideon went in first after saying a prayer for protection on Betty.

They entered a darkened warehouse filled with various shipping crates and pallets as well as shelves of merchandise to be shipped. It was quiet except for some clicking noises that sounded very much like the echolocation that some animals do. Immediately they were ambushed by flying coral projectiles that exploded into acid when they hit. Most of the party was missed, Gideon was wounded with acid burns after he was hit, and his armor was melted away by acid.

Beaumont found the light switch and gave them light, Vic cast a rave spell to distract the Fomor. Gideon charged ahead – fully relying on God to help him – and cut down a Fomor servitor, several were shot and killed with guns and magic. It soon devolved into a battle, Luther found a janitorial supply closet and threw together some very improvised IEDs and used them effectively. Gideon battled his way to the Fomor Sorcerer who was leading the servitors and took down his magical shield, injuring him in the process, Beaumont finished him off with an impressive display of fire magic. Empty, the Servitor leader ran away to regroup and report to his superiors on what happened.

After that it was just a matter of mopping up and freeing the captives which included, Betty, Freddie, several of the Artist Colony, and a few other minor talents or practitioners in town. They rescued many people today, but their discoveries have led to more questions.

What caused all the Red Court in town to have their hearts ripped out? Who is this new threat – the Fomor moving into town?

The Road to Shell Beach
Something's "Changed"

October 2011

A few days ago, the supernatural landscape of New Orleans shifted with the elimination of the Red Court of vampires. The implications of that sudden shift are quickly becoming apparent.

The night before

Rikard Baldurson promoted Jeanie Lafitte (Jean) to the manager of the Lafitte’s Blacksmith Shop Bar—his other responsbilities demanded his attention. That evening, as Jeanie was tending the bar for her late night regulars, she was approached by someone she had only heard about through the Bojangle network, Empty—a formor servitor. He used a dazzling clam-shell charm to hypnotize Jeanie into recruiting people to ride the 9 pm Algiers ferry, Friday night. Apparently, “the view of the fireworks will be spectacular.” (Strangely, neither the Beignet Festival nor CrystalCon has been advertising fireworks…)

Jeanie used all her considerable social skills to persuade people the rest of the evening, and the next morning alerted her fellow Bojangles to the strange invitation.

Gathering the gang

Calvin received message from his father, Santi. Apparently, something big was “going down” at the Bank of New Orleans that evening. He didn’t give any details to Calvin, but encouraged him to stay away. This was unusual because usually his father has tried to involve him in the family business. His father seemed legitimately nervous about this particular event. Calvin disobediently went to the bank to see if he could help his father in some way. He was interrupted by a visit from this grandmother, who wanted him to run an errand for her into the Bayou. Torn between family “responsibilities”, Calvin recruited Jeanie to help him, and they sped to the Bayou in his Birthday Porsche.

Greer also received an assignment from her boss, Sheriff Knottyham, to help investigate a recent attack at a small unincorporated community outside town, Shell Beach. She and her partner Molly, headed out. On the way she spoke to her cousin, Hunt. Hunt, in an abundance of concern for his cousin and a desire to spend time together after his long absence, caught a ride with fellow wizard David, and offered to meet her there an lend a hand.

Simultaneously, Hugh was getting a cold hot dog breakfast from a street cart, and noticed Carl beckoning him from a nearby gutter drain. Carl informed Hugh that unnatural things in Mosquito Bayou needed to be resolved. At Carl’s prompting, Hugh recruited Sunny as back-up (as well as transportation).

Finally, Susanna, being her “brother’s keeper,” after a conversation with her mother, decided to check in on her older brother Solomon. He had recently left the army and moved to Shell Beach, and has been behaving strangely.

Strange things afoot at the Circle K

As a Champion of God however, it was hardly a surprise to Susannah when by divine providence all eight people arrived at the Shell Beach gas station at the same time—moments before a group of grunches emerged from the bayou and attacked. The group quickly dispatched the grunches and their pet alligator. Jeanie took out two beating them with cheap liquor bottles. Sunny protected a group of frightened people by creating a large veil to make them all invisible. Molly alerted the group to one more on the roof, which jump down to attack David, but he magically (and violently) ripped the moisture out of him.

Finding Fort Proctor

The group, now deciding that they are best as a team, continued into Shell Beach to visit with Solomon and investigate the crime scene, and procure a boat. Solomon (and the rest of the residents) seemed blissful. He was more than happy to lend them his boat. The group determined that the previous attack was grunchs, who captured people and pulled them into the bayou. Molly led the group to the end of town, when she was sniffing out the source of the strange blissful emotion that permeates the town.

The group took their large motorboat towards the lake where they discovered Fort Proctor. Sunny discovered the presence of powerful magical wards and other enchantments. Using “the sight”, David witnessed a vortex of swirling energy being slowly drawn into the fortress.

After unsuccessfully trying to break, climb, and fly into the fort, Mnemosyne emerged from the front gate (Great Aunt Mnemosyne to Calvin). Although the heroes still have significant questions about the motivations of the Titaness, she didn’t seem to present an immediate threat. In fact, she considered the residents of Shell Beach her children, and under her protection. She encouraged the group to go help protect her children by addressing the grunch problem. As the group departed, Mnemosyne privately addressed Calvin—“My mother likes you. I haven’t decided yet.”

Exploring Mosquito Bayou

Deep in the Mosquito Bayou the group discovered an abandoned Red Court outpost near an ancient portal. Periodically, when the tides align through time, this portal allows Jurassic period creatures, plants, and insects to travel into our time.

The Red Court has been protecting this portal waiting for something useful to travel through. Coincidentally, when something big finally emerged (a 30 foot “Razana":””) the Red Court had already been destroyed. Instead a group of grunches attempted to befriend this beast by feeding it the residents of Shell Beach. The group heroically fought off more grunches and alligators as Jeanie maneuvered their small ship to solid ground. Galloping out of the woods, the Razana destroyed their ship with a terrible roar. Hugh distracted the creature, while David dissected chucks of with his disintegration ray. Hunt and Sunny used earth magic to immobilize it with magic. Greer and Savanna then each took out one of its eyes. All this coordinated effort allowed Calvin to massively increase the gravity directly below the beast, crushing its bones.

Wrapping things up

The problem of the portal remained. Hugh summoned a few Feu Follet of the Cour Des Marais, and between their fey magic and the efforts of the wizards, the portal was deactivated.

Inside the Red Court outpost, the group discovered records and correspondence between the vampires with those in the Plaza Tower. In addition to monitoring this portal, they have been pushing back against the Formor who have been eager to establish a foothold in this bayou. Finally a letter from the Red Duke outlined how a powerful Formor weapon had been acquired, and is being held in a special vault in the main branch of the Bank of New Orleans.

Preview of coming attractions

Immediate loose-ends:

  • Immediate problem: Stuck in a bayou with no boat.
  • In a few hours, SOMETHING is happening involving Sugar and Vice and the Bank of New Orleans.
  • Tomorrow is the Annual Beignet Festival, which, to Sunny’s delight, has been combined with CrystalCon (hosted in New Orleans for the first time this year).
  • Tomorrow, at 9 pm, a ferry leaves the French Quarter to Algiers point. This is only remarkable because the Formor seem interested in covertly recruiting people to be on that ferry. Apparently, “the view of the fireworks will be spectacular.”

Longer term loose-ends:

  • Giaus Proctor’s church, “ Victory After Mortality Parachurch” has moved to meeting in the Superdome. He has openly declared himself a vampire, although most people and the media don’t take him seriously, the parishioners love it. Every month the crowd grows. Hunt has been asked to investigate, but prudently—the White Court are members of the Unseelie Accords, so openly hostile actions would have … implications.
  • For the last few weeks, Jeanie has had the strong feeling that something is watching her.
  • A couple weeks ago, there was a mysterious murder copycatting the Louisiana Axe Murderer from decades ago. Paul James (Susannah James’ brother) has been assigned as the lead detective on that case.
Banks, Beignets, and Beyond
Not necessarily in that order

October 2011

The Beyond

Finding themselves literally “up a bayou without a paddle” (or a boat at all) and in a rush to return to New Orleans, our heroes (The Bourbon Street Irregulars) found themselves exploring options. Eventually Hugh used the magic of his court, and leveraged the residual magic infused into the archway, and opened a portal into the Boonieyonder. The party was soon stomping through sticky mud under strangely purplish skies. They happened upon a pair of brothers from the Cour de Boue— The Fae Folk’s Mud Court. Diffusing a potentially hostile situation, Hugh persuaded his “cousins” Frank and Beans to grant the group passage, and help them find the “Way” back to Shell Beach. After a brief “shotgun-style” demonstration of Hugh’s miraculous physical immunity, Frank was happy to lead the group to another portal on the edge of Shell Beach. Of course, he made it clear that he expected the favor to be returned at some point.

The Irregulars recovered their vehicles, and Susannah borrowed clothes from her brother. (She may or may not have told him that his boat is at the bottom of the bayou…) On the way home Greer had an unpleasant conversation with her boss Earl, who gave her a formal verbal warning for “wasting department resources by looking into the already closed case of her mother’s death.”

