Earl Knottyham

New Orleans Sheriff


Earl has been the sheriff of New Orleans for the past several years. He seems to enjoy working the office, and is a fairly laissez-faire leader. He runs his shop with two basic rules:

  1. Never call me.
  2. Don’t make me call you.
  3. Plummeting spiral of guilt and depression.

His chief deputy is Betty Mullins. He also is upline from Greer Landry and a couple of the James family.

Through her investigations, Greer Landry, has determined that Earl is being influenced by some outside force. In any case, he seems determined to be a thorn in Greer’s side.

Recently, as it has been revealed that Earl was possessed by one of the The Seers as a rookie cop, years ago—and murdered Greer Landry‘s mother. Earl’s animosity towards Greer has been (at least in part) guilt over his role in the death of her mother. When Greer discovered the truth, confronting him—but also recognizing that it wasn’t entirely his fault, it sent him into a deep spiral of depression. He reinstated and promoted Greer, but has not done much else in the months that have followed. He spends his days isolated in his office. His evening are spent drinking. He barely speaks.

Earl Knottyham

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