Calvin Pelagio

Scion of Bia & Capo Pelagio

Aspect Summary
  • Once upon a time a goddess and a mobster fell in love
  • Both my parents want me a part of their family business
  • God in training
  • No amount of cash can avoid school
  • I love visiting great-grandma’s
  • Parkour is easier when you control gravity (Guest Star: Susannah James)
  • An only child is a spoiled child (Guest Star: Jeanie Lafitte (Jean))
  • Superb (+5): Conviction, Discipline
  • Great (+4): Stealth, Resources, Athletics
  • Good (+3): Performance, Fists, Deceit
  • Fair (+2): Alertness, Survival, Contacts
  • Average (+1): Driving, Rapport, Intimidation, Lore, Might
  • All other skills are mediocre (+0)
  • Gravity manipulation [-2] You can manipulate local gravity with the power of your mind alone. (Re-themed from “Telekinesis”)
    • Ranged manipulation If an action would normally require you to touch something, you can do it from 1 zone away.
    • Mind Over Matter For ranged manipulations, use Conviction or Discipline in place of Might and Athletics respectively.
    • Gravity Attacks You may use your Discipline skill to hit people with objects. Attacks are treated as ranged attacks when selecting defense skills.
  • Enhanced Gravity Manipulation [-1] (Must have gravity manipulation) Your manipulation extends to everything within your line of sight. In addition, attacks that you make with this Power are now Weapon: 2.
    • Area attacks [-1] (Must have enhanced gravity manipulation) You may spread your gravity-related “attacks” over ALL targets in a single zone you can see.
  • Defensive Gravity Manipulation [-1] (Must have gravity manipulation) A shell of gravity protects you. You may use Discipline to defend against physical attacks or to create physical barriers.
    • Self-propelling gravity manipulation [-1] (Must have Defensive Gravity Manipulation) Your gravity manipulation allows you to fly. Use Discipline instead of Athletics to move around in the air.
  • Bend the laws of gravity [-1] (Must have gravity manipulation) Use Conviction to create scene aspects related to gravity. Examples might include: “No gravity” or “Heavy gravity” or “Random gravity stew”, “Everything is downhill”, “Gravity whirlpool”, etc. These can then be tagged once for free like normal.
  • Immovability [-1] (Must have gravity manipulation) Unless you consent or are taken by surprise, you are immune to being pushed, picked up, or thrown. You suffer 1 physical stress for each zone you would have moved. This also provides a +1 on grappling rolls.
  • Marked with Power [-1] Calvin is marked with Power in the Greek pantheon, and the son of a titan.
  • Inhuman Speed [-2] +4 to alertness to determine initiative; +1 to athletics to dodge; +2 when sprinting; move an extra zone; reduce difficulty to stealth my 2

Total Refresh: 11 out of 12

Stress boxes

  • Physical (2)
  • Mental (4) +1 extra mild mental consequence
  • Social (2)

Description of Aspects

High Concept: Once upon a time a goddess and a mobster fell in love
It all started millions years ago with the Earth (Gaia), a planet in the universe and only her, so when she got lonely she created the sky (Uranus) and the sea (Pontus). She had a child with each of them Eurybia and Crius. The two got together and had 6 children but this story focuses on the last two, Pallas and Styx. These two had several children Zelus, Nike, Kratos, Lacus, Scylla, Fontes, and Bia. Bia became the goddess of Force.
Fast forward to our time, Bia found love with a boy named Santi Pelagio. Santi was a Pusher of a organized crime syndicate called Sugar and Vice. He fell for Bia at first sight and they ended up having a baby boy; they named him Verse (hoping that he would become like his mother.) Then Bia and Santi fought because they felt they were neglecting their son. Bia’s godly duties and Santi’s crime group prevented them from being good parents, and so Bia left Santi in hope that he would remarry and that the new wife would be able to be a better mother. He didn’t. He promised himself he would never marry again. In anger he purged everything that reminded him of her, except Verse himself. He had plans to put him in the family business so he changed his name to Calvin, Calvin Pelagio.

  • Example Compels: Issues related to coming from a broken home. Being connected with crimes. Having a well known last name connected to organized crime. Being recognized by others with a spark of divine.
  • Example Invokes: Understanding of how organized crime works, contacts within both Sugar and Vice, and among the Greek Pantheon. Mythological lore

Trouble: Both my parents want me a part of their family business

Bia and her siblings were constant companions of Zeus. They achieved this honor after supporting him in the Titan War along with their mother, and Bia was planning her son Verse to join her But her ex-husband Santi Pelagio had other plans for Verse (now Calvin Pelagio). Santi’s job in Sugar and Vice was a watcher. Watchers are the people who make sure company’s under “contract” and stay inline and give what Sugar and Vice what they want. He was fantastic at his job and rewarded the title of “Capo.” He was planing on giving the title to his son Calvin once he joined the business and proved himself worthy. Bia is not pleased with this and is constantly trying to win her son back. Calvin doesn’t want anything to do with his mother, but he’s not to fond of the his fathers business either. He really just wants to find his own path.