The group cleaned-up and reconvened at Lafitte’s Blacksmith Shop gathering in the upstairs apartment. David sent word that he had other matters to attend to, and could not join them. However, Rikard, and a visiting Valkyrie-in-training, Hilda, arrived ready to help. Somehow news of the supernatural weapon (mentioned in the Red Court correspondence) had spread quickly through the clued-in community—The White Council, Monoc Securities, as well as Sugar and Vice—were all interested in “securing” the device. Joseph Luna, the senior warden of New Orleans was also present. He informed Jeanie of some surprising renovations (a false wall) done to her apartment—long before Rikard bought the bar. Warden Luna left frustrated that Hunt seemed reluctant to strictly follow the instructions they had received from the white council.

The Bank

The group arrived at the bank after-hours, just in time to see an off-duty assistant manager lead a group of mafia into the bank. Greer (and Molly) and Susannah walk in after them (with Hunt following under a veil).

Things started happening fast: The gunman alerted the rest of his team already deeper in the bank. Greer received a radio message all available units should respond to a silent alarm tripped at the bank. Molly intimidated the gunman into standing down, and Greer prepared to make an arrest, when gunfire came from the back room. Somehow a group of ghouls were already in the bank. One gunman was quickly killed. Several other Irregulars charged into the bank. Hunt used ice magic to shred one ghoul. Rikard took his axe to a second. The largest ghoul Hilda destroyed with Gungnir (Odin’s spear).

Unbeknownst to the rest of the group, perhaps the largest threat was adverted by Calvin and Hugh who were lingering in the parking lot. Johnny Sunset (a necromancer for Sugar and Vice) had arrived to one-up Santi by sending in waves of undead to take the weapon from Santi, and claim credit for securing it himself. He wasn’t expecting a close combat confrontation. When Hugh recognized him as a necromancer and shanked him in the middle of the street, he backed down quickly, hobbling away, swearing revenge on this group of heroes—and Hugh and Calvin in particular.
[GM free tip: Johnny may be the “Vice” Grimlord—but he is a major threat. He will be nursing his gut wound for a long time, and now has the aspect “The [group] will pay for what they’ve done!”]

Having eliminated the ghoul threat, and with the cops on the way, Hunt and Santi quickly determined that Santi and his men could withdraw letting the Irregulars finish the job. (In reality, Santi is nervous about whatever this weapon is, and trusts the Irregulars are less likely to actually use it then his own employer.)

The party had the assistant manager lead through the mundane vault to the Red Court vault, where the scared assistant manager tripped a magical explosive ward, killing him instantly. The Irregulars narrowly escaped before the police arrived with the 300 lbs. Ammonite fossil they retrieved from the Red Court vault. They left Greer behind to be the “first on the scene”.
Hunt and Rickard worked out a solution to let Monoc Securities claim the weapon. Although not pleased, Joseph Luna decided this problem was now out of his pay grade, and reported to the White Council that they would need to plan an assault on the Plaza Tower or take their complaint to Monoc Securities in Oslo.

The Beignets

The next day the Irregulars went to support Sunny at the CrystalCon / Beignet Fest, being held at the City Park Festival Grounds. The group spread across the festival participating in a variety of activities. Here are a few highlights:
• Shopping at the Crystal Vendors. (Calvin, flexing the most “Resource” muscle, walked away with 5 different “souvenirs”.)
Greer and Molly tracked down a hippie selling ThreeEye in the commune, which Hugh promptly purchased.
Calvin discovered a “Loadstone” in the fare, which robbed him of his power—and decided it would be wisest to avoid that area.
Hilda and Sunny meeting Sparrow, a Diviner, who soul-gazed with Hilda, and foretold of: “A child crying in the darkness”, “Dark shadows moving in the water”, and his own death.

• Sunny also got to know Granite Harlow, who was impressed with Sunny’s ability to solve some longstanding digestive issues he was facing. She later discovered he was the lead singer of Megalithic—when he gave Sunny some great publicity by giving the crowd a graphic description of his digestive woes before and after Sunny’s help.
John Corvac, the quirky proprietor of the Pharmacy Museum helped connect with Alton Dulka—the self-proclaimed “Geode-mancer.” When sufficiently incentivized, he was able to help Hunt recover a conversation from a burnt-out sending stone that was discarded at the murder scene of Greer’s parents.
Jeanie’s suspicions that she is being watched have continued and intensified. This time a blind hippie with a seeing-eye dog, and a purple-haired teen carrying a chinchilla seemed to be paying unusual attention to her.

Things were looking pretty upbeat for the party until Susannah got a text from an unknown number saying she needed to be at the activity center. She arrived as a mother was on the brink of becoming frantic looking for her son who had gone missing. Susannah texted Greer, and together they searched for the boy. Molly identifying a “porta-potty” as the most recent place he had been. When Hunt and Rikard arrived Hunt confirmed that there seemed to be recent damage to the boundary between worlds in the area. He retrieved a crystal, some candles, a magic marker, and a map of the festival and locked himself into the Honey-Pot to “get down to business.” Meanwhile Greer had been psychically assaulted by a man sitting on a park bench cloaked in the shadows of a brightly colored parasol. As she prepared to fire her gun into the Honeypot, Molly and Susanna tackled her to the ground.

At that point, a relatively young black court vampire had decided that his ambitious (albeit reckless) plan had been foiled, and resorted to his back-up plan. He mentally activated several “rough thralls” planted through the fairgrounds as a distraction. Suddenly half-a-dozen people went crazy attacking everyone nearby. Sparrow the diviner was killed by the gunfire. Fortunately, many of the Irregulars were still scattered across the park and quickly took care of the thralls. Jeanie rushed through the concert crowd beating one down with a microphone stand. Sunny chased one down on a golf cart. Calvin suspended one harmlessly in the air. Hugh threw a handful of hypodermic needles into the eye of another. Greer shot another thrall while Rikard and Susannah tag-teamed the vampire. In the end, Rikard used his hammer to knock the vampire’s magically enhanced parasol to the ground, exposing it to the sunlight. As it took on a gaseous form Susannah ran it through with Solomon’s Guard.

Hunt triumphantly emerged from the Honeypot, his spell outlining specifically the exact location of all the recent breeches between worlds. This allowed him to see the specific location the Honeypot had been moved from. The dying vampire had dropped an old Indian blade to cut an opening into a small, dark, pocket dimension where a young boy was crying in the darkness. The family was reunited as CrystalCon / Beignet Fest was abruptly canceled in the late afternoon.


Loose ends

Immediate loose ends:

  • Tonight, at 9 pm, a ferry leaves the French Quarter to Algiers point. This is only remarkable because the Fomor seem interested in covertly recruiting people to be on that ferry. Apparently, “the view of the fireworks will be spectacular.”

Long-term loose ends:

  • Joseph Luna revealed to Jeanie has discovered there is a false wall on one corner of her apartment in the Lafitte Blacksmith Shop Bar. Although it has been decades since he has been to the bar at all, much longer since he has been upstairs.
  • Content Not Found: giaus-proctor’s church, “ Victory After Mortality Parachurch” has moved to meeting in the Superdome. He has openly declared himself a vampire, although most people and the media don’t take him seriously, the parishioners love it. Every month the crowd grows. Hunt has been asked to investigate, but prudently—the White Court are members of the Unseelie Accords, so openly hostile actions would have … implications.
  • For the last few weeks, Jeanie has had the strong feeling that something is watching her.
  • A couple weeks ago, there was a mysterious murder copycatting the Louisiana Axe Murderer from decades ago. Paul James (Susannah James’ brother) has been assigned as the lead detective on that case.
  • Johnny Sunset, the Vice Grimload, now has a serious grudge against The Irregulars, both for the serious injury, and the foiled plans.
  • The smouldering feud between halves of Sugar and Vice seem to be quickly approaching the flashpoint. Unfortunately, Santi, Calvin’s dad is on the front lines.
  • Hugh owes a favor to the Cour de Boue
  • Earl has moved Greer the first step along a progressive path of disciplinary action.
  • Hunt and Greer have uncovered a bit of additional information about the murder of Greer’s parents and the white council’s involvement.
  • As lead coordinator of the Plaza Tower development, Rikard is now under additional pressure to get it completed—it now is the “secure” location of a highly sought after Formor weapon.
  • Mnemosyne and/or Felicity Proctor is “feeding” on the people of Shell Beach—although the people of Shell Beach didn’t seem to be in immediate danger, perhaps even grateful that their worst memories and most troublesome worries had been stolen from them. I mention it here because the party seemed torn as to whether this was a problem that needed to be solved. However, it doesn’t sit right with Sussanah who feels like her brother (now a resident of Shell Beach) is not completely in control of his actions.
  • Greer and Hunt have new evidence of the White Council’s involvement with the death of Greer’s mother.
Monster Mash: Demon Bikers and a Modern Prometheus
The Crescent City Cavaliers, Episode 2

November 2011

It has been about 3-4 weeks since the destruction of the Red Court. It has been rumored that some supernatural event has occurred and wiped out the entire Red Court. There are whispers in supernatural circles that the White Council performed a death curse and ended the Vampire War in one fell swoop. The resulting power vacuum has sent the supernatural and mortal worlds spinning, the Red Court had their hands in many interests. The Fomor have begun an overt move for power in the wake of the Red Court’s end. Mortal businesses have suffered as well – captains of finance and industry have literally disappeared overnight. For example, most of the Bank of New Orleans Board of Directors recently disappeared. The president and several of the board of directors, and one assistant manager died in the same week. (The assistant manager died in a mysterious explosion inside the vault during a recent robbery). it has been confirmed by Bojangle intelligence, that Board consisted of four Red Court vampires (The president and three others—now deceased), two LaChaise Clan ghouls (one deceased, on the same day as the break-in), a high-ranking member of Sugar and Vice, … and a pure mortal by the name of Bunny Bytheway.

