John Doe

Former Fomor


John was until recently a Fomor Servitor. While fulfilling an assignment of piloting the Algiers Point ferry, he had some kind of brain hemorrhage, which put him into a coma, destroyed all/most of his memories, and apparently (almost) severed his connection to the Fomor. Somehow, as the Fomor Weapon was activated, it triggered something in John’s brain that brought him out of his coma.
He seems to have retained the strength and aquaric abilities of the Fomor. He also is recognized by Fomor artifacts as being a Fomor. He apparently has enough connection to the telepathic network that he can communicate/summon creatures/etc. But that kind of connection is apparently dangerous, and only through the intervention of the Bourbon Street Irregulars he was able to resist being fully drawn back into the network. If he has other abilities, they are unknown at this time.

His abilities and access to the network, without being directly controlled, makes him an extremely dangerous liability for the Fomor. In the short time he has been conscious, his has been the target of two assassination attempts.


  • Former Fomor
  • No memory of his former lives (either as a Fomor or prior)
  • Permanently rattled.
  • Tenuous connection to the Fomor telepathic network
  • Impressionable and innocent
  • Hunted by Fomor assassins

John Doe

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