David Brown

Like Indiana Jones, But a Wizard!


Face of: University of New Orleans

Aspect Summary

  • Like Indiana Jones, But a Wizard! (High Concept)
  • The Grey Cloak And The Vorpal Blade (Trouble)
  • My Family Left Being Rich Sometime In The Last Century
  • Guardian of the Jaberwocks
  • Betty Mullins Is My Wife
  • Sean McAvoy, my young apprentice
  • The Warden’s Heir


  • Fantastic (+6): Lore
  • Superb (+5): Conviction, Discipline
  • Great (+4): Alertness, Scholarship, Weapons
  • Good (+3): Endurance, Presence, Resources
  • Fair (+2): Athletics, Guns, , Rapport, Contacts
  • Average (+1): Driving, Fists, Might, Intimidation, Stealth
  • All other skills are mediocre (+0)

Total Skill Points Spent: (50/50)


  • Evocation [-3] ((p.249) Water, Air, Spirit (+1Water Control Specialization))
  • Thaumaturgy [-3] ((p.261) Craftng (+1 Strength Specialization))
  • The Sight & Soulgaze [-1] (Lore+1 as Investigation. Free roll when touching supernatural. Open the Third Eye (p223))
  • Wizard’s Constitution [+/-0] (Recover eventually from anything.)
  • Refinement [-1] (1 additional element – Earth, Earth Control Specialization)
  • Refinement [-1] (2 Focus Item Slots or 4 Enchanted Item Slots)
  • The Vorpal Sword [-2] (Musts): You must have the Wizard Template and an aspect related to your possession of this item. You must be in good standing with the Council.
    (Skills Affected): Weapons, Lore, Investigation (Purpose). The sword exists to uphold the Laws of magic, to protect the innocent under the charge of the Council, and to serve the White Council of wizards. In that order. It can only be used by a Warden or deputized wizard in good standing with the Council.
    [-0] It Is What It Is. It’s a sword of the type once used by the Knights Templar. It’s weapon 3 before taking its magic into account.
    [-0] Unbreakable. This item cannot be broken except by using it as part of an action that breaks one of the Laws.
    [+2] One-Time Discount. It’s a four-foot sword. Not easy to conceal.
    [-1] Refinement. The sword grants four enchanted item slots, all of which are spent to make the sword into a Warden Sword with 7 uses.
    [-3] Sninckersnack. Spend fate point to ignore that opponent’s defensive abilities (Toughness based ones, primarily) and armor, for the scene. In essence, it may take the place of whatever it is that a creature has a weakness to (whatever “the Catch” is on their Toughness powers)

As he becomes attuned (and spends more refresh) more powers will become known:
[-2] Worldwalker. The sword is sharp enough to cut through the fabric of worlds.



  • Linguist (Scholarship) (+4 to known languages, can speak: Living Languages: Arabic, English, French, Greek, Norwegian; Dead Languages: Ancient Egyptian, Aramaic, Latin, Old Norse)
  • Lush Lifestyle (Resources) (You are assumed to have any item equal to or less than your Resources, instead of the usual Resources -2)

Total Refresh Spent: (-14)/15

Stress boxes

  • Physical (0000)
  • Mental (0000)
  • Social (0000)

Moderate : Charred (heals as Mild, thanks to Sunny)
Severe: BBQed (heals as Moderate, Thanks to Sunny)

Mundane Effects Spells
Much like Harry has his Flickum Bicus spell David has created some minor spells to help keep his clothing clean and in good repair.