The group of acquaintance’s that came together on the eve of the vampire courts destruction have became friends and a cohesive group in the chaotic weeks and have gravitated to hanging out at Beaumont’s family bakery, ‘Josette’s Bywater Bakery’ in New Orleans and adopted the Crescent City Cavaliers, CCC or C3, as a nickname. They figured with 2 ‘knights’ and most of them having motorcycles the image of cavaliers was appropriate. In addition, their unofficial meeting place at the bakery is in the Bywater district, right at the heart of the crescent in the river that gives the city its nickname.

While meeting up and enjoying the Le Blanc family’s award winning beignets, Beaumont, Gideon, Luther, and Vic all receive identical packages from David as a thank you for rescuing Betty while he was out of town last month containing a bottle of Old Forester, Kentucky straight bourbon whiskey with a note saying he was guest lecturing at Duke University and he would not be able to meet up with the group this week.

As they traded stories it became apparent that the situation in New Orleans had become even more dangerous. Gideon’s PO/ Saint, Bernie, talked to him about the Hell’s Angels coming into town and told him to be on the lookout. Luther got a lead on the Professor being seen around The Aeon Institute. Vic was summoned to the House of the Rising Sun to account for his lack of progress in corrupting Gideon and he was also asked to investigate The Aeon Institute. Finally, Beaumont just returned from visiting with John and Kelly Montague about their missing 16-year-old daughter, Kylee. While all these seemed worthwhile, they decided to help Beaumont search for the missing girl. Luther goes to confirm his lead of the professor saying he would catch up with them at the motor lodge.

Beaumont had collected several of Kylee’s personal effects (with her parents’ permission, of course) to use a tracking spell. As he cast the spell, he met some resistance, either she was being shielded from magic or she was dead. After refining the spell and putting more power into it he got two possible locations, one close by to the west and a little south (Tulane University), the other farther and almost straight west (Airport). The one farther west was faint and muddled but stronger than the one closer to them, it was extremely muted.

The stronger pull of the spell leads C3 to the Contempra Motor Lodge out by the airport. On the way there Gideon gets a call from another Templar Knight, Davey Wallace. He says he just felt that he should call. He asks if everything is OK and if Gideon needs help. Gideon tells them the situation with Hell’s Angels in NOLA. Davey tells them he is in town and will meet them at the motel.

It was not hard to notice the seven motorcycles in front of rooms 7, 8, and 9. The front desk clerk says that they only got rooms for the night and asks Gideon if he is with them. He seems unfazed by the rough nature of the bikers and gave the impression that this is the type of motel you could get rooms by the hour. Further investigation revealed a lookout on the roof above the rooms.

Davey assists the Cavaliers by eliminating the lookout with the Sling of David. Beaumont hexes all their bikes in the parking lot. These actions alert the Hell’s Angels, and six hardened bikers come out of the rooms ready for battle. They are armed with pistols, knives, and other assorted weaponry. However as soon as they detect Templar Knights they begin to shape-shift into their demonic forms, complete with wings, claws, armored scales, and the like.

It is during this climactic standoff that a bus pulls up and tourists begin disembarking. Luther makes a dramatic appearance, shooting one biker as he is amid bus passengers. He hits the demon biker in the head. The demon wipes the blood off his forehead and cracks his neck laughing as the wound begins to close. Beaumont sets the parking lot on fire with magic – blocking their movement, while Vic conjures fireworks and light to blind and distract them.

Taking advantage of these events, the Templar Knights fire up their bikes and ride through the flames toward the demons. Davey wielding the Holy Sling of David above his head, and Gideon dragging the Apostle’s Sword through the flames – sparking on the pavement as he goes. This surprises the Hell’s Angels and intimidated they escape through a portal into escaping into the DownBelow region of the Nevernever.

In the minutes before first responders get there the Templar Knights take a victory trophy in the form of spark plugs from the Hell’s Angels bikes and Davey goes his way. While investigating the rooms ocuppied by the Hell’s Angels they discovered what Beamont discribed as a ‘dead hooker bag’, basicaly a huge duffel bag that could fit a body inside. It had hair and blood from Kylee inside. C3 leaves with Luther riding in Vic’s sports car, and head in the muted direction of the tracking spell toward Tulane University and the Aeon Institute.

Arriving at the Aeon Institute, Beaumont notices the hulking shadowy form again on the far side of the parking lot and the Cavaliers devise a plan with Vic as a rich possible investor. He also casts a glamor on the group making them look like assistants and security for the investor. Vic bluffs his way past the front desk in spite of Gideon almost giving them away with his rough demeanor and stench. Beaumont doubles down on the tracking spell and despite it being blocked manages to lock in on the missing girl she is about 9 floors above them. They head for the elevator and start up – only for them to come to a grinding halt because of Beaumont’ magic about halfway up. Upon opening the door, they find themselves between floors and have to escape through the access in the ceiling of the elevator. It is at this time the group learns that Luther is claustrophobic due to traumatic childhood events while being ‘raised’ by drug addicts. After coaxing and forcing him out they climb the remaining four floors up the elevator shaft to the 9th floor.

They open the door easily and begin to explore the rooms. One is locked with a keypad and sealed. They jury rig a way to open the lock and enter a morgue-like cooled room with rows and rows of cadavers. Not finding the girl they continue on to the end of the hall and the last door – which is also keypad locked. They try to override the keypad again and are interrupted by Dr. Avery. The Cavalier’s stick to their cover story about and investor and his entourage. He comments it is highly unusual for Dr Conrad to have visitors unannounced, but that they are just in time for the test and opens the door revealing a huge lab and testing facility.

On the left side of the room surrounded by machinery and lab equipment is a humming glowing machine that looks vaguely like an MRI with a body inside and slowly building up with electrical energy. Standing beside it was a female doctor, Dr. Wade, an electrophysiologist, and Dr. Adrian Shaw, lead researcher at Aeon. Almost directly across the large room stood another three individuals, an attractive and distinguished African American woman, Dr John Conrad, and The Professor – Luther’s target, who Conrad addressed as Igor. On the far-right side of the laboratory were various gurney’s and medical equipment along with three security guards with turtlenecks and guns. In the far corner, lying on a medical gurney was Kylee Montague, unconscious and encompassed by a magic circle.

The Cavalier’s burst into action. Luther ducks behind medical equipment lining up a shot on the Professor. His shot severely wounds Igor with broken ribs and a sucking chest wound. Beaumont moves toward Kelly to protect her, but the turtlenecks are blocking his way. Vic squares off with Dr. Avery. Dr Wade is paralyzed with fear and does not move. As the Professor is wounded, he calls out for his master to help him and Dr. Conrad blurs into motion and moves all the way to Luther and hits him with power well beyond his small size.

Beaumont hurls forth fire destroying the three Fomor Servitors and severely wounding Luther and Dr. Conrad in the process. The group notices Dr.’s Avery and Shaw’s skin begin to ripple and toad like tongues slither out their mouths. Gideon moves to assist Luther and ends up dealing the killing blow on Dr. Conrad – running him through with the Apostle’s Blade. The observation gallery above them shatters as a huge humanoid figure jumps through landing on the reanimation machine destroying it and ripping Dr Shaw in half – shredding the skin mask and killing the Fomor posing as the human scientist. The group finish mopping up only to find that the Professor and the African American lady disappeared through a secret entrance. They introduced themselves to the creature, Adam. He briefly tells them that Dr Conrad was originally Dr Johann Konrad Dippel born at Castle Frankenstein and has perfected ways to stay alive beyond normal human capacity. Adam was his first creation and has worked against the doctor attempting to thwart his work through the centuries. The doctor’s wealth is the greatest hindrance to Adam’s work, but he has managed to kill him several times and seems doubtful that they did it this time.

In the end The Crescent City Cavaliers, thwarted a Fomor alliance with an evil corporation owned by ‘Dr. Frankenstein’, rescued a girl from their clutches, and sent a band of demon bikers back to Hell. But is that the end of Dr Conrad? The Red Court had their fingers in a lot, but it is beginning to look like the Fomor do as well.

The PC did earn 2 skill points and 1 refresh to spend. Also feel free to change some aspects, some PCs have greater reason to do so than others.

Under the Sea
The Crescent City Cavaliers, Episode 4

December 2011
It has been another month and it is Dec. 20th. The holidays are in full swing. David and Betty have traveled to Kentucky to spend Christmas with his family and Christmas preparations are keeping everyone else busy. However, it is just not the holidays occupying the Cavalier’s time, Luther has gotten leads that the Professor might be lying low and healing his wounds in the 9th ward of the city and has become acquainted with the 9th Ward Watch and helping them in their turf war with the supernatural – especially ghouls.

The group decided that it was time to reconvene at the bakery and discuss what had been happening the last few weeks. As he was leaving the 9th Ward Luther was attacked by a pair of ghouls and managed to hold them off until The Watch arrived and chased them off. Vic was ambushed by a pair of goat-like Fae that attacked him with machine guns. When he went to his Court for help they informed him that they are Summer Fae and they have no knowledge as to why they might be here in town at the height of Winter’s power. Vic believes them and goes to the bakery.

