Lady Charlotte

Crime lord and practitioner of dark arts


Face of: Gore Plantation


High Concept: Crime lord, with a healthy dose of necromancer

Trouble: Some of the “family” and I don’t see eye-to-eye

Other Aspects:

  • Head of Sugar & Vice
  • The best servants are the dead servants.
  • Murder is a way of giving people a second chance.
  • Running a crime syndicate is not as fun as it sounds.
  • Stay out of my way, and we won’t have a problem.

Lady Charlotte is the decidedly ruthless, but effective, leader of the integrated Gore empire and New Orleans crime family, now known as Sugar & Vice. She operates out of Gore Plantation.

A few years ago Johnny Marcone from Chicago arrived in New Orleans to forge an alliance with Lady Charlotte. Reportedly, they arrived an “understanding.” In the process Marcone lost three henchmen who are now part of Charlotte’s undead army. Marcone and Charlotte have never communicated since—both content to stay out of the business of the other.

Unlike Marcone, Charlotte can be vengeful and cruel, has no affection towards children, and is more than willing to let society devolve into chaos. Where Marcone is ambitious, seeking power and influence—Charlotte is more interested in personal wealth and autonomy. Similar to Marcone—she is fiercely loyal to her own, and might temporarily side with anyone whose interests align with her own purposes.

Although Charlotte’s organization has access to a broad range of magic practitioners and criminals, her personal guard consists of a group of five Gore Wights nicknamed the “Wight Knuckles.”

Lady Charlotte

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