Luther Church

Sharpshooting Monster Hunter.


- Sharpshooter and Monster Hunter (high concept).
- Cold hearted (Luther has difficulty with empathy).
- Don’t touch Gloria! (Overly protective of his weapons).
- Slightly Charred (Luther has developed a fear of fire).
- I want to ride my bicycle (Luther is lucky when finding some form of transportation).
- Better to ask for forgiveness than permission (charges into problems head on).
-Not so friendly neighbor (Accidentally earned the reputation of helping others).
-Superb: Guns, Endurance. -10
-Great: Alertness, Discipline. -8
-Good: Lore, Investigation, Athletics. -9
-Fair: Weapons, Resources, Stealth, Might. -8
-Average: Fists, Intimidation, Conviction, Driving, Survival. -5

-On My Toes: Gain +2 to Alertness when using it to determine initiative.
-I Got a Job To Do: Use Discipline rather than Conviction to determine your mental stress track.
-Gun Nut: Guns. Man, you know everything about them. You’ve seen them all, even the ones that nobody knows about. When rolling Guns as a knowledge skill (page 131), gain +2 on the roll.
-Sniper: With a properly equipped and adjusted rifle, and something to brace it against or a turn to take aim, you suffer no penalties to rolls due to range.
-Sneak Attack: You prefer to attack by surprise. When preparing or carrying out an ambush, add two to your Stealth skill.
-No Pain, No Gain: You can take a bunch of punishment before it starts to add up. You may take one additional mild physical consequence

30 rounds of blessed 5.56

30 rounds of SJCIP 5.56

Total Refresh: 8 (-6)

Stress Boxes:
-Physical (0000)
-Mental (0000)
-Social (00)


Luther was born on May 21st, 1991 to his parents Ronald and Marry Church in Whitefish, Montana where he was raised until he was 17 years old. Luther’s parents were drug addicts that neglected him for much of his life and it was very likely that he would have followed their example as an adult If it wasn’t for Luther’s Scout leader who mentored him to be a functioning person. Luther’s mentor was named Bill Mitchell. Bill however wasn’t just ant Scout Leader. Bill was the leader of a chapter of monster hunters that operate in Idaho, Montana, and British Columbia. Bill seeing the potential in Luther offered him an invitation to join his organization the Rocky Mountain Marshals (RMM) when Luther turned 17. From then on out Luther honed his skills and eventually became a squad leader of sharpshooters for the RMM. That was however until Luther ordered his men to do something that his higher ups claimed to be “unacceptable”. Due to that Luther was demoted and sent away as a head hunter to track supernatural threats that fled the RMM jurisdiction. Luther’s current target, the Professor, has been tracked to New Orleans where the target is laying low biding his time to continue his studies. Luther has spent the last 2 years looking for the Professor with no success. Rocky_Mountain_Marshals.png

Luther Church

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