Beaumont LeBlanc

One-man Magical Search and Rescue


When he’s not earning a living at his parents famous bakery, he dedicates his life, free time, and service, to the investigation, finding, and rescue of missing children.

Physical Description:

Beaumont is a 6’2” tall, handsome, well-built man in his late twenties with strong arms and dark brown hair, that is just beginning to go prematurely grey, perfectly matching the salt and pepper coloring of his well-kempt, trim goatee.

Out on the street and in public, you’ll almost always find him in comfortable jeans or slacks and a solid, dark Henley or white t-shirt, generally sporting one of the many jackets he collects, and loves to wear.

In the bakery? All of that is covered by his apron, which is always covered in flour. His friends and family tease him that the salt and pepper in his beard and hair is just the remains of flour from the bakery. He always keeps an extra change of clothes, or two, at the shop.

Aspect Summary

  • One-man Magical Search and Rescue (High Concept)
  • I don’t rescue them once; I rescue them for life (Trouble)
  • The only good White Court, is a dead White Court
  • I’ll do anything it takes to rescue a child
  • I’m on good terms with and well-known by the local authorities
  • I know people all over, and most of them owe me a favor
  • [Aspect #6] (Guest Star: Clay & Michelle)
  • I’ve got a certain set of skills (Guest Star: Eli)


  • Fantastic (+6): Conviction, Discipline
  • Superb (+5): Lore, Weapons
  • Great (+4): Athletics, Endurance
  • Good (+3): Alertness, Contacts, Investigation
  • Fair (+2): Burglary, Guns, Resources
  • Average (+1): Deceit, Empathy, Fists, Presence, Stealth
  • All other skills are mediocre (+0)


  • Evocation [-3] (Fire, Water, Spirit/Force (Specialization – Power Bonus, Conviction +1))
  • Thaumaturgy [-3] (Specialization: Divination, +1)
  • The Sight [-1]
  • Soul Gaze [-0]
  • Wizard’s Constitution [-0]


  • Refinement (Undecided)

Total Refresh: 8

Stress boxes

  • Physical (4)
  • Mental (4)
  • Social (3)

Description of Aspects

High Concept: One-man Magical Search Party

After my sister died under such horrible circumstances, I decided I would do everything that I could to help such a thing to never happen again to another child. To that end, I became very adept at using my magical skills to find people, and eventually things as well. I have used my skills to find people all over. Lost child in the woods? I’ll find them. Lost husband out noodling in the bayou? I’ll find him. Can’t find great grandma’s broach that someone stole? I’ll find it. I’m even pretty great at examining a scene and figuring out what’s missing. It’s all part of my ability to find things with magic.

All by myself, I’m better than a dozen search parties.

Trouble: I don’t rescue them once; I rescue them for life

After I find and rescue a child, I feel a strong bond to them, and responsible for their safety. Their parents may have engaged my services to get their little girl back, but now that she’s back, I will stop by every now and again, just to check in and make sure the kid’s still OK. I mean hey, if they got kidnapped once, why wouldn’t someone try it again? So, I remain a little bit involved in their life. Never more than I am welcomed to, but hey, when you save a person’s life, you tend to form a connection.

  • Example Compels: I need to go with the group to do a thing, but I find out that one of my rescuees needs help, or it’s time for me to make rounds and go check on everyone.
  • Example Invokes: Someone that I have saved or worked with on a case before in in trouble. I would tag this aspect to help me save them.

Aspect: The only good White Court, is a dead White Court

The White Court demons killed my sister. Not just killed her, but did horrific, evil things to kill her. I saw them, and once I realized who and what they were, I had a seething anger in my heart that will only be quenched when there are no more White Court demons. The only reason not to kill them on site is that the rest of the un-clued-in populace thinks that they’re normal people, and knowing the police can only get me out of so much trouble.

  • Example Invokes: If we ever fight a White Court vampire, I. Am. Your. Man.

Aspect: I’ll do anything it takes to rescue a child

I have dedicated myself to helping rescue lost, stolen, and nameless children, and to helping them find their way back to safety. Not just home, but safety. I can become obsessive about making them safe.