Beaumont went to check on the Montague’s after Kylee was rescued only to find that Kelly, her mother had been missing for almost 2 weeks. It appears she just up and left, so the police are not investigating it as a missing persons case. They say it looks like she abandoned her family and left. Meanwhile, when Gideon came out to his motorcycle and there was note attached to it. ‘We have her. If you want her back in one piece give us the sword. If you don’t you will get her back in pieces.’

As they meet and discuss the recent events, they initially believe that the note is referring to Kelly Montague. Beaumont casts a tracking spell that does not get any results, either she is far away or on another plane of existence, like the Nevernever. He casts a spell on the note, which they realize used blood for the ink. The spell leads them to an abandoned slaughterhouse in the industrial district. They enter and follow Beaumont to the ‘killing room’ where the actual slaughtering took place. On the far wall they find an inverted pentagram drawn in blood. Because of the tracking spell they assume the blood on the wall is the same as the blood in the note. Beaumont senses this is a ‘soft spot’ in the boundary between the mortal world and the Nevernever. Because of the nature of this location, he realizes it would be easy to open a portal here.

Gideon divinely intuits that not just the Nevernever is on the other side, but that this would most likely lead to the Downbelow and leaves to retrieve his bike from outside. If they are going to Hell he is going to ride his bike. While outside he is approached by a jolly older Cajun gentleman, broad shoulders, but pleasantly overweight. He has a shorter beard and hair. His eyes are “clean, winter sky blue”. He wears a red and green striped shirt with the sleeves rolled up and denim overalls with a cuff rolled up at the bottom, and a wide brimmed straw hat. He is very amiable, and always is quick to laugh with a huge belly laugh. With 8 alligators, 1 of which is white. He speaks to Gideon as if he knows him and asks him to take him to his friends – they have things to discuss.

Once inside, he introduces himself as Papa Noel, the Cajun version of Father Christmas or Santa Claus, and tells them he needs their help. He has obligations and cannot act on his own at this time of year. As he talks his image begins to shift – almost like a double exposure – with another image over that of Papa Noel. The second image is of a huge bear of a man, this is Kris Kringle. He has broad shoulders, forearms nearly as large as his upper arms, a thick neck, a barrel chest and a huge frame. Kringle’s hair is short, white, “shining clean”, his beard, long, white, and cascading over his chest like a fluffy wave. His eyes are “clean, winter sky blue”. He has ancient scars of white lines on his hands and face. He wears a coat of mail, and an open overcoat of a rich red, trimmed in white fur and held by a black leather belt. Tucked into his belt were a pair of white-fur-trimmed black leather gloves, and a huge sword hanging from it. He has a jovial laugh and looks like he enjoys a good battle every few years to keep his life engaged.

He asked them to gather evidence that the Fomor were behind the Deep Water Horizon disaster that effectively made the Gulf of Mexico a no man’s land. As he continues a third image is imposed over the others when his face catches the shadows just right and it looks like he has a patch over one eye. This is Donner Vaderrung, CEO of Monoc Securities and Odin. This image is not as imposing as Kringle, though he appears to be a man in good shape in his early fifties. Lean and spare like a long-distance runner only with heavy shoulders and arms. His hair is long, a bit shaggy, and the color of a “thundercloud”. His one eye is ice blue with a patch over the other eye that bears a vertical scar running from above the eyebrow, through the space where the eye would be, ending at mid-cheek. His laugh is hearty, “like Santa Claus must have had when he was a young man and playing football.”

He describes the covert war that his organization has been fighting against the Fomor, but now they have stepped up hostile incursion he realizes that he needs allies. As the CCC tries to report on their encounters with the Formor. Odin acknowledges their effort and explains that is why he came to them. He is pleased with what they have done, but more needs to be accomplished.

He knows that the Fomor caused the disaster but that ‘thought and memory’ only go so far. He needs evidence to take to the other supernatural nations and gain allies in the fight. When asked how they would get there Kringle gives them a jingle bell and tells them to contact Njord, the god of the oceans and seas for help getting there. When they take the jingle bell it changes appearance into a token of a circle bisected by a line – the symbol of Monoc Securities.

He warns them of the Gruffs outside and disappears. They soon discover the Gruffs are outside the slaughterhouse waiting to ambush them. As they take positions to fight back, Beaumont goes out to negotiate with them, hoping to call them off, or at least get him a reprieve until after Christmas. The Gruffs relent to give him 24 hours to finish business with Odin.

They leave to summon Njord and take an hour to prepare after finding a deserted beach along Lake Pontchartrain. As part of his preparation Luther purchased some Surströmming, fermented herring, in hopes of appeasing the god after he was summoned. When summoned he appeared as a 20+ foot tall figure out of the water. Asking who dared summon him, everyone points to Beaumont. Luther presents his gift and the god shrinks to human size and accepts the offering. After being offered Odin’s token, he gives them a Viking longship crewed by Eiherjaren and Rikard Baldurson. It becomes clear that the two gods are working together and there is no animosity between them or the group.

Gideon asks to bring his bike and Rikard rolls his eyes and tells him to get his ‘ass’ on board (Gideon has named his motorcycle ‘Donkey’). They load up and the ship makes the 41-mile voyage out to the wreckage site in a few hours – powered by something more than sails and oars. On the way Luther notices that the crew not only have traditional Viking weapons, but also modern weapons such as machine guns, explosives, grenades, and such. He spends the trip trading gun tips with several Einherjaren. Also, Rikard tells them that he and the Einherjaren will not be able to help them search the wreckage. They are under orders not to leave the ship and must protect it with everything they have.

When they arrive at site of the wreckage, the ship dives below the surface and is encased it an air bubble. As they descend and it gets darker and darker the crew start up generators and plug in halogen spotlights and other lights to see by. As they come to the wreckage on the ocean floor, Gideon looks expectantly from his bike to Rikard. Rikard tells them that they thought he would want to take his bike out. He hands Gideon a leather cord that has a tile with an Old Norse rune inscribed on it and tells him to tie it in his bike and it will momentarily make his bike be able to travel underwater. As C3 looks around at the ship they notice the same rune inscribed at points around the ship.

Rikard and the crew break open a new cask of mead and fill up cups for the group of heroes, telling them that this mead will let them breathe under water. Gideon does not drink but does fill up his flask and revs Donkey and rides off the ship and onto the ocean floor surrounded by a bubble of air like the ship. The rest of the group drinks and within moments cannot breathe air anymore, but instead grow gills to breathe water (and gains the Aquatic power). Rikard tells them they have 1 hour until it wears off. Luther’s last words as he drops his guns to the deck are, ‘Don’t touch Gloria.’ The group jump out into the ocean. The last thing they see as they leave the ship is a horde of Fomor creations coming toward the ship, and Sven calls out ‘They are coming! Prepare to repel!’ The Einherjaren respond with, ‘Until Vallhalla!’

They start exploring the wreckage and Gideon keeps a lookout for what might slip by and rides his bike around the wreckage. In the bridge Beaumont quickly realizes that even after a year on the bottom of the ocean floor there is still residual entropy magic here that has hexed all of the technology. Odin was right, it was no accident. As they make their way to the door leading to the passage to the drill control room, they notice it is covered in acidic pockmarks. This brings back memories of the acid guns the Fomor Servitors used when fighting the group before.

As they enter the drill control room they find more evidence of hexing and even find one monitor that has an image burnt into the screen at the time it was hexed showing Fomor standing over 3 bodies lying in a magic circle on the bottom of the ocean floor. The details are blurry but clear enough to identify a Fomor to those clued in enough. The group takes the monitor so they have some proof for Monoc and Odin. Gideon spots a group of creatures flanking the ship.

Now they have some evidence the group is split on weather to return to the ship or continue searching the outer areas of an engine thruster and the monument to those that died. They decide to investigate the broken engine and then head back as their time is running out. When they reach the engine and begin investigating, they find the remains or at least 2 – maybe 3 bodies in the remnants of a magic circle. It appears the that the engine just happened to land on the circle when the wreckage sank. The remains and circle are mostly jammed in and under the thruster. Beaumont grabs a skull as they leave.

On their way back to the ship they pass close to the monument area and are attacked by 2 gorilla sharks and an octokong, in addition to a Fomor Sorcerer. Luther attacks with his knife and holds his own pretty well, but the sorcerer takes offense at being stabbed with a knife and casts a black orb of entropic energy at him. However, fate intervenes and it misses Luther hitting the monument. Destroying it. During the battle they fight the octokong and sorcerer – wounding him enough to have him retreat and leave his creatures to attack the party.

About that time Gideon rides in to help them fight the octokong. However, Vic is wounded again and chooses discretion over valor and heads back to the boat with the computer monitor. The rest stay to try and fight, but it devolves into a stalemate and the rest of the group decide to go back to the boat. On the way Beaumont breaks off a piece of coral from the fields around the monument and brings it with him. He also notices several giant mutated jellyfish floating above the fields of coral. When they return, they see several Eiherjaren wounded or dead. He knows that they will awaken in Valhalla the next morning, and they make their escape.

