The Most Reverend Philip Nicholas

Archbishop of Saint Louis Cathedral


Face of: Saint Louis Cathedral

High Concept: “Spiritual Leader of New Orleans” “Spiwitual leadew of New Owleens”


  • Someone wants me dead. * “Welwy sewious speech pwobwem.”

Other aspects:

  • Genuinely good, beloved by all, and completely clued in. * “Genuinewy good, bewoved by awl, but compwetewy cwuewess.”
  • Focus on the spiritual—the rest will take care of itself * “Focus on the spiwituaw—the west wilw take cawe of itselwf”
  • Everything is going to be alright * “Evwything is going to be awwight.”
  • My soul has somehow been connected to Greer’s mom.
  • The living miracle of New Orleans!

(Reverend Philip prior to his transformation)

The Most Reverend Philip Nicholas has been the spiritual leader in the region for the last decade, based out of Saint Louis Cathedral. He is well respected in the community and loved by his congregation—despite his fairly serious speech impediment. He seems clueless about the active supernatural scene within New Orleans, and is quick to dismiss strange occurrences as God communicating to His people through coincidence and happenstance. This attitude makes him very effective at keeping people calm when supernatural events impact their lives. He is much more interested in the everyday celebration of Chwistenings, Blessings, Baptisms, Euchawist, Funewals, Mass, and his favorite, Mawige.

Most of his time is spent taking confessions from sinners. He has a knack for healing deep spiritual, emotional, and mental wounds—even if he doesn’t seem to buy the fact that they were caused by an insane glamoured harpy munching on your soul.

Reverend Philips recent encounter with the Harvester, confronting his own death and resurrection has left him permanently changed, and VERY clued in. Over night, his speech impediments seem to have disappeared. He is the same deeply insightful and comforting man he has always been, but more sober, and his eyes are wide-open to the supernatural world around him. His Parishioners have called his reported murder, and following transformation nothing short of a miracle—and recently there have been visiting Cardinals eager to see his transformation for themselves. There are rumors Philip has been summoned to the Vatican to meet with the Pope himself.

Much of the transformation seems to be tied to his time on the unholy alter where he and Greer’s mother where fused together in an infernal ritual. Since then, Philip has felt a deep connection to Greer, and she has recognized in Philip quirky little mannerisms and turns of phrase that remind her of her mother.

The Most Reverend Philip Nicholas

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