Vic