As they make their way back to New Orleans in the early morning of December 21st, they say farewell to the ship of undead warriors and go to seek healing and then to the bakery. Papa Noel comes to collect the evidence and Beaumont convinces him to stay and have a beignet and meet his mother. He thanks them for the evidence and for a moment transforms to Odin and inducts them into ‘The Wolves of Odin’, also known as the ‘Ulfhednar’ – Odin’s chosen warriors. He also bestows each with an Old Norse byname and the title of drengr. From hence forth they shall be known as Beaumont the Seiðrmaðr, Vic the Skelmir, Gideon the Heilagr-hermadr, and Luther the Brunninn-hermadr. He also gifts them a coin with Odin’s Monoc symbol on one side and a wolfs head on the other, telling them that it a boon of Odin, good for a one-time use.

The next morning Gideon discovers another note on his bike, this time with a small box. The note reads, ‘Just so you know we are serious.’ The box contains a severed human finger with a promise ring on it – the promise ring that Gideon gave Penelope.

Even though they have been to the bottom of the ocean floor and have communed with Norse gods, there is still much to do. Vic has to deal with the Gruffs and Gideon has to rescue Penelope from Hell. Oh and they have to be back in time for Midnight Mass on Christmas Eve.

The Ferry to Algeir's Point

October 2011

After Crystal Con came to an abrupt end, the Bourbon Street Irregulars quickly mobilized to address what was no doubt a thinly veiled Fomor trap, the 9 pm Ferry to Algiers Point. After arriving at the dock and boarding the ferry, the Irregulars spread out to look for threats. Officer Landry flashed her badge to gain access to the bridge and upper deck. There she (and Molly) discovered that the regular captain had been knocked unconscious and stuffed in a trunk. She confronted the older man steering the ship, but before she gained any information he began spasming in pain hand fell to the ground unconscious. In the process, he dropped his veil revealing himself to be a Fomor servitor. Jeanie quickly took the helm of the vessel, but suddenly a colossal squid seized the vessel and began dragging it down the Mississippi towards the sea.
Moments later, chaos broke across the vessel. Several passengers dropped their veils revealing themselves as Fomor and Fomor Servitors. Empty, one of the higher ranking servitors shattered a sea cucumber containing a green gas. In the gas those with magical abilities started to glow. The jellyfish would then target those with magical abilities, knocking them unconscious with their stinging tentacles. The Fomor and Servitors begin gunning down everyone else. The giant squid used a few of its extra tentacles to grab passengers to munch on along the way.

A few highlights from the battle that ensued:
The squid grabbed Rikard where he narrowly escaped before becoming squid food.
Calvin attempted to crush one of the jellyfish—but he only slowed it down. Then Greer took a flare gun from the bridge and chased away both Jelly Fish. Calvin threw another servitor through a window into the sea.
Sunny used her magic to cause a Charlie Horse in one of the Fomor, resulting in an extremely painful inability to move.
Jeanie tried to steer the ship away from the squid but was largely unsuccessful. She then “dropped anchor” on one of the squid’s tentacles, and then proceeded to rescue Dylan Flynn from the Kracken by lobbing an electric bike at it.
Sunny helped Hunt find a way past the Fomor Sorcerer’s Shield, going down through the engine room, and opening the hatch at his feet. There Hunt used a crystal from Crystal con to fill the dome with a scintillating rainbow and a magical blast of daylight. This incinerated the servitor and badly wounded the sorcerer. Calvin then pushed him through the floor.
Normal tactics being useless against the Kraken, Rikard dove off the ship into the maw of the beast. He began pounding it from the inside, eventually doing enough damage that it released the ship and began to retreat down the river.
Then Susannah literally came out of nowhere, diving off the ship toward the Kraken, using Solomon’s Guar to slice a passageway into the beast’s belly, freeing Rikard.
Jeanie brought the ship home. The ship was met just outside New Orleans by the Coast Guard—who assisted with attending to the wounded and disposing of/concealing anything too otherworldly.
The Irregulars return to their lives for a welcome relief, regularly convening at Lafitte’s Bar and Blacksmith Shop to catch up. In the months that followed they each had their own adventures, furthering their personal stories. I’ll try to summarize a few of those events here [feel free to add more!]


Calvin has learned in the aftermath of the New Orleans Bank Robbery, Johnny Sunset, still recovering from the shanking he received from Hugh, sought his revenge on the Irregulars by ambushing Santi (Calvin’s father) and a few of his lackeys. He has reanimated Santi as a zombie and had him deliver the message to Calvin himself. “Calvin, you half-breed brat—Your father is now out of my way, you and your ‘Irregular’ friends are next!”


Jeanie demolished the false wall in her apartment to discover a strange door, leading directly into the exterior brick wall of the bar, a two-hundred-year-old map of New Orleans and it’s environs—cracked and yellow, but still legible, and an old flint-lock pistol in perfect condition. The door has the Wizard Marking of Joseph Luna, the local warden—and apparently, an acquaintance of Jean Lafitte.

Picking up the pistol filled her with a strange confidence and sense of authority, and an aura of power almost tangible to those supernatural enough to sense it.
Within minutes of leaving the bar while carrying that pistol, Jeanie was approached by a buxom blonde carrying a chihuahua. The chihuahua introduced himself as Vermalkin, an outcast fae cat that was once a trusted companion of non-other than Jean Lafitte himself. He explained that her ancestor Jean Lafitte was an extremely influential mortal, so much so that he almost became the first mortal signatory of the Seelie Accords. Unfortunately, in 1812 he double-crossed Absinthe, a fairy queen, and someone who had previously agreed to sponsor his signing. Instead, she cursed him and his bloodline for 200 years. (It was at this point Vermalkin also became exiled from the fairy court.) Interestingly, those 200 years is almost up—so Vermalkin has been on the lookout for the ancestors of Jean Laffite. He has been veiling himself over the past few weeks keeping an eye on Jeanie Lafitte.


Rikard has spent much of the past two months working closely with Kara and Hilda to further the development of the Monoc Plaza Tower. With the assistance of the Startevlves (who have been promised several floors of the Tower for their own purposes), the progress is moving quickly.
Rickard has been promoted again to the Chief of Security. Although Donar delegates the selection of many officers within his satellite organizations to local authorities, he insists on hand-picking his Cheifs of Security personally.
As Chief of Security, Rikard’s team had the responsibility of securing the Fomor Weapon, as well as holding the Fomor Servitor who had been steering the ferry. Of course, that servitor has been in a coma for the past two months. Alive, stable, but completely unconscious.


Ever since the Crystal Con, Sunny’s business “Age of Aquarius” has been booming. This is largely due to the free, aggressive advertising she has received from Megalithic Rock Star, Granite Harlow.
Sunny has continued to study Sparrow’s bowling-ball sized sphere of Amethyst that she obtained from the now-deceased Diviner. Through her study, she has unlocked several potent powers that the sphere possesses.


Hunt has continued to investigate the origin and power of the ancient knife he obtained from the vampire at Crystal Con. This knife, the Shūnya Chakū, is of ancient Indian origin. It has a dark history of being passed down between generations of vetalas for hundreds of years. The knife is more a tool than a weapon, allowing the bearer to readily sense and cut the fabric between worlds. How such a tool ended up in the hands of a relatively young, inexperienced black court vampire in the middle of the United States remains a mystery.
Hunt has continued to explore leads regarding corruption in the white court and the murder of Greer’s parents.
Additionally, Hunt has been able to file a formal report at the behest of the white council on Gaius Proctor’s “Victory After Mortality Parachurch”. Although many on the while council are extremely leery of White Court Vampires—Gaius (as well as his sister Felicity) seem to be somewhat more palatable than most. Still, he ensured that they both know that the White Council is watching. He has also learned that they have at least two other siblings in the New Orleans area—but has not yet been able to pinpoint their whereabouts or activities.


Greer’s boss, Earl Nottyham seems to be determined to make Greer’s life difficult, moving her from probation to full-suspension on account of the testimony of a security guard at the Bank of New Orleans. After a rather bogus investigation, Greer was finally exonerated and returned to duty due to testimonies of her fellow officers.
Greer, now coming to terms with the supernatural world has become good friends with Viatrix and Betty Mullins, both fellow officers. They have teamed up to investigate their boss Earl, who has become increasingly erratic and irritable.
Greer’s relationship with Molly has continued to develop. She has discovered more of Molly’s capability—her supernatural senses, quick response to danger, and ferocious disposition being most frequently called upon.
Finally, Greer has been assigned to investigate the Louisiana Axeman Copycat murder. It has been two months with no leads, and the case is growing cold. Other officers have been reassigned, and she is now working the case essentially alone. Of course, this feels a bit like a set up for failure….


As she was packing up to leave her office for the day, Savannah was approached by an elderly man in a leather jacket. He was followed by her receptionist who apologized—-“I’m sorry, Councilor James, but he was very persuasive. "
The man introduced himself as Bernie, and made her an offer. “Savannah, I come not as a messenger of God, but as an old man with a problem. Your family has protected Solomon’s Guard for generations. One of your ancestors was once a good friend of mine. He and I had a little argument over the crusades. He felt like ancient relics should be entrusted by God into the hands of mortal—I always felt like we sometimes needed to take the initiative and reclaim relics as needed. He valued a good defense. I figured the best defense is a good offense. But that was a long time ago. My Templar Knights and I are facing a problem. The knights are composed of criminals, vagabonds, lowlifes, drifters, ruffians. They’ve come to the light, and serve the High purpose with zeal, but sometimes we need someone who understands how the world works. Someone who can navigate the subtleties of organizations and represent our interests in ways that an ex-con might not. My knights have more than their fair share of run-ins with the law. Your expertise there would be… a God-send.”
Bernie walked to the window of Savannah’s office and pointed into the parking lot. There was a filthy bearded man wiping blood off a huge machete with a dirty towel while sitting on a mud-encrusted motorcycle that must at least 60 years old. Next to him, a brand new (2011), sparklingly clean, Indian Chief Dark Horse.