Cyrahammad – mends and repairs minor damage to his clothing.
Puigahammad – cleans his clothing from adventuring grime

Magic Equipment

  • Focus Item – Mahogany Rod inlaid with gold, silver, and copper runes granting a +1 to Offensive Control of Water and Earth Magic (2 Focus Item Slots)
  • Focus Item – Silver Ring set with an aquamarine stone granting a +1 to Defensive Control of Water Magic ( 1 Focus Item Slot)
  • Enchanted Item – Bespoke Suit (Power:7) – Water Magic Armor:3 for 2 exchanges triggered when physical damage is taken/ 1x session, looks like he just moves out of the way
  • Enchanted Item – Alcarf ‘unweapon’ Ring (Power: 7) – Giving the Sticky Aspect ‘Disarmed’ (3 for Aspect +1 for Duration +3 for Power), 1x a session
  • Enchanted Item – Lightning Tie Clip (Power:7) – Earth Magic Weapon:6/ 2x session, lightning travels from the Tie Clip down his arm and out his hand, targets with Discipline
  • Enchanted Item – Shield Cuff Links (Power:7) – Water Block: 7 vs Magic/ 1x session, Shimmering blue shield grounds out magic
  • Enchanted Item – Parkour Dress Shoes (Power:7) – Athletics:7 for change zones, overcome barriers, and cool free running stunts for one scene
  • Enchanted Item – Potion Slot (Power:7) –
    Mundane Equipment
  • 1953 Indian Chief Motorcycle
  • 1955 Chevy Bel Air (Purchased with his share of the treasure from Eli’s Adventure)
  • M1911 (Weapon:2)
  • KA-BAR Combat Knife (Weapon 1)
  • Collapsible baton (Weapon 1) Cold Iron

Description of Aspects

High Concept: Like Indiana Jones, But a Wizard!
David is a Wizard of the White Council, but he is also loves learning and studying and is an archeologist. He is also very adept at ‘combat’ magic. This, along with his experience as a soldier and scholastic abilities, developed, over time into David being involved in many high profile investigations of forgotten magic and history on behalf of the council. This often exposes him to dangerous supernatural enemies which he has learned to overcame with inventiveness and skill.

  • Example Compels: Hexing technology
  • Example Invokes: On rolls concerning magic and scholarship rolls

Trouble: The Grey Cloak And The Vorpal Blade (Trouble)
David never wanted to be a Warden – ever. But he is now and even has a warden sword. Usually that would not matter, but Luna’s sword was different. It was bonded to a line of wizards – from master to apprentice – instead of just to one wizard. No one knows why, but it has been passed down since the Crusades. Life has become much more complicated, Juggling his university position, Warden obligations, discovering the secrets of the island, and being a member of the Grey Council. Needless to say David feels pulled in several different directions.

NOTE: Since he is a Warden in the Southern United States he reports to the new regional commander: Hunter Allain.

  • Example Compels: Warden Assignments, White Council Bureaucracy, Vorpal Blade, What?
  • Example Invokes: White Council Information and Records

Aspect: My Family Left Being Rich Sometime Last Century
David’s friend’s always Knew he came from wealth, but did not know how wealthy they were until they attended his wedding. David’s family is worth billions of dollars. Because of his family’s money, David had the finest education and was able to pursue multiple post graduate degrees. It has also allowed him to travel all over the world and participate in archeological expeditions as part of his education. He has been able to pursue his passion of history and can be distracted by something with or in ‘History’. He also likes the finer things that money can buy – especially Old Forester, Kentucky straight bourbon whiskey.

  • Example Compels: To be distracted by something historically significant or interesting,
  • Example Invokes: To know a specific information on a subject, His family has money, he can invoke this for Resource rolls.

Aspect: Favored of Svartalfheim
His encounter in Norway has garnered him favor with the Svartalves, but they also see him as a resource they can use if need be.

  • Example Compels: to declare he has something created by the Svartalves, or to ask them for help
  • Example Invokes: The Svartalves need David’s help or assistance

Aspect: Married to Betty Mullins
David and Betty married recently. Betty and the rest of David’s friends knew he came from a wealthy family, but they has no idea how wealthy the Brown Family is.

They were married at the Brown Estate and Eve (the Patriarchs daughter) crashed it. With the help of both groups of heroes the day was saved and the wedding was able to continue. Newlywed status adds more stress to David’s life and is another direction he is pulled

  • Example Compels: Betty needs help
  • Example Invokes: Family drama

Aspect: Sean McAvoy, My Young Apprentice
On the way to his wedding David and the Irregulars rescued Sean, a 18 year old wizard apprentice when his master was killed by crystal spiders. Left alone and adrift with no mentor, David has agreed to teach Sean and help prepare him for becoming a full wizard. Beaumont and his family have also agreed to take him in. So while David and Betty are newlyweds, he is living with the Le Blanc Family as he begins his studies at Tulane University as a Freshman in college.

