Jeanie Lafitte (Jean)

Heir to Jean Lafitte's Legacy including Pistol, Ship and Bar



Aspect Summary

  • High Concept: Heir to Jean Lafittes Legacy including Pistol, Ship and Blacksmith Shop Bar
  • Trouble aspect: A pirate’s life for me
  • Founder of “ Indulgence” (A Bojangles hideout and haven on Grande Terre Island)
  • Bearer of Megingjoro
  • I have broken hearts of men I’ve never met
  • I have a malk ally (or bad influence) Vermalkin
  • I have a mind for business (although a few caches of pirate treasure don’t hurt.)

Skills 50 pts.

  • Fantastic (+6) :Fist, Athletics
  • Superb (+5): Presence, Driving
  • Great (+4):Empathy, Alertness
  • Good (+3):Rapport, Intimidate, Resources
  • Fair (+2):Conviction, Contacts, Guns,
  • Average (+1): Investigation, Weapons, performance, Deceit, and Might
  • All other skills are mediocre (+0)

Jean Lafitte’s Flintlock Pistol
This pistol is an immediately recognized symbol of power and authority of who once carried it.

  • Total Refresh -1
  • Item of Power [+2] (Item only has power if it is displayed prominently)
  • Indestructible [-0]
  • Weapon : 2 [-0]
  • Range: 2 [-0]
  • Marked with Power [-1] The person bearing this weapon is recognized by the supernatural community as someone who is marked with power (+1 in social interactions with the supernatural community)
  • Can only be fired once per scene (+1)
  • Fire to create scene aspect “Now that I have your attention.” [-1]
  • Spend a fate point when fire to kill an “extra”/unnamed PC outright [-2] (GM’s discretion)

The Pride (Jean Lafitte’s Ship) (Refresh: -2)

The bearer of Megingjoro (the wolf-hide belt (Refresh -2)

  • Can’t be destroyed by normal means
  • Twofold strength. When wearing the belt, increase strength by one step (normal becomes inhuman, inhuman becomes supernatural etc.)
  • Improved lifting (+3) to might when lifting and breaking things
  • Bruising Strength (+1) on might to grapple and cause 2 stress of damage when grappling
  • Superior Strength (+1) on other skill checks if strength will help you do them
  • Hammer Blows When ever I hit someone I cause 2 extra strength

h3. Stunts

  • Sailor (Driving skill +1 when using boats or a +2 with tall ships)
  • Leadership (When you talk to large groups, people listen and my efforts to coordinate a group are efficient +1 Presence when i talk to large groups. and happen one time increment faster than normal.)
  • Street Fighter (I can use fists skill to wield improvised weapons)
  • Sex appeal (+2 to the roll on any seduction attempts you make with Rapport (if they could be receptive to your advances)
  • Juggler (Throwing deadly items is just pat for the course for you. Catching them is too Use your fist sill to defend against a thrown attack allowing you to catch the weapon if you succeed on the defense. Use your fist skill to perform as well to perform.)
  • Acrobat (+1 on Athletics when you it to survive a fall, or to attempting to dodge a ranged attack so long as you describe it colorfully)
  • Malk Ally Animal Companion You have two extra Fate Points per session you can use exclusively for the purpose of invoking your aspect involving your animal companion. (Of course you can use “regular” Fate Points as well.)
  • Windfall Once per adventure, Jeanie can make a resource check at +4 when she spends a Fate point. This represents cashing out a handful of one of Jean Lafitte’s pirate caches.

h3. Total Refresh: (13/15) 2 remaining 55 skill points 16 refresh (7/10/22)

Stress boxes

  • Physical (2) OX
  • Mental (3) OOO
  • Social (4) OOOX
    Mild consequence: (2)
    Moderate consequence: (4) (great shame, feeling insecure and inadequate)
    Severe consequence: (6),
    h3. Description of Aspects

High Concept: Bojangle and manager of Lafitte’s Blacksmith Shop Bar

When Jeanie started working at the Palace Cafe, as a bartender, she soon found out that she was not only a natural at barkeeping and the counseling abilities behind that, but could also manage the bar’s money and the aggressions of drunk and angry customers. She wasn’t the only one noticing these surprising talents, her manager, Dylan Flynn was also noticing and thinking she would be a valuable asset to the Bojangles. He notified his partner, Charlie Bard of her and after his meeting she was soon recruited. Later started working at Lefit’s Bar and was handed over management of the bar when the owner needed to move out. Lives upstairs from the bar.
Guest Star: David- Frequents the Bar she tends. Knows the owners well._

  • Example Compels: Loyalties and Obligations to Bojangles, demands of a job, People want to tell me their life stories
  • Example Invokes: Support/Protection of the BoJangles, I know the local lore and gossip, people want to open up to me, I know how to get people drunk

Trouble: *A pirate’s legacy comes with a lot of baggage *

  • Example Compels: I often get wrapped up in other people’s drama, I am often at the wrong place at the wrong time, brawls often break out in my presence.
  • Example Invokes: I have the reputation as a problem solver, sometime this can be to my advantage to be in the middle of the action, often on the front line, I know how to handle myself in a fight, people know not to mess with me.