Bernie leaned over to Savannah, and said with a smile, “One of the perks of the job.”
“Think it over. Talk to your family. Tell them I said Hi. Remember, I’m not asking you to leave your family legacy behind—but I’m inviting you to join ours as well. Also, as I said before, I am here to ask a favor—not communicate the will of the Bossman. The choice is yours. If you are interested, come find Gideon and I at Runcie’s Gan’n’Auto’n’Boat on All Saint’s Day.”


Hugh could spend hours listening to the Patriarch of the Cour Des Marais talk about the way the world works. Something about all the Fae Folk engrained in them a deep respect for their elders. When the Patriarch invited Hugh to help him collect Crayfish, he jumped at the opportunity.

Today, he seemed surprisingly quiet. After what felt like an eternity of silence, he looked up at Hugh and said “How long’s it been Hugh, since you’ve been wit us? Goin’ on more than a few mortal years I reckon. I’m glad you’ve had this opportunity to join our family. Sometimes I regret how you joined us. How we took you from your other family. I didn’t want it to happen that way. Family is important.”
You know we share the Marsh here in the Bonnieyonder. You know Carl and some of his family. We have the Keplies and the Nuggles here too—a proud tribe, that one. At least they were.”
The Patriarch paused as if to push back the water that was gathering in his eyes.
“There’s been a fire in our Marsh, Hugh. A magical fire. It lit up the water itself. Somehow the fire crossed over from your realm into ours. It devastated the Kelpie Breeding Waters. It killed dozens of them. Wounded many others. Those that survived are looking for a new home.”
The Patriarch clenched his fists. “I want you to find the source of this fire and punish them Hugh. This was an assault on our homeland, and it cannot be left unanswered.”

One of the Patriarch’s daughters (Hugh has been wise enough NOT to learn her name) whistled to her father from outside the glowing, humble huts, nestled in the marsh grass a hundred yards away. “I want you to meet someone, Hugh”

Inside the hut was a tall horse with slick black fur and an eerie intelligence in its eyes. It seemed to be sizing up Hugh. “This young Nuggle was in the fires. Yesterday he was on the brink of death—or at least, s’what we thought. Seems he shares your ability to recover from just ‘bout any injury. He’s eager to exact some revenge on whoever/whatever killed his family. I thought you two would make a good pair. He’s agreed to let you name him, and be his Rider.”
The Patriarch lowered his voice—“Here’s the thing about Nuggles. He might appear when you whistle for him, but remember, he ain’t your horse. You’re his Rider. You might not understand him, at least not a first—but he is listening to everything you say. Make sure you don’t ever underestimate a Nuggle. The Nuggle chooses when you are allowed to ride. He chooses when you are allowed to dismount. Nuggles choose if they want to gallop over the water, or swim under it. When they dive, they choose if their Rider shares in their air bubble, or drowns.”
“In other words—Don’t piss him off.”
The horse looked directly into Hugh’s eyes with a mischievous glint, stomped his foot and nodded in agreement.

December 2011

A few days before Christmas, the Irregulars were relaxing in the upstairs apartment of Lafitte’s Tavern, watching the news about an unusual tropical storm forming in the middle of the Gulf of Mexico—when Rikard received a call from some of his staff in the Monoc Plaza Tower. Despite the high security the device had been placed in, the Fomor Weapon had lifted itself about a foot into air, and slowly started to spin.
“Boss, that’s not all. The Fomor Servitor in the holding cell… he’s awake.”

Note: At this point, you are at a “Major Refresh”. You have one additional refresh, and one additional skill point (Your total should now be 37). Additionally, I’d like everyone to update at least one of your seven aspects. Hopefully, there have been events over the past three adventures that have captured your imagination. Imagine how you would like your character’s story to evolve, and take a step in that direction in one or more aspects. Don’t feel bad “retiring” an aspect—those things can still be “true”, but they just aren’t directly relevant to your character’s story at the moment. Some aspects can be quite temporary. For example, Vermalkin would have had the aspect “Hunting for the descendants of Jean Lafitte”, now that he has found one, his story (and his aspects) move on to the next interesting chapter. From a purely practical sense—if you have not tagged an aspect over the course of three adventures, it might be time to look at an update for that reason alone.
As a reminder, I know that a few people are considering picking up “Items of Power”. When you have an item of power, you need to explicitly call it out in one of your aspects. (Don’t think of this as a draw-back—this is a huge advantage. It allows you to invoke that aspect anytime you are using that item, or even make declarations of additional things that your item can do.)]

Riders of the Storm

As the Bourbon Street Irregulars considered the news from our previous adventure, they hurried to the Plaza Tower, the epicenter of the last hour’s revelations. This was most of the party’s first time in the tower—which now was Rikard Baldurson home. Rikard escorted the party to the security floor. (Rikard is the director of security.)

The Fomor Weapon weapon was indeed activated. It hovered, and spun slowly, in synch with the brewing tropical storm over the gulf. Rikard attempted to grab the device and was severely shocked.

Others in the party questioned the Fomor who had barely emerged from a coma—but they found that a dead end. He was missing all of his memories. After ordering him some food, Susannah James felt compelled to assist him in eating. As she moved to his bedside, she just happened to catch a bullet fired from a nearby building, through the bulletproof glass, and into her back. Fortunately, the wound was not severe. (It was level with the Fomor’s head.) In the scramble that took place afterward, Rikard spotted an unfamiliar person headed towards the elevator in a hurry: The “nurse” who had brought up the “Pizza bites” from the kitchen, a couple of floors below. She entered the elevator at the same time as Hugh McKay. On the ride down, the two of them beat each other with fists, feet, and railings, and acid guns—Hugh took a beating, but his physical immunity protected him. (Unfortunately, he lost his favorite AC/DC shirt to the acid.) Hugh stopped the elevator to prevent her from escaping, but she pulled the doors open anyway, stumbling out into the medical wing. Rikard had been bounding down the stairs to catch them, bursting into the lobby just in time to cleave his sword cleanly through her.

(“Polite”, Fomor Servitor Assassin—now deceased)

Hashitomi Oka (Sunny) used his newfound abilities to speak with the now-deceased assassin and discovered that the Former Fomor upstairs (John) is a major threat to the Fomor. (Or at least a perceived threat—they aren’t completely aware of what he is capable of.)

As the party tried to identify how to destroy a “weapon of power”, Susannah James consulted with her “boss”, who indicated the way to destroy the weapon is not in New Orleans—and that Karl was their key. The party resolved to head to the The Boonieyonder to visit the Cour Des Marais.

That night the Irregulars traveled deep into the bayou. Most of them riding in the Monoc Securities Humvee, but then by stolen airboat, following Hugh who was riding Ioimós as he trotted over the water with ease. Once they arrived, Hunter “Hunt” Allain used the Shoony Chaakoo to open a gate into the The Boonieyonder. Hugh let the group to the Grand Marsh, where they investigated a magical fire that has been slowly ravaging the lands of the Marsh Court. They moved to the Turtle Beach, Carl’s homeland. They traded crumbs and booze for information. The turtles pointed the group off into the Ocean to consult with Maturin.

Hugh, galloped across the Fairy sea with Ioimós while the rest of the party remained with the turtles. Eventually, he found a small island, and attempted to climb, only to discover the entire island was the shell of a monstrous turtle. Maturin indicated the best way to destroy an “indestructible” Fomor Weapon is in an “indestructible” Fomor beast—like a Kraken. To face an indestructible Fomor beast, however, they would need an unsinkable ship—that apparently Jeannie had access to.

(Maturin, the greatest of the Fae Turtles)

The party returned to New Orleans to develop a new plan. They discovered that as a Fomor, John Doe could touch and move the weapon without being injured. Hunt used the Void Knife to open a hole in its pocket dimension, where John stored the weapon. The party returned to Lafitte’s Blacksmith Shop Bar, where they consulted with Vermalkin and Joseph Luna. In addition to other recent discoveries Jeanie has made about her legacy, Jean Laffitte had possessed an island, Grand Terre. Apparently there Jean Lafitte had left his ship, “The Pride” over 200 years ago. Joseph attempted to resurrect his old portal between the bar and the island for just a few seconds to allow the party to quickly “teleport” there.

There, in the moonlight, as if it was the fulfillment of some ancient prophesy, Jeanie fired her ancient flint-lock pistol into the air and summoned The Pride which rose like a spectre from the gulf. pride.jpg
( The Pride)

Sailing out into the Gulf, the party leaned on John Doe to try to reach out to the Fomor, and summon the Kracken. He almost surrendered his will back to the Fomor mental network, but with the help of the party was able to resist. Hunt the reopened the void, allowing John to pick up the weapon.

As the Kraken approached, Jeannie worked to steady the ship, while others fought off the onslaught of tentacles. Hugh lectured the group on the parallels of physics and magic. With a mighty toss, the weapon flew into the maw of the Kraken. Moments later, the indestructible Kraken seemed to turn into glass, and splintered into a million shards—taking the Fomor weapon with it.

A minute later, a bright beam of moonlight burst through the now dissipating storm, helping to light the Irregular’s journey home.

