Dylan Flynn

Charlie Bard’s right-hand man, Bojangle, Head bartender of Lafitte’s Blacksmith shop Bar ,


High Concept: #2 of the Bojangles and Head Bartender for Lafitte’s Bar
Trouble: Two full-time jobs
Concept: I Dream of Jeanie


4DCCB597-73DC-4145-AA1E-2FABB49689B6.jpegDylan works at the Palace Cafe as a bartender, waiter and talent scheduler. He was one of Jeanie Lafitte (Jean) ’s coworkers when she worked there and is still a close friend. He is a senior member of the Bojangles and is the right-hand man to Charlie Bard. He helped recruit Jeanie and many others. He is also an apprentice in Melomancy.

Jeanie recently begged/hired Dylan to be the lead bartender at Lafitte’s Blacksmith Shop Bar – Bourbon Street.

Dylan Flynn

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