Aspect I have salt water in my veins
After my experiences with the High Adventure Sea Experiences in my teen years I gained a love and longing for the sea. I also have an aptitude for sailing, navigation and getting through the roughest waters. I also have a tendency to take over control of any boat I might be on.

  • Example Compels: I become the captain of any boat I may be riding, I may waste resources in an attempt meet me goals to have my own boat,
  • Example Invokes: Boating skills are handy in many situations, tying knots, navigation, knowing such things as the tides, leadership in emergency situations, and last but not least, being in a boat during a storm.

Aspect: I have broken hearts of men I have never even met

I am oblivious of my beauty but most around me are not.

  • Example Compels: I can cause distraction and disagreements, people might have an inaccurate first impression of me and not take me seriously, many trying to win my affections.
  • Example Invokes: I can cause distraction, people might have an inaccurate first impression of me and not take me seriously, many trying to win my affections.

Aspect: Some People need help donating to the poor

Being poor myself and a defender of the underdog, I am likely to play the role of Robin hood when given the opportunity
Guest Star: Calvin- Worked with him to take from Sugar and Spice and give to the poor._

  • Example Compels: I can get in trouble and have enemies, I may have a reputation among the rich.
  • Example Invokes: I have a good reputation among those in need, and those being mistreated.

Aspect: I follow my own strict code of ethics

I feel strongly about what is right and wrong. I got into fights but i always fought for what I thought was right and always in defense the underdog.

  • Example Compels: My idea of right in wrong doesn’t always match those around me, I can get it in legal trouble and make enemies.
  • Example Invokes: I am not easily tempted to do (what I feel) is wrong, I will fight passionately for the “right”, I am trusted and respected by those who share and understand my ethic.

Aspect: I have a mind for business

I can keep track of money, understand and cook books. My bosses often trust me and put me in charge of their money matters. I am also going to school and learning business management

  • Example Compels: I may be asked to do sketchy things for my bosses, I may be uptight about money matters, be a little anal retentive about a lot of things.
  • Example Invokes: I have access to the books, I am trusted by my bosses, I know how to manage money and can be helpful in business matters.

Retired aspects

  • A I don’t find trouble, trouble finds me
    As long as Jeanie could remember, as she moved around with her mom ’s many jobs, as she went to new schools, the kids who came to her were always troubled and brought that trouble with them. She herself was studious and sober but she cared about her friends and could always be counted on for back-up, or help wherever needed. She got into a lot of fights and was seen as a little bit of a trouble maker by her teachers and even parents but it was always because she was helping out a friend. She is still this way and is often helping to support the underdog that often frequent her bar and apartment.

Jeanie was born in Galveston, Texas, to a single mother. Her father left her and her mother before she was born so it was just the two of them her whole youth. She grew up in a number of places throughout the Texas and Louisiana area where her Mom’s family lived. They moved around a lot to follow her mom’s many jobs.

Jeanie was a good student and well behaved but she always seemed to attract the wrong crowd. This in part was a result of always moving and having to make friends with the outcasts. Because of this, trouble often found her even if she wasn’t particularly looking for it. Her friends knew that she would always be loyal and protective of them and she often made enemies and got in trouble in her schools. She never started any fights, however, she only stuck up for the underdog. She was known to steal the money back from bullies who “robbed” her friends.

When she was 14 her mother (and an uncle) signed Jeanie up for a Summer “High adventure” sea experience made for troubled kids. While out to sea they hit troubled waters (both in and outside of the boat). Jeanie showed remarkable leadership skills and an unnaturally high aptitude for seafaring. She saved the ship for certain tragedy because of her quick thinking and ability to command. Considering she a had never before stepped foot on a boat this was a shock to her and her adult leaders. She continued to love the sea and went back to the sea adventure every summer.

When she graduated from high school and left her mom to be on her own, she was told by a friend about an open position at the Palace Cafe in New Orleans. She moved in with her friend in the French quarter and began working there as a waitress and then later as a bartender with Dylan Flynn. Unbeknownst to her Dylan is a high-ranking member of Bojangles. While working here she managed to show some of her aptitudes for fighting, money management, and leadership. Dylan brought her to the attention of Charlie Bard and Jeanie was soon recruited into the Bojangles.

After 2 years at the Palace Cafe, she was hired on by Content Not Found: rikkard-baldurson to work as a bartender and bookkeeper at Lafitte’s Blacksmith Shop Bar. She protects the streets of New Orleans as a Bojangle and Irregular

After inheriting the Pride and part of the Grand Tiere island, she has spent more time on her boat, at her Island retreat for Bojangles and with her tavern’s bouncer, Alex Keene

Jeanie Lafitte (Jean)

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