  • Example Compels: If I see a child in danger, I can’t pass them by. I’m going to leave off whatever else I’m doing to help the helpless child.
  • Example Invokes: It might be difficult to get to the child and get them to safety, but you can be damn sure no one is going to try harder. I’ll get a bonus for my fervor.

Aspect: I’m on good terms with and well-known by the local authorities

I have rescued enough high-profile kids, that I’ve wound up getting called in by the local authorities to “consult” on cases and help them out. I’ve built up a good rapport with them, and they trust me, even though they can’t explain what I do.

  • Example Compels: My face might get recognized by the people who are decidedly NOT the police, and they might react unfavorably to me because of my association with them.
  • Example Invokes: Talk my way out of speeding tickets…and being at the weird murder scene before the cops.

Aspect: I know people all over, and most of them owe me a favor

I don’t accept money for my services. Parents always want to pay me, sometimes more than that are able to, but I don’t accept funds from them, even the rich ones. It’s not like the bad guys only kidnap rich kids, especially the White Court devils. Instead, I have them promise me a favor. One day I may come to them, needing their help. Maybe in the form of resources, maybe in the form of assistance, maybe in the form of information. In any case, that’s how I get my pay, and how I get better at finding more people in the future. It sounds very Godfather, but it’s how I roll, and I have an impressive network.

  • Example Compels: I might get recognized or approached when I really don’t want to be.
  • Example Invokes: Bonus to Contacts

Aspect: [Guest Star Aspect: David Brown (Clay) & Greer Landry (Michelle)]

[Short description of the aspect]

  • Example Compels: [Example compels]
  • Example Invokes: [Example invokes]

Aspect: I’ve got a certain set of skills [Guest Star Aspect: Eli]

[Short description of the aspect]

  • Example Compels: [Example compels]
  • Example Invokes: [Example invokes]

Magical Items

Blasting Rod

Beaumont’s “blasting rod” (a name he got from a guy that helped train him up in Chicago), was a gift from a friend visiting the bakery from Australia. It is actually a French rolling pin made from Australian ironwood, and is stronger and harder than aluminum. This makes it useful as a mundane weapon and shield, when he wields it like an escrima stick.

Mundane Weapon/Armor: 2
Focus Item: 1 Offensive Control (1 Discipline) (Force/Spirit)

Flashlight (with extendable “flood” function)

Sometimes the flashlight works and sometimes it doesn’t, but it always works as a focus to help him cast his veil spells. He just pulls out the extendable middle, which exposes the flood light, and he can project a better, stronger veil.

Focus Item: 1 Defensive Control (1 Discipline) (Force/Spirit)

Brass Compass

This old magnetic brass compass doesn’t do such a great job of telling true north, but works great as a focus item for enhancing Beaumont’s finding spells

Focus Item: 1 Thaumaturgy Complexity (1 Lore) (Divination)

Pin of Lost and Found/Nameless Child Eye.

This lapel pin is always on Beaumont’s clothing wherever he goes, usually on his jacket lapel. It is the symbol of the Rescue Aid Society, an eye with a target offset from the pupil.

2x Enchanted Item Slots: Armor +5 Spirit/Force block vs. physical attacks, 3x/Session

Rote Spells

Blast of Force – Étouffer

A blaze of force energy, looking almost like lightning shoots forth, and wraps around the target, crushing and suffocating it.

Type: Spirit Evocation
Power: 6 Target: 1 in LOS
Control: Discipline + Items (=6)

Veil Spell – Cacher

Beaumont casts this spell and a hemispherical veil appears, large enough for him to crouch down in, along with a couple of children-sized others.

Type: Spirit Evocation
Power: 6 Target: Self and nearby others
Control: Discipline + Items (=6)

Blast of Fire – Main de Feu

When Beaumont raises his hand or hands and casts this spell, a sheet of concentrated fire flies out from his hands, burning anything in its path

Type: Fire Evocation
Power: 5 Target: All in adjacent zone
Control: Discipline + Items (=5)

Find – Trouver (Not a rote. He’s just damn good at it.)

This spell is a ritual that Beaumont can cast with startling speed. With the right items that are tied closely enough to the target, there’s not much Beaumont can’t find.

