Chambord (the Benevolent Frog)

The Benevolent Frog


The Face of: Café du Monde

High Concept: Talking (and listening) frog
Trouble: Anything for a bit of juicy gossip!

Other Aspects:

  • Mortals are fascinating.
  • Practically perfect memory.
  • Never speaks, until he does—then he won’t shut up.
  • I know ALL about you!
  • I might know something—perhaps we can trade information.

Chambord is an French-American Bullfrog that lives in the foliage near Café du Monde. He has a deep fascination with mortals and listens carefully to all their gossip. He also has almost perfect recall of the most mundane and trite gossip. Chambord spends his time eavesdropping and eating insects that are there to feed on the powdered sugar that constantly litters the ground of the Cafe.

Chambord speaks perfect French and passable English, but almost never intrudes on conversations. (He confessed his love once to a tourist—it didn’t end well.) If sought out, however, he is willing to exchange information—especially when it involves tawdry mortal gossip.

Chambord is technically a member of the Cortège Gras—but has little interest in the affairs of the court.

Chambord (the Benevolent Frog)

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