The Seers

A trio of beings from another dimension


Very little is known about the Seers. They come from another dimension. There are three. They have been in the New Orleans for a long time. They seem to collect and sell souls.

There are three known only by a triplet of parallel names/titles each:

He who is without regard: The seer of secrets; "The Curator"
He who is without remorse: The seer with secrets; "The Broker"
He who is without restraint: The seer in secret; "The Harvester"

The one known as "the Harvester" is known to have the following aspects:

  • "Affection for Jazz music"
  • "Ability to possess motrals"
  • "A proclivity towards axe murder"
  • "A history of murder for pleasure and business"

The Seers

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