Noilly Prat

Cortège Gras Fairy Attendant to the House of the Rising Sun


Face of: The House of the Rising Sun


High Concept: Attendant to the House of the Rising Sun

Other aspects:

  • I’ve got an offer you can’t refuse
  • Relax—let us take care of everything
  • Put your wallet away—it’s on “The House”
  • Countess to the Cortège Gras
  • Gideon Rockwell’s soul will be mine.

Noilly is a countess in the Cortège Gras. She has assumed the role of Attendant to the The House of the Rising Sun. This bonding gives her a deep psychic connection with the genius loci of the House, which grants her several benefits, including Intellectus over anything occurring within its walls (and to a limited degree the entire French Quarter). Note: This connection is similar to Harry Dresden’s connection to Demonreach.
Noilly leads a house of fae including Nymphs, Dryads, Svartalves, and Elves—all of whom are able to leverage the magic of the House of the Rising Sun to powerful effect in satisfying their customers. She also employs a couple of trolls (Morgoth and Bogoth) as bouncers and thugs.
If Noilly has a specific goals or ambitions, they are unknown. She seems to find deep satisfaction in watching mortal wills break—although she has respect for those who resist her efforts. (Once such mortal that has earned her attention is Gideon Rockwell.)

Noilly Prat

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