  • Example Compels: Classes need to be taught, university duties
  • Example Invokes: to use campus facilities, know obscure facts about research topics

Aspect: The Warden’s Heir
Vorpal_Sword.jpg 2InkedGrand_Terre_Island_LI.jpg
With the death of Warden Luna, David has acquired Luna’s home, island, and sword. In addition, he has also inherited his obligations in the Supernatural community of New Orleans, and his enemies. David is trying his best to fill the void left from Joseph Luna’s death and having difficulties. He is close to being overwhelmed and it is a good thing he has a group of friends he can rely on for help.

  • Example Compels Supernatural obligations that were the old warden’s, what responsibilities he has to Grand Terre Island
  • Example Invokes use the Warden’s Home and information / supplies in it

Retired Aspects

Aspect: Single Minded And Stubborn

Aspect: I’m Not A Warden, It’s A Grey Area

Aspect: My University Class Is A Rick Riordan Novel

Aspect: Sleeping With the Sheriff (Deputy)

Aspect: Heaven Help Me I Am The Warden Of The Vorpal Blade.

Aspect: Engaged to the Sheriff (Deputy)

Aspect: On Track For Tenure

Aspect: A Trust Fund Makes The World A Campus


Born in Louisville, Kentucky in 1977; David is a scion of a bloodline with a powerful gift for magic. There has been a Brown in the White Council for more than four generations. The Brown’s emigrated from England to the United States, settling in Kentucky where they have lived since before the Civil War. The family made its fortune in the 1870’s and has since become ‘Old Money’ in the United States. He was raised in an atmosphere that blended the social patterns and idiosyncrasies of ‘Old Money’ and the ‘Old World Formality’ of the White Council, and was always destined to be a wizard.

At a young age, David fell in love with books and was drawn to the academic lifestyle. Even though he had a natural propensity for magic, he excelled at the mortal schools in which he attended. Apprenticed in his early teens to his father (Frederick), it quickly became apparent that his magical talents lay in directions different from those of his father (a gifted photomancer). His father’s younger brother Michael, a Warden, recommended his friend Joseph Luna. Joseph was based out of New Orleans, and under Warden Luna’s teaching he developed his natural talent for combat magic and excelled at both magic and mortal studies. David finished his apprenticeship and his bachelor’s degree from the University of New Orleans at the same time.

David left New Orleans and his teacher to pursue further education in Washington. As he was finishing his Master’s in Nordic Antiquities and Archaeology from University of Washington planes hit the buildings on 9-11. Despite his family’s objections, he volunteered for service, serving 2 tours. Quickly tapped for officer training, he served in Operation Enduring Freedom, rising to the rank of Lieutenant and being awarded the Medal of Honor for bravery. Sadly he was deployed when his father, Frederick, died at Archangel on June 16, 2002.

After his honorable discharge from the army in 2004, David came back to New Orleans to visit his teacher before leaving to take part in a Council sponsored expedition to Norway. He had been chosen because of his Master’s Degree in Nordic Antiquities and Archaeology and he member of the White Council. The group was document any potential magically relevant information at a newly discovered Viking burial site in Norway. Mortal excavations had established the existence of a substantial subterranean complex unlike anything else in Scandinavia, filled with relics and artifacts that traditional academia could not define.

While serving as a junior member of the team, a glorified clerk more than anything, David stumbled upon a device that could open a gateway to a pocket demesne existing in the Nevernever. He quickly recognized the work of Svartalfheim, but it was inadvertently activated by a mortal member of the team before David could investigate it further.

With the way to the small demesne opened, a trio of Grendelkin, as well as a host of smaller entities and creatures burst free from what was apparently their “jail”, and commenced an orgy of destruction and bloodletting throughout the site. Alongside the other two members of the White Council team, David managed to save several mortals as well as destroy one of the Grendelkin before becoming trapped in a collapsing underground cave.

