Hilda Burg

Valkyrie in training


Aspect Summary

  • Valkyrie in training (High Concept)
  • Squire to Donar Vadderung (Trouble)
  • Raised by the Dvergr
  • Charged with the care of Gungnir
  • Awarded the “Ascending Drengr”
  • In my sister’s shadow (Guest Star: Kara)
  • Temporary assignment to New Orleans (Guest Star: Rikard Baldurson)


  • Superb (+5): Weapons, Endurance
  • Great (+4): Athletics, Craftsmanship, Fists
  • Good (+3): Alertness Conviction, Might
  • Fair (+2): Discipline, Intimidation, Lore, Stealth
  • Average (+1): Investigation; Presence; Rapport, Survival
  • All other skills are mediocre (+0)


  • Superhuman Strength [-4]
    • +6 to might when lifting or breaking
    • +2 to might when grappling, and cause a 3-stress hit while grappling
    • +2 to modify other skills when might would be relevant
    • +4 stress to successful hits using might
  • Superhuman toughness [-4] + [+3] = [-1]
    • Armor: 2
    • Four additional physical stress boxes
    • Catch: Weapons made of ash, or cursed/unholy weapons [+3]
  • Supernatural Senses [–2]
    • Sense the threads of fate. Feel the pull of fate towards your appointed enemy.
    • Sense when someone is fated to die. (Including seeing the destined afterlife of people about to die.)
  • Item of Power: Gungnir [-3]
    • Rune covered spear [+2], Weapon: 3
    • Unbreakable
    • Gungnir is treated as a holy/blessed item
    • Gungnir can be thrown an additional zone (Range: 2 zones) [-1]
    • True aim (+1 to “Weapons”) [-1]
    • Parry everything (Use “Weapons” to defend against ranged attacks) [-1]
    • If you spend a fate point, Gungnir automatically hits a target (either thrown or not) for 0-shifts. (+5 for the weapon + strength). Note: This does not necessarily overcome catches, armor, etc. This could be further increased with invokes. [-2]


  • Berserker (Weapons) [-1] – Go berserk. In this mode, you must attack your foes until you or they are dead. Gain +1 to attacks and +1 stress if they hit, but all defense rolls are made at –1.
  • Weapon Focus (Weapons) [-1] – (Spear). Gain +1 to Weapons skill when attacking with a spear.

Total Refresh: 15 (4 remaining)
h3. Total Skill Points: 50 (7 remaining)

Stress boxes

  • Physical OOOO/OOOO
  • Mental OOO
  • Social OOO

Description of Aspects

High Concept: Valkyrie in training

Valkyrie training takes years to complete. You have just finished your first few training missions.

Trouble: Squire to Donar Vadderung

Donar is familiar with your family, and aware of your weapon crafting skills. This led to the ignominious assignment of you as his squire to tend to his weapons.

Aspect: Raised by the Dvergr

Your parents were both killed in glorious battle. You were raised instead by dwarves who taught you many secrets to weaponsmithing.

Aspect: Charged with the care of Gungnir

Donar has personally charged you with the caretaking of his spear, Gungnir. You are to protect it with your life. Whether or not you are allowed to “use” it is more ambiguous…

Aspect: Awarded the “Ascending Drengr"

Monoc Securities awarded you the coveted “Ascending Dregr” for your valor and integrity in your first few assignments. This earned you both the admiration and jealousy of your peers.

Aspect: In my sister’s shadow

Your sister, Kara Burg, is a high-ranking full Valkyrie working in the New Orleans area. Kara was well into her career as a Valkyrie when your parents died.

Aspect: Temporary assignment to New Orleans

You have been asked to assist Rikard to establish a Monoc Securities headquarters in New Orleans. (Kara recommended you for the assignment.)

Hilda Burg

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