Formor Servitor Leader


Aspect: Unknown


Empty looks human enough, always dresses formally, but somehow appears like he’s from a different decade. He consistently wears very high collars.

For the past few weeks, every morning at exactly 8 am, Empty arrives in the French District via the Algiers Ferry. He hops on a street car, and travels up Canal Street. At 6 pm, he is reverses this pattern, back down Canal Street, and back on the Algiers ferry. He is exact in his observance of laws, even strict in following the crosswalks. He always pays for each ferry ride separately, with a two-dollar bill.

What business he conducts in town is a mystery. Those who have interacted him with claim he is friendly, but aloof. He will often just stare out the street car window and smile to himself. To those who know he is a Formor Servitor, this is extremely unsettling.

Update: (See Hunter or Hunted )
Empty was helping to coordinate (or at least was somehow involved in) the capture and intended shipment of several minor talents in New Orleans to Des Moines, Iowa. Fortunately, this effort was foiled by Beaumont LeBlanc, Vic Noble, Luther Church, and Gideon Rockwell. Unfortunately, Empty escaped, and still little is known about the plans of the Formor.


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