[Note: At this point, you should have 1 additional skill point, for a total of 11 Refresh and 38 Skill points.]

A Highway to Hell
The Crescent City Cavalier's Episode 4

December 21, 2011, New Orleans

After Odin/ Kringle left the bakery in the predawn morning of the 21st, the CCC decided to go to rescue Penelope (they think from Hell). They took a few hours to recoup and refresh, then met at the slaughterhouse. Gideon went there immediately and was waiting as the others arrived. After a few hours of cleaning up and resting from their deep-sea adventure the rest of the party convenes at the slaughterhouse, first Beaumont and Luther followed by Vic a few minutes later.

When Vic arrives, he was followed closely by a leather clad individual on a motorcycle. He dismounts and removes his helmet revealing an older man. He addresses Vic by name and asks if the others are inside. Vic tells him they are, and the man asks to be taken inside to speak with Gideon. When they get in Gideon introduces them to Bernie, his parole officer. Bernie asks if they are really going to go. He tells Gideon it is a trap; she has been gone for seven years. Gideon is will not be dissuaded from going and his companions are set on going with him.

Bernie lowers his head and ponders (prays?) for a moment then lifts his head up, looking at the Templar Knight. ‘Greater love hath no man than this… Go with God my friend. Just don’t forget the rings this time.’ He then turns to Luther and asks to see Gloria. Luther reluctantly retrieves his rifle and shows it to him. He asks if he may take it for a minute, but Luther holds on to it only allowing Bernie to touch it. Bernie runs his hands over the barrel of the rifle and words appear in it. Down the sides of it is written Psalms 82:3-4, ‘Give justice to the weak and the fatherless; maintain the right of the afflicted and the destitute. Rescue the weak and the needy; deliver them from the hand of the wicked.’ H then pulls two other items from his backpack and gives a piece of old wood to Beaumont, and a blood red ruby in the shape of a drop of liquid to Vic. He explains that these artifacts will imbue their spells with holy power making them useful where they are planning to go. He then leaves disappearing into the night.

Luther goes outside and as fate would have it, he finds a child’s bicycle forgotten in some debris. He leaves some money and takes the bike back inside prepared to ride a pink girl’s bike unicorn stickers on the chain guard, complete with a banana seat and streamers off the handlebars. Gideon is anxious to be going and wonders out loud if he needs a wizard to open the portal or if he can drive on though on his own. Beaumont laughs and tells him to go ahead and try. He then opens a portal for them to travel through. And the Crescent City Cavaliers pass through the passage and into the Downbelow with Luther ringing the bell on his bike.

The Downbelow

As they pass though it is not what they expect. Instead of hellfire and screams of agony they see blue sky and endless fields of white roses as far as the eye can see. They come through on a cobblestone highway winding off into the horizon towards a city on the horizon surrounded in an endless haze with a tall spire rising out of the center. There is a faint hint of brimstone or sulfur in the air. As they gain their bearings some notice the cobblestones in the road are brimstone and upon further investigation there is writing on them. Each one has a ‘good intention’ written on it. Who knew that there actually was a Highway to Hell and it was paved with good intentions?

They travel for what seems like hours, but don’t seem to be getting any closer to the city, some suggest they take off through the flowers and off the path to see id they cannot get there faster but Beaumont does not want to and thinks it is a bad idea. So, the party is at a stalemate when Luther throws his bike into the white flowers and … nothing happens -for a minute and then the ground erupts releasing a gigantic demonic (?) centipede and two spiders. They try fighting them but cannot make it past the hard carapaces. They soon decide that discretion is the better part of valor and hide under Vic’s glamor until the monsters go away. As they continue, they notice exit signs for turn offs – Helheim, Hades, Purgatory, Kur, Gehenna, and others. They also realize that if they do not look at the city on the horizon, they make progress on their journey.

As they approach the city, they notice a wide river that bends around the city and a ferry loading people for the trip across. They also meet a fellow traveler on the road – so far, they have not seen anyone else. He introduces himself as Gil, a fellow traveler, and asks if this is their first time here, because they obviously are not dead. They cautiously greet him and after several tests they decide to let him travel with them. He is excited about this prospect and eagerly offers to be their guide as they travel into the city.

As they approach the river and the docks they notice what can only be described as a subway entrance with stairs going down into the ground with the dulcet melody of a muzak version of ‘It’s a Small World’ coming from it. When they investigate, they find the uncommitted – those who in life took no sides; the opportunists who were for neither good nor evil, but instead were merely concerned with themselves, standing a long line queued up and waiting in line – to nowhere. Gil explains that when they get to the front of the line they have to go back and start all over again.

At the ferry ticket booth, they meet a man behind the counter, tall, elegant, and handsome, with chocolate-colored skin and bleached-blond hair, shaved military style. He wears tortoise-shell shades and a silk Italian suit that matched his hair. A black rose was pinned to his lapel, above a nametag with the name Charon. He is witty and urbane and loves nice Italian suits. He politely refuses them passage as they are not dead. After some fierce negotiations and Beaumont giving him a fine Italian suit in his pack, he agrees to let them cross. As they disembark on the far side, they see the gates of hell with the inscription ‘Abandon all hope, ye who enter here.’ With that Beaumont realizes that Gil is Virgil – the same who led Dante through hell. They also begin noticing similarities between this city and their city of New Orleans – in fact, it looks like a weird fun house mirror version of New Orleans. Gil mentions that this is New Orleans under New Orleans, hell looks like whatever city people come from.

The first ‘ward’ of this city is Limbo. Overcast and a ash as fine snow falling on a monochromatic, bland uniform cityscape. Everything is identical, and Gil gets lost. Everything looks the same every building looks the same. They eventually find their way through by tracking and survival skills and move on to the next ward. As they enter the second ward the surroundings change – now they are surrounded by brothels, strip clubs, and red-light districts. The wind picks up and blows the spirits here with an almost gale force wind, however it does not affect the heroes – they seem to be anchored by reality somehow. The Cavaliers meet a woman clad in snake motif leathers. She introduces herself as Asmodeus, the demon in charge of the second Ward of hell – Lust. She tries to seduce Vic and he manages to put her off with future promises of liaisons.

They move on to the third ward and the scenery changes with it. This time the surrounding change to a giant restaurant district, food, and big pharma as far as they see and a putrid slushy rain falling. The spirits here run to and fro trying to eat the delicious foods, but it always turns to the putrid slush as soon as it hits their mouth. They meet a handsome Asian man in dog or wolf motif biker leathers, who introduces himself as Beelzebub. As they try to make it past him, he turns into a gigantic 3 headed wolf. They realize they must pack the dog’s mouths with the slush to paralyze and pass by him – which they manage to do, moving on to the next ward. The scenery changes again as they enter this ward into banks, pay day loan offices, and rent to own establishments – anyplace where you can get something now and pay later. Here they meet Mammon, the Demon of Greed, who speaks to them in a language none of them understand. As they are confronted by him, they are overcome by his sheer will and they fall to the ground – mentally and physically unable to move. Beaumont, by sheer mental fortitude, only goes down to his knees. Only Gil is unaffected by this. He looks around and sees the party incapacitated and only then rebukes the demon in the same language that it spoke. A quiet power thrummed through the CCC and they were released from the demon’s power. As they leave this ward of the city Gill says, ‘Come we must hurry. They know where we are now. Hurry!’

They then travel to the ward of Wrath – more like a swamp made from the runoff of the putrid slush from Gluttony. Gil gives the party the advice ‘to avoid Wrath one must be quiet and humble’ and they slip quietly past the demon. And through the swamp of wrath and sullenness. They finally find themselves at the Great Wall surrounding the Inner Wards of Hell and the City of Dis. The walls look to have no foundations almost floating in the air and beyond that is a gigantic skyscraper of a tower. Gil explains that the rest of the wards are in the tower with the highest, or ninth ward, reserved for Lucifer himself. On and along the walls are hundreds of Hells Angels – the estimate of there being 666 seems about right – standing guard on the gate with a Demon and Cain in front of the gates itself.

The demon calls out laughing at Gil and the Cavaliers, ‘You have no place here old man, leave here like the pathetic creature you are or prepare to die’, as he shifts into his demonic form of a flaming skeleton. ‘I have stood in opposition to you for centuries and will do so now and in the future. Gressil, let us pass!’ When asked by Gideon how they could possibly fight this host of hell. Gil answers, ‘Fear not: for they that be with us are more than they that be with them’ and then winks a Gideon as he pulls out a gremlin bell from his tattered clothing and throws it into the air. As it travels it releases a stream of bubbles. Suddenly he is not Gil but Bernie – or Saint Bernard, patron saint of the Knights Templar and opposer of the demon Gressil.

The Saint makes the sign of the cross and with a ringing basso rumble shouts, ‘IN HOC SIGNO VINCES!’ The bubbles then begin popping, sounding like Bubble wrap, and portals start opening. He then quietly says to Gideon, ‘On your left.’ And a huge bubble then pops, as the Templar Knights come roaring through on their motorcycles with weapons alight with a gleaming silver – all the Templar Knights. As other portals pop into existence, Rikard, Einherjaren, and Valkyries come through. Other openings reveal the Irregulars, along with David, Betty, and Warden Luna. Silver white comets appear in the sky streaking down, as they hit with thundering concussions – Angels are standing all around the party.

