Hashitomi Oka (Sunny)

New Age Wizard With A Healing Touch


Aspect Summary

  • New Age Healing Wizard (High Concept)
  • Smarter Than People Give Me Credit For (Trouble)
  • Business Is Booming/Age of Aquarius
  • A Good Defense Is The Best Offense
  • Auras, Chakras, and Crystals, Oh My!
  • He likes me; He really likes me (Sparrow)
  • Whosoever is found worthy will wield White Magic


  • Fantastic (+6) Lore, Discipline
  • Superb (+5): Conviction, Weapons
  • Great (+4): Endurance, Resources
  • Good (+3): Contacts, Athletics
  • Fair (+2): Rapport, Driving, Alertness
  • Average (+1): Deceit, Guns, Performance, Stealth
  • All other skills are mediocre (+0)


  • Evocation [-3] ((p249) Water, Earth, Spirit, (Water Power +1))
  • Refinement (-1) Enchanted Item slots (4); potions, enchanted items, or focus items.
    Refinement (-1) Crafting +1 to crafting strength, +1 biomancy.
  • Thaumaturgy [-3] ((p261) (Biomancy Control +2))
  • The Sight and Soulgaze [-1] (Lore+1 as Investigation. Free roll when touching supernatural. Open the Third Eye (p223).)
  • Wizard Constitution [+/-0] (Recover eventually from anything.)
  • (-2) Hviturgaldur “Hal” Weapon crafted with a lock of Thor’s hair to oppose black magic. MUST: magic user who can craft magical items and use magic that protects, dispels, heals, and manipulates wind and lighting.
    War Hammer – Weapon 3; Holy; True Aim (+1to weapons skill); 8 enchanted item slots using: healing, dispelling, protection, or storms.


  • The Old Ways Are Best (Lore) [-1] (Use Lore skill to declare appropriate justification for the recovery of moderate physical consequences, also gain a +1 on his Lore roll to heal under pressure.)
  • Finely Tuned Third Eye (Lore) [-1] (+2 to Lore when sensing the presence of the supernatural)
    Enchanted Items
    *Maple Wand +1 to Control and Power over Water.
    *Quartz Crystal +2 Control Biomancy
    *Granite Pendant Necklace,
    Armor 3, uses 3 (2 slots)
    *Diamond Ring, Hammer Blow +2 to damage (extra uses = 1 stress.
    *Silver Cuff Bracelet, Shrug it off and removes 1 mild physical consequence as a free action.

Total Refresh: -13

Stress boxes

  • Physical (000)
  • Mental (0000)
  • Social (000)

Description of Aspects

High Concept: New Age Healing Wizard

Mother Earth has many built in healing properties through plants/stones, energies, and auras. Sunny has a natural gift for soothing and healing mostly with water, earth, and it’s combined or separate elements.

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Trouble: Smarter Than People Give Me Credit For

With her long hair and natural fiber clothing Sunny gives off an “air headed” or “free thinking” aura that those who don’t know her well mistake for a lack of intelligence. She finds that it helps people over look her more unusual talents and does not feel the need to correct them. Most of the time.

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Aspect: Business is Booming/Age of Aquarius

With the success of her business Sunny has upgraded her “lab” and has begun to put down roots by purchasing an Airstream trailer and customizing it to better accommodate her clients for more intense healing when necessary (Crescent City Cavaliers).

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Aspect: A Good Defense Is The Best Offense

Sunny tries to promote life and growth wherever she can. She will nearly always shield or heal when she can. However, just like Mother Earth, she can powerfully disagree with abuses of power and disruptions of the natural flow.

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Aspect: Auras, Crystals, and Apples, Oh My!

Sunny can create potions, palm stones, necklaces and the like to relieve stress and remove obstacles to the flow of healing magic within a client. It makes the healing begin sooner/faster. She also keeps the Apple of Hespertes in her medical bag for emergencies.

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Aspect: He likes me! He really likes me!

Sparrow is my spirit companion – He feels better knowing that the life that was cut short can still be of use to somebody and Sunny appreciates it – for now. She is hoping that she can help him become “unstuck” and ascend to a higher plane. For now, she is just grateful for the assistance he provides.

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Aspect: Buddha is my Co-Pilot

My Buddha figurine/statue that fits on my dashboard allows my to find prime parking and easy of driving (traffic lights turn green as I approach). Especially handy when transporting patients during emergencies.

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She was conceived during the ‘Summer of Love" or Hippie movement in 1967. She does not know the actual day of her birth, as her mother does not even recall it – other than that the Winter was losing its hold on the Earth. She is certain that it was during the astrological sign of Aquarius, however. During secular celebrations at school (when she attended) they told everyone that she was born on Valentine’s Day. Her mother had a strong Native American background and as naming was usually attuned to nature the ‘flower child’ in her complimented this tradition. Sunny’s actual name is Sunlight Dancing on Water but according to government records it is Hashitomi Hihla Oka. The Chitimacha tribe was absorbed into the Choctaw nation in the 1930’s before her mother was born. The ruling chieftains were passed through the maternal line (if male) and Sunny is a descendant of highly favored women healers of the tribe.

Sunny’s mother traveled in a Gypsy fashion. Never staying in one place for long. The longest time she spent in any one place was New Orleans. With her connection to water, Sunny prefers living below sea level and considers Louisiana and New Orleans, specifically, to be her home. she resides in the local RV park in her VW bus.


In her travels, Sunny developed contacts with The Forest People, The Northwest Passage (Tara West), and highly respects Listens to Wind. She values life above all else and becomes frustrated when forced to deal with laws, rules, etc. She does not have trouble with authority figures and is very respectful.

Hashitomi Oka (Sunny)

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