Joseph Luna

Warden of New Orleans


Face of: Exchange Alley – French Quarter


High Concept: Sword Fighting Warden of New Orleans

Trouble: I am getting to old for this

Other Aspects:

  • Swordsman beyond compare
  • A True Gentleman
  • Combat Wizard
  • Bearer of the Vorpal Sword
  • I love this city

Joseph Luna is the current Warden of New Orleans, and has lived here since the mid 1800’s. He has had many aliases over his lifetime, being born Jose ‘Pepe’ Llulla on the Mediterranean island of Menorca in 1815.

He pursued a seafaring life as a young man, working the route between New Orleans and Havana, before eventually settling permanently in New Orleans.

Preeminent among New Orleans swordsmen, he owned a fencing school at Exchange Alley – French Quarter. Lulla participated in approximately 20 affairs of the sword and served as “second” in dozens more. Renowned for his fighting skill, Llulla found success in diverse business ventures; he organized bull fights in Algiers and owned a bar, an island (Grande Terre Island in Barataria Bay), and St. Vincent de Paul Cemetery on Louisa Street in the Upper Ninth Ward. A legendary duelist owning a cemetery led to rumors that a section of the graveyard was reserved for his victims. However, Llulla is believed to have only ever killed two individuals in his duels. Many of his challengers, in fact, bowed out before the moment of truth.

Pepe’s intense loyalty to Spain proved to be the very cause of many of his conflicts. Home to a large community of Latin American exiles in the mid-19th century, New Orleans was also a hotbed of anti-Spanish subversion, in particular supporters of Cuban independence from Spain. Following a failed expedition from New Orleans to Cuba in 1851 that resulted in the deaths of many American citizens, violent mobs gathered outside the Spanish consulate and raided Spanish-owned businesses. In the aftermath Llulla issued a public challenge to all Cuban revolutionaries residing in New Orleans. For his defense of the honor of the Spanish crown, Llulla was made a knight of the Order of Charles III.

He has lived a relative quiet life since then in New Orleans under several alias’s due to his long life as a wizard, well – as quiet as a wizard can in New Orleans.


Recently he perished at the hands of an arch demon while covering the extraction of the heroes after their assault on hell to rescue Penelope.

He will be missed. RIP.

Joseph Luna

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