Gaius Proctor

Evangelist of the Victory After Mortality Parachurch


Little is known about the charismatic leader of the Victory After Mortality Parachurch. He has recently attracted the attention of the supernatural community for a couple of reasons.

  • He has openly declared to his following that he is a “vampire.” He has explained to them openly that he sustains himself on their spiritual energy. Of course, Gaius and his followers have been openly mocked by the media for believing these wild stories. This is largely viewed as a publicity stunt, drawing on the generation’s fascination with dark forces. After all, who would understand the afterlife more than a vampire?
  • Regardless of what kind of imaginary, “sparkly” vampire his followers believe him to be, the Bojangles have identified him as a white court vampire of the House Proctor.
  • Vampires in House Proctor feed on bliss. Gaius’s preferred flavor is, not surprisingly, rapture.

Gaius Proctor

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