John Corvac

sole proprietor of The Pharmacy Museum


Face of : The Pharmacy Museum

High Concept: Sole proprietor of The Pharmacy Museum


  • Live alone for a 100 years, and you are allowed to be quirky.

Other aspects:

  • Herbalism, Alchemy, and Beyond!
  • Have I got a story for you!
  • Good? Bad? Sinner? Saint? —just so long as your check clears.
  • Don’t believe anything those cheap knock-off tour guides say.

John Corvac is the quirky sole proprietor of The Pharmacy Museum. John is a charismatic fellow that seems to love nothing more than telling ghost stories and entertaining tour groups with morbid medical stories. Between and after tours however, John sells a wide variety of magical concoctions and components of all types to an equally eclectic clientele. Somehow he manages to keep the peace, even when vampires and priests pass each other at his door.
Rumor has it that John acquired/created a way to live forever. They say he is the original owner of this building, and is over 200 years old. He has changed his name a few times over the years, and learned a few things. As jovial as he is, he talks very little about himself—and even less about where he acquires his wares.

UPDATE: The Irregulars recently discovered more of John’s past while trying to stop his murder at the hands of Gia Moreau. Apparently he has been alive since the Civil War, at least.

John Corvac

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