Type: Thaumaturgy Divination
Power/Complexity: 6


Beaumont’s family has been in New Orleans for many generations. His many-greats Grandmother Josette, in fact, is well-known in family and local lore for having made bread from meager resources to help provide food to Andrew Jackson and the American soldiers during the weeks leading up to the Battle of New Orleans in 1814/15. In early January of 1815, when General Jackson came to thank the nuns at the Urseline Convent on Chartress St. for their prayers during the Battle, Beaumont’s grandmother was there with a special loaf of cheese bread that she had make special for him, to thank him for saving the city.

As the years passed, Josette handed down her bread baking skill to her sons and daughters, and the family was always well-known for its bread and baked goods, but a skill for baking wasn’t the only thing that Josette handed down. She and her descendants also had a skill in the magical arts. The family assumes that Josette herself was a “fournomancer”, a term they use tongue-in-cheek to refer to her supernaturally great skill with bread and baked goods.

The bread was good enough that the family started making small change on the side by selling bread out of their home until, in 1920, Beaumont’s Great Aunt Aurelie, a practitioner herself, finally bowed to suggestions from friends, and to the volume of bread and pastries that she and the family were regularly being asked to make, and opened “Josette’s Bywater Bakery”, in honor of their matriarch, in the Bywater district of New Orleans.
The bakery opened just as Prohibition started, and Aurelie’s husband, Alma Fontenot, also anxious to help make a few extra dollars, decided to take advantage of his knack for oenomancy, and all the yeast that was in the shop, and started making his own ales, beers, wines, and hard liquors and smuggled them to “the poor unfortunates oppressed by the prohibition”. Alma was also particularly talented with veils, and used his varied magical talents to great effect and great profit, becoming one of the most successful rum runners on the bayou.

The building that he and Aurelie set up shop in had been used by the family during Antebellum times to help smuggle out slaves to the North, and was an official “stop” on the Underground Railroad, where fleeing slaves could get a couple of loaves of bread to help nourish them on their journey North. The building, therefore, had hidden (and veiled) access to the city’s drainage system tunnels, which they used to transport the slaves to ships in the harbor.

Alma used these tunnels to store and smuggle out his booze, and eventually other contraband as well, doing a booming business with illegal firearms. Alma always referred to the work he did at Aurelie’s shop as working with “sticky buns, and cakes, and guns, and whiskey on the side.”
Now, one hundred years later, Beaumont is also a member of the family trade, and an heir of the family magical skill. His parents own the shop, and he works there most days to earn a living. He lives in a nearby chalet bungalow, and has an easy commute to work on his beloved, antique, but pristine, slate grey 1938 BMW R75 motorcycle, which he rides every day, rain or shine. It has a sidecar that he can quickly attach, although it’s usually in his garage, and he uses the twin saddlebags to carry things around in. He’s a single guy, living by himself, and he works in his family’s bakery. It’s not like he’s making tons of shopping trips to Costco. He has fashioned a container that mounts on the back atop the spare tire, however, which he occasionally uses to make small deliveries for the bakery.


Tragedy struck young in Beaumont’s life. His sister Edmee was just two years his junior and the two of them were best friends. For practically their whole lives, they would always go to help out Mom and Dad in the bakery. One day when Edmee was only 13 years old, after running a quick delivery to a home down the street, Edmee disappeared and didn’t come back. The family was disconsolate, and worked closely with the local police to try to find her. The police did their best, but couldn’t find any leads. Two days after her disappearance, Beaumont was sitting in Edmee’s room, confused, scared, and sad about his sister’s kidnapping. All of a sudden, he had a strange feeling, that he later could only describe as a “pull”. It was practically a compulsion. He knew where Edmee was, and followed his inner pull until he came to a run-down house in the shadier part of town near the docks. Still following his inner guide, he climbed up the side of the building and broke in on the second floor. He quickly found his dying sister lying on a dirty mattress in a filthy room, weeping in fear and despair as he took her up in his arms.

He attempted to carry her away to safety, but his crawling up the side of the building and forcing his way in had alerted the creatures running the operation. Just as his sister passed away in his arms, a pair of figures burst in and found him there, shaking with sorrow and rage. Beaumont felt a wave of cold overtake him, and he watched as the skin of the pair that had come in changed before his eyes to a pale white, almost glowing it seemed to his eyes, and their eyes turned an unnatural shining silver color. He knew that they had come for him and what was left of his sister, and he was overcome with rage. He flung his arms up and shouted a primal scream for his dead sister. His last memory is of a wave of flame exploding out from him.
When he came to his senses, he was lying on the ground outside of the charred rubble that was once the house, covered in soot, surrounded by dozens of police and firemen, still clutching Edmee’s body in his arms. Of the house there was almost nothing left, just charred stubs and a host of deformed skeletons.

The official report said that there had been a gas explosion, and that somehow Beaumont had rushed in through the fire to save his sister, who died of smoke inhalation, and nearly died himself. The only explanation Beaumont ever gave about how he had wound up there was the only explanation he knew at the time, that he had been “guided” to the house. He didn’t know how, and he didn’t remember anything else. The house had been known to the police as a drug house and a brothel, but had never been the source of anything major before. Now it never would again.

A few days later, after Edmee’s funeral, Beaumont shared the whole story with his parents, who had already suspected most of it. They explained to him about the family’s magical heritage, and how they had been waiting for him to show signs before sharing the whole story with him.

It turns out that the flop house that he had blown up was a front for a prostitution ring that catered to the lowest of the low, run by a nest of white court vampires from each of the three major houses. They used it to slowly feed on humans’ baser impulses, creating a source of lust, fear, and despair. It seemed, though, like someone, probably a young, newly turned vampire, had over-fed and killed Edmee. No one had known about the location before, but after the incident and the publicity, the White Council had sent warden investigators. They discovered what had been going on, and about Beaumont’s particular, innate, gift for both location spells and pyromancy. He had single-handedly incinerated the entire nest. No humans had been killed in the blast, only vampires, so they held no judgement over Beaumont.
Beaumont spent the next few years learning, growing, and practicing with his parents and other more experienced wizards. His parents were mostly fournomancers and used their talents to make their bakery the best in the city, but they found other wizards who could help Beaumont perfect his skills.

Now, Beaumont spends his days working with his parents in the bakery, but has let it quietly be known that he will do anything it takes to help anyone find and rescue lost children. He hasn’t yet opened up a store front. He knows other wizards have, but he doesn’t want the questions or the scrutiny. Instead, he has helped find dozens of children in and around New Orleans, all quietly and without fanfare. The police know him as one of those people who can inexplicably find clues and leads when they are at their wit’s end, and will on occasion call him in for a consultation. He is on good terms with both the local police force and the sheriff’s office, with whom he generally prefers to work.

Beaumont took a huge payment for his services one time, the very first time he found the kidnapped daughter of local wealthy shipping magnate, Roald Landry. He felt so terrible about taking the money he tried to give it back, but the girl’s father wouldn’t hear of it. He insisted that he could never repay him, and that if Beaumont ever needed help with anything, to come to him, and he’d make it happen.

Soon, though, Landry came to Beaumont, and this time introduced him to a friend whose son had disappeared, and asked Beaumont to help. This has happened many times, and now Beaumont runs a semi-official finder of lost children service. Ever since that first time with Landry, though, he has never accepted monetary payment, just a promise of assistance in the future should he ever need it, whether as part of an effort to help him find another missing child, or for some other reason. Consequently, Beaumont now knows people from all different walks of life, from all over New Orleans and the surrounding areas, and most of them happily owe him favors.

In recent years, Beaumont has formed an association with two important organizations that have the same goals as he does. He works with both the Rescue Aid Society, and Operation Underground Railroad. During one of the investigations he was helping out with in the northern swamps, he made friends with Bernard Blanc, one of the top investigators for the Rescue Aid Society, an organization that specializes in helping children in trouble all around the world. Beaumont stays pretty local, but Bernard generally looks Beaumont up for assistance if he’s anywhere near the area. Through his association with Bernard, Beaumont has also had the opportunity to work with Operation Underground Railroad, and is a close friend of Tim Ballard. Ballard once asked Beaumont to accompany him on an operation in Southeast Asia. Beaumont was gone for a month, and tells that the operation was hugely successful and extraordinarily dangerous, but doesn’t usually talk about any of the details beyond that.

Beaumont LeBlanc

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