Hunter "Hunt" Allain

"Hunt" is a US Army veteran, Warden, and recently appointed Regional Commander of the south eastern United States


Aspect Summary

  • Magical knowledge comes with responsibility (High Concept)
  • Family and work don’t always mix (Trouble)
  • I want to be just like Dad
  • A real man protects his family
  • Soldier through and through, both magic & mundane
  • Shūnya Chakū gets me where I need to go.
  • Aspect: Something related to the All-father’s Staff


  • Fantastic (+6):
  • Superb (+5): Conviction, Discipline
  • Great (+4): Athletics, Lore, Weapons
  • Good (+3): Endurance, Fists, Guns
  • Fair (+2): Might, Presence, Rapport, Stealth
  • Average (+1): Alertness, Investigation, Resources, Survival
  • All other skills are mediocre (+0)

Total Skill Points Available: 50 (43 Used)


  • Evocation [-3] (Fire, Earth (Power (Conviction) Bonus +2, Control (Discipline) Bonus +1), Water)
  • Thaumaturgy [-3] (Specialization: Portals)
  • The Sight [-1]
  • Soul Gaze [-0]
  • Wizard’s Constitution [-0]
  • Refinement [-2] (+1 Control Bonus (Earth), +1 Power Bonus (Earth), +1 Control Bonus (Fire), +1 Power Bonus (Fire))
  • Shūnya Chakū (Item of power) [-1]
  • All-father’s Staff (Item of power) [-3]


  • None (None)


  • Shūnya Chakū (Item of power)
  • Allows wielder to sense weak spots in the fabric of reality – (Worldwalker)
  • With a fate point, user can open a pocket dimension (10×10×10)
  • Indestructible
  • Weapon: 1
  • All-father’s Staff (Item of power)
  • Supernatural Toughness (Provides vitality far beyond that of mortals)
  • Grounds out in running water
  • Refinement: The nine Seiðr Stones in it each contain one of the spells Odin learned during his vigil on Yggdrasil
  • Sponsored magic as a seiðr of Odin
  • Cast thaumaturgy at speed of evocation
  • Weapon: 1

*Total Refresh: 15 (13 Used)

Stress boxes

  • Physical (4)
  • Mental (4)
  • Social (3)

Description of Aspects

High Concept: Magical knowledge comes with responsibility

I feel that if you have power, knowledge, or ability, you have an obligation to help others with it in a responsible way. It’s not just about helping yourself, it’s about helping the helpless.

Trouble: Family and work don’t always mix, unless it’s all the time

My mom is still a hassle, but now that I’m out on my own and decidedly on the wizard side of things, she leaves me >mostly< alone, other than occasionally trying to fix me up with one of her socialite friends’ daughters. Now, though, I have more people in the mix to take care of. Greer is able to handle herself, but I feel very protective of her. Beaumont is a good friend, and is plenty tough, but now I have to watch out for and about him too. The more relationships I form, the more I am having to watch who has to be protected, and how, along with keeping the wizarding world under wraps with all of the crazy going on in this city.

Aspect: I want to be just like Dad

Dad, who is on the White Council, used to be a Warden. He is the best, most noble, truly good man that I have ever known. The first time I opened a portal alone, was so I could go visit him in Edinburgh. One day, I’m going to serve alongside him on the council.

Aspect: I walk the fabric of reality, with the power of a god in hand

Turns out that wielding two items of power has greatly increased his understanding of the way reality works and how power works within it. Hunter now spends lots of time seeing what the world looks like beyond the veil of reality, and carries the All-father Staff as a symbol of his authority to do so. He is learning to use his staff and still discovering the things it can do, but he has become a >freakishly< powerful wizard with it.

Aspect: Soldier through and through, both magic & mundane

I fought for the US Army for 8 years in the Middle East, and saw more than my fair share of action. After I left the Army, I went off to fight against the Red Court, again in the Middle East and Europe. I could travel pretty much wherever I wanted, with my talent for portals. I became a Warden there, got my sword, but now I’m back. There’s no more Red Court, so now I work locally, helping to train, serve, and protect.

Aspect: Shūnya Chakū gets me where I need to go.

The ancient black knife Shūnya Chakū (शून्य चाकू) was taken from a Black Court vampire. Similar to a divining rod, it allows the user to sense weak “rifts” in the fabric of reality, and allows the user to cut easily between worlds. In addition, I can spend a fate point to access a secret “pocket dimension” of darkness virtually anywhere, anytime. (10′ × 10′ × 10′)
Aspect: “Everywhere connects to nowhere”
Item of Power
Weapon: 1
Access to the “Void” (Costs a fate point)

Aspect: Something related to the All-father’s Staff
To be determined after a chance to use the thing this month


When I was in Sicily, at the Council HQ there, I found out that Aunt Addie’s death wasn’t just a simple crime on the streets of New Orleans. She was murdered, and the rest of her family was in danger. That’s why I sent Molly to Greer. When I got back, though, Greer told me things that SHE had found too. We discovered that there were forces operating >inside< the White Council, a kind of “Grey Council”. Now, I’m worried about my orders as a Warden. How do I know they’re legit, and not the machinations of the shadow organization? Plus, now I’m worried about dad.

Hunter "Hunt" Allain

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