The arrival of several more-than-human allies (Valkyries and Einherjar) turned the tide of the immediate battle, seeing the Grendelkin fall. The device remained active though, and an endless stream of minor, but still dangerous, creatures was flowing into the real world. Realizing that an Earth magic ley-line was powering the device, David managed to divert the energy of the line temporarily allowing his colleagues to close it. After releasing the flow of energy, he found that he had developed strong propensity to wield Earth Magic (Refinement ability). Because he was instrumental in containing the creatures he earned a boon from the Svartalves.

In 2005, David began a Doctorate in Archaeology and the Ancient World (Egyptology) from Brown University. His uncle, Michael, was killed in the Red Court attack on the hospital in the Congo on October, 30 of the same year. Tired of war and conflict after his experiences in the military and deaths in his family, he declined the offer to train as a warden, instead throwing himself into his studies.

His experience as a soldier, talent for “combat magic”, and scholastic abilities developed over time into David being involved in many high profile investigations of forgotten magic and history on behalf of the White Council, often exposing him to dangerous supernatural enemies which he overcame with inventiveness and skill. Rapidly gaining respect and status in the Council, his rising star was somewhat dimmed when he refused the offer to become a Warden for a second time in the in 2008, preferring instead to concentrate on pursuing his second Doctorate in Cultural Anthropology from Duke University. He fought against the Red Court as much as any wizard, but he steadfastly refused to become a soldier again. Another relation, a cousin, was killed during the exposure of Peabody as a traitor and warlock in the summer of 2010.

After graduating in 2011, he secured a teaching job and returned to New Orleans to help his old teacher. The trust between wizards and the supernatural community was strained, and David does not have the best social skills. He found it difficult to connect with people and built trust among the community. Luckily Betty Mullins pulled him over. They began seeing each other and now it has formed into a very close, even romantic relationship. Total opposites in many ways, Betty and he formed an unlikely relationship – she became his conduit to the community. This has been a great help. Especially when David is absent from New Orleans in his capacity as a wizard of the White Council or university professor. Betty helps keeps an eye of the local supernatural community, and is very much David’s partner in everything except White Council politics.

The Fomor had been patiently building an infrastructure after Katrina, carefully remaining in the shadows. By 2011 it was unmatched anywhere else in the US and they were ready to strike. One of the hardest hit places was New Orleans. Late in 2011, no one was prepared for what came next in the vacuum created by the absence of the Red Court.

Despite being 35 years old, David, appears of ambiguous age – most people say that he looks anywhere from his mid-20s to early 30s – thanks to his wizard’s constitution. David could be described as attractive, but his lack of social skills detract from this. Depending on relative statuses in the White Council/Supernatural or academic hierarchy, individuals generally get spoken to with in a slightly patronizing tone, which is purely unconscious on David’s part.

He is 6’2” and about 175 lbs. His eyes are his most remarkable feature – pale blue, almost grey and often possessed of a deep intensity. His adventures have left its mark – despite his wizardly powers of recuperation, he has a number of scars, the most visible crossing his left cheek horizontally for about an inch. Another old scar, from a shrapnel wound from his time in the military is visible on his chin, even after a decade, and shows no signs of fading further – a permanent reminder of that conflict.

He normally dresses quite formally depending on the occasion – anything from suits of good cut and decent quality, to formal White Council Robes. He only wears jeans when on a dig site somewhere in the world, but usually favors Khaki trousers and a fully buttoned shirt of some description. His “working outfit”, adopted during the Vampire War, is made up of modern combat fatigue trousers in an appropriate pattern (or just Dark grey), a grey T-Shirt under a black collared and buttoned heavy cotton shirt, and weapons belt.

David is normally softly spoken, but has an explosive temper when it is ignited. He is stubborn, resistant to radical ideas, can come across as inflexible and stubborn. The only person who he seems to have endless patience with is Betty. To anyone else, David hates being interrupted when he is fully emerged in his studies – a sure way to earn a display of temper and irritability, even for more senior wizards.


David Brown

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