Demon hiss and gnash their teeth as the mount their fiery motorcycles and charge toward them. Bernie turns to the Cavaliers, “‘Greater love hath no man than this…’. Go get to their clubhouse and find her! We will hold them here, go get Penelope. Come back here, we will keep a way open for you here.” Turning to the Knights he calls out to them, ‘Come brothers, let clear them a path to the gate!’ With that they ride out in a spear formation clearing a path for the heroes as they make their way across the field to the gate. As thy make their way through the gate the Cavaliers clash with three minor demons. Divine guidance through Gideon leads them to what looks like an automotive garage. As they carefully approach, they spot a hulking gigantic six-legged bear with ram’s horns on its head inside the garage bays. Gideon recognizes this as the demonic form of one of the Hells Angels as it charges toward them in a frenzy, attacking Luther with a vicious swipe of it’s claws from the left side of his face to his right hip. They attack an after a brief struggle the heroes make it past it and surveil the garage clubhouse. They see three more Hells Angels inside and an unconscious Penelope tied to a table or alter in a separate room. They devise a plan where they sabotage the Hells Angels motorcycles so they will get stranded when Gideon draws the demonic angels away from the clubhouse. The rest of the group sneak in and rescue Penelope.

The plan works just as they had planned, and they meet Gideon by the gates of the city with Penelope. It is a joyous tearful reunion as they are reunited. As they kiss, some members of the group notice that she has a skull ring on the finger. She flashes an evil smile over Gideon’s shoulder as her other hand transforms into a claw and she drives it into Gideon’s abdomen with an upward angle – almost as it she is trying to reach his heart. Her glamor drops at the same time to reveal a middle-aged woman with a wicked grin on her face. Beaumont recognizes her as Kelly Montague, mother of the girl the Hells Angels abducted a couple of months ago and the newest Hells Angel. After a brief but furious fight they take out Kelly and race back to the clubhouse to finish searching it before the Hells Angels return. They find the real Penelope in a backroom in a glass coffin and surrounded by Fomor looking implements and equipment. Gideon kisses her and awakes Penelope with True Love’s Kiss.

They race back to where their allies are hold a Way open for them. When they arrive, they witness a great battle with their allies evacuating injured back through the Way as they can. Several Einherjar and Valkyries are wounded or worse, almost all the Templar Knights are injured, some severely – none are dead. Several of the Irregulars are injured or exhausted as well – including Betty. They do see the wizards of the white council led by a The Warden of New Orleans providing cover fire and artillery for the group holding the Way. Whenever an enemy gets to close to them Luna’s blade always seemed strike out in a brilliant display of swordsmanship cutting the enemy down. As soon as the group sees the Cavaliers coming, their allies begin moving to retreat through the gate.

Besides the Angels, the Wizards of the White Council are the rearguard and make sure the rest make it through. Luna’s swordsmanship is truly amazing as his blade reaches out, almost with a mind of its own, striking at the enemy. You would not guess that he is over 200 years old, it is almost as if he is more energized in the heat of a battle. Then a gigantic ‘shadow’ appears and lashes out with multiple attacks with tentacles of shadow. The warden’s sword flashes brightly each time it blocks an attack, but one slips past his defenses and strikes him down. The other wizards cover as David drags his mentor through the portal unsure if he is alive or not. They all make it through, and as the portal closes, they witness the angels streak off into the sky as beams of silvery light.

Aftermath – December 24

After returning they soon realize that it is now December 24th and it is 9:30 pm. They had promised Reverend Lantern to attend Midnight Mass. They clean up, tend their wounds, and attend Mass. Even dragging Luther along with them. When the service is over Beaumont’s family invites them to Réveillon, the big family dinner celebration that is tradition after Midnight Mass. When they arrive, they each find presents from Kringle under their Tree.

Vic received a hot wheel car set that when rolled has actual racetrack noises.
Beaumont’s gift was a big bowl of steaming hot Jambalaya- that refills whenever he thinks of Christmases past and a plate of beignets.
Luther received a tin cup (like for camping) with a star of David on the side full of eggnog (also refills when Christmas – or Hanukah is remembered, with a sufganiyot (like a jelly donut) and a Dreidel.
Gideon gets a set of matching wedding rings, that are magically connected with each other.


The PCs also receive 1 skill point and one refresh for the adventure.

In Memoriam
The Crescent City Cavalier's Episode 5

December 26, 2011

The Epic Battle of Canal Street

The days after Christmas were a busy time for everyone. Gideon spent most of the days following reconnecting with Penelope and cleaning up. Beaumont and Luther spent much of their time helping at the bakery during the busy holiday time. Vic spent his time holed up at the House of the Rising Sun looking through the blinds – watching for the Gruffs to return. During this time Beaumont reads Warden Luna’s obituary, they were previously unsure whether he lived after being hit coming through the portal when they returned from Hell – now it is confirmed.

His funeral will be January 1, 2012, and the Cavaliers commit to attending. In the meantime, Vic calls the group in a panic saying he knows he is being watched. When they reach the House of the Rising Sun Vic refuses to come out and the CCC notices the Gruffs in surveillance and surrounding Vic’s location. They do not engage and just watch. Soon they hear giant footfalls getting closer with each resounding boom and soon above some of the buildings they see a gigantic Gruff clad in crystalline looking armor and carrying a sword as big as a car. As the Champion of Summer, he challenges Vic to a duel. After a moment of panic Vic starts discussing all the old rules and regulations regarding Challenges and Duels in the Cortège Gras. It was all deception and an attempt to confuse the Elder Gruff. It worked and he was confused enough to consult with his brothers.

The Eldest Brother Gruff then came to visit. All 5’2” of him. Dressed in wizard robes and carrying a rune carved staff, with three purple senior council wizard stoles on his belt. He visited with Vic and finally agreed with his ‘outline for the duel even though it was obvious he knew Vic was being untruthful. The duel was set for New Year’s Eve and Vic set it up where starting at 11:30 pm each would have 15 minutes and the Gruff would go first according to Cortège Gras dueling rules. They would meet at the Neutral Grounds on Canal Street and have a duel of Stories, letting the crowd decide who would be the victor. Vic did insist on a condition for the Gruff to tell him who hired his family to kill him.

At the appointed place and time, they met on the field of competing stories. The Eldest Gruff told a glorious epic tale of Summer attacking deep into the heart of Winter. It was wonderful and had all the right points – daring and brave protagonists, overwhelming foes, and the promise of sunlight’s hope breaking through and overcoming the cold, dark despair.

Then it was Vic’s turn. He told and equally epically heroic tale of a group of heroes who fought Frankenstein’s Monster, traveled the ocean floor, and fought at the gates of hell to recover lost love. His companions helped of course. Gideon prayed, Beaumont and Luther provided refreshment. They had also set up the duel so Vic would get the benefit of the crowd cheering when New Year happened. Needless to say, Vic won and just in time for the Warden’s funeral.

January 1, 2012

In Memoriam

On the first day of January, the supernatural community gathered to pay respects to a great man. The White Council was in attendance with Senior Councilman McCoy McCoy.jpeg and Captain Luccio Luccio.jpgand a contingent of Wardens. Of course, New Orleans wizards came as well: Beaumont, David, Hunter, and Sunny. The Irregulars and Cavaliers attended as well: Greer, Susannah, Gideon, Penelope, Jeanie, and Luther. Others from the supernatural community attended as well: Betty, Charlie Bard, The Runcie Sisters, George, Giavanna, John Corvac, and Marie Leveaux. There were also representatives from the other supernatural powers in the area: Rikard from Monoc, Hugh and Vic representing their respective courts, Bernie, Calvin attending for the Gore Family, The Archive, and The Colonel from the local White court in New Orleans. It was presided over by Reverend Lantern and Wizard McCoy presented the life sketch of his friend. The Cavilers also noticed a Native American gentleman they had not seen before also in attendance.

After the graveside services, they held a wake for Luna at Laffite’s Bar. Again, the mysterious individual was there and spent most of the time talking with McCoy – who he seemed to know and was friendly with. Each of the Cavaliers, Jeanie and the Native American man were asked to stay behind after the wake for the reading of Lunas will. In the will McCoy was named executor of Luna’s estate with Jeannie receiving Fort Livingston and its environs on Grande Terre Island along with $500,000 to renovate it as she sees fit. Each of the Cavaliers and Tru Felis – the mysterious gentleman -received $100,000. David, Luna’s last apprentice, received his Warden Sword, Luna’s home on Exchange Place, the rest of Grand Terre Island, and $100,000 as well.

The wizards are asked to stay behind along with the Irregulars and Cavaliers. Luccio gave Hunter his new assignment as the Warden’s Regional Commander of the Southeastern US based in New Orleans. David is also made a Warden against his wishes. McCoy explains that Lunas sword – The Vorpal Sword – is bound to a line of wizards- masters to apprentices – not just a single warden. Because Luna gave it to David, he needs to be a Warden with the specific assignment to Protect the Vorpal Blade and be the custodian of Grand Terre Island. When asked what that meant McCoy responded, ‘As you attune to the sword and unlock its power you will learn.’

NOTE: The group receives 1 more skill Point and is now at the Home-brewed power level of ‘Snorkeling’ instead of ‘Submerged’, with a total of 12 Refresh and 40 Skill Points.

Also, you have a sticky aspect (tag 2x) of ‘The Warden’s Inheritance’ you could tag in a Resource Roll. Alternately, you could use it as an excuse to raise your resource skill, or take a stunt to boost your resource skill in some situations..