  • Example Compels: Bia makes demands of Calvin, or shows up unexpectedly. She may throw “tests” at him. Similarly, Calvin’s father makes demands of him as well.
  • Example Invokes: Calvin could potentially leverage “cooperation” with either of his parents in exchange for favors.

Aspect: God in training
As much as Calvin dislikes he’s mother for ditching him, Sugar and Vice aren’t to keen with him right now. But since Calvin’s dad is MIA, Calvin thought it would be best to hangout and train with his Mother Bia (Goddess of Force). Bia has noticed (being a goddess) That Sugar &
Vice is no longer

  • Example Compels: Sugar and Spice has some expectations for Calvin now. He is likely to receive assignments. He may be seen by some as being the “Pet” of Lady Charlotte.
  • Example Invokes: Calvin has some influence within Sugar and Vice, and could ask for reinforcements or supplies. Calvin is feared both within the organization and outside of the organization by people who would recognize him. Calvin also has developed a sense for ambushes, and is able to use his powers to protect other people.

Aspect:No amount of cash can avoid school.

normal kids hate school, I’m pretty sure that most kids either dislike the learning part of school or just hate school all in general
  • Example Compels: [Example compels]
  • Example Invokes: [Example invokes]

Aspect: I love visiting great-grandma’s

Calvin has never had really good friends. He has had people that he’s nice to or they’re nice to him, but he’s never had a clique or a friend group. It’s just he feels nobody understands him like friends should. So what does he do instead, he prefers to visit his Great Grandma’s (Gaia) house. Now Gaia is literally “Mother Earth,” so Calvin goes into the wilderness to hang out with the nature and occasionally talk to Gaia. 60f9d6bf439ebb297adb4a741941c6ab.jpgThey talk about life and all its problems, problems Calvin has with his parents. Basically the same things that friends would talk about and do, but in nature and with your Great Grandma. Even though Calvin’s Mother, Grandma, and Great Grandma sound and look like there the same age. They feel the family connection and apparently family is all you really need.

  • Example Compels: Calvin isn’t comfortable with mortal friends, and may take penalties with friendly interactions with normal people. Calvin may be compelled to respond to any threats to nature, or Gaia directly.
  • Example Invokes: Calvin might receive a bonus to surviving or navigating in the wilderness, scholarship or lore checks involving nature or Greek mythology, or anytime some bit of ancient but relevant wisdom his grandmother may have mentioned comes in handy. This aspect could be leveraged when interacting with the Fae Folk.

Aspect: Parkour is easier when you control gravity

You could say Calvin is pretty athletic if you count his power to control the gravity as not “cheating”. The average human has to practice years to do a back-flip, not Calvin. He can easily lessen his gravity so when he starts to flip he can flip multiple time before hitting the floor again. When he jumps he doesn’t need any training to jump high, with his power he can choose to jump from over a jail-fence without a running start, to jumping off a plane without a parachute and ending up without a scratch just by altering the gravity.unnamed.jpg Calvin once said, “I’m just doing what anyone else with my power would do if they were in my shoes.” And with his power you would sleep like a baby in zero gravity, so I guess there are some perks.

  • Example Compels: Calvin is not ACTUALLY athletic—“he cheats.” This might be compelled when it comes to any activities where he can’t use his power, or if he gets caught off guard.
  • Example Invokes: Any time manipulating gravity would help perform an athletics, might, or other physical stunt. Any time he is using his gravity manipulation in a showy way.

Aspect: An only child is a spoiled child

People who see how much money Calvin Pelagio has think he must be child actor in a successful movie. Capo Pelagio’s stratagy is to spoil Calvin to lure him into the family business. This is only partially successful—Calvin has a clear understanding of what he wants, but he is not convinced that what he wants is in the family business. Calvin often gives his money to others—he likes to see others benefit because of him. Calvin actually gave a large portion of his money to the people being victimized by Sugar and Vice which made him a more liked person and well known. He didn’t feel like it was right to take money from people who earn it to give to a spoiled teenager without a job. One of those times he met Jeanie Lafitte (Jean) a waitress at The Palace Cafe—the two of them have been friends since. Even though he loves his dad, he just doesn’t quite like what he does.

  • Example Compels: Calvin’s reputation as a philanthropist means he is constantly hounded by people looking for money. It may impact some social interactions when people can see how wealthy Calvin is. Showing off your wealth also tends to attract thieves and swindlers. At the very least, the price of things just magically seems to go up when Calvin is shopping.
  • Example Invokes: Calvin can always pull out his dad’s credit card when making resource checks and the like. Having access to wealth and a network of people you share it with would benefit contact checks. It would also help him “persuade” (i.e. bribe) people as needed.

Calvin Pelagio

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