Alex Keene

Bouncer by Day; Former Hell's Angel



  • Main concept: Hell’s Angel Renegade
  • Trouble: I kinda pissed off ALL of the Hell’s Angels
  • Taught by The Master
  • Looking to score with his boss, Jeanie Lafitte (again)
  • Strike first, Strike hard, No mercy
  • Sweep the Leg! (The ends justify the means)
  • Bearer of the “Grape of Wrath” (Orb of Unknown Origin)

Retired aspects:

50 skill points

  • Fantastic (+6): Fists, Alertness
  • Superb (+5): Athletics, Discipline
  • Great (+4): Might, Endurance
  • Good (+3): Contacts, Lore, Rapport
  • Fair (+2): Presence, Conviction, Intimidation
  • Average (+1): Burglary, Lore, Empathy, Driving, Stealth

Physical: OOOO
Mental: OOO
Social: OOO

Mild (-2)
Moderate (-4)
Severe (-6)
Extreme (-8)

14 of 15 refresh (1 remaining)

Item of Power: Orb of Mysterious Origin (5)

Item of Power: Headband of The Master (3)

  • The headband is only effective when being worn—[-2]
  • +1 to fists
  • +2 to weapons of fist
  • +1 to athletics to dodge
  • Attack of the master: Spend a fate point, and enemy cannot defend against the attack (overcome armor/catches/etc.)
  • +2 on Discipline checks to control the orb of unknown origin
    The Master

    Alex has few memories of his own training as a child. He has great respect for his “master” although most of his memories of the specifics are clouded. This master gave Alex the headband he still uses. Alex periodically recalls things this master told him—almost like deja vu. Alex recalled something the master told him about this orb, which Alex only recalled when exploring Odin’s armory.

Stunts: (4)

  • Martial Arts (+1 to knowledge and awareness checks regarding martial arts)
  • Lethal Weapons (+2 to weapons for attacks with “fists”)
  • Acrobat (+1 to survive a fall; +1 to athletics to dodge, if described dramatically)
  • Paranoid? Probably… (+2 to alertness to avoid being surprised)

Pontiac Firebird

Retired powers:

  • Hell’s Angel (4)
    • Demonic co-pilot n/a
    • Human Form (Rare/Involuntary change) +2 (Requires a Fate point. Alternatively, when he suffers a consequence his must make a discipline check vs. the consequence level, or enter “rage”. He can voluntarily fail this check).
    • Additional temporary aspect: “Mindless killing machine”
    • Inhuman Strength -2
    • Inhuman Toughness -2
    • Inhuman Recovery -2
    • Inhuman Speed -2
    • Catch +2 (Holy items, thresholds)

A troubled past. no one knows and he wants to keep it that way. Applied for the job as a bouncer at Lafitte’s Blacksmith Shop Bar – Bourbon Streetwhen Jeanie needed a replacement. He was hired due to his being a loyal customer for many years and showing his ability to keep out trouble even when he wasn’t payed to do so.

Alex entered into a contract with the Hell’s Angels, but has since decided he joined the wrong team. Unfortunately his contract is for 666 years.

Alex and a few of his fellow Hell’s Angels.

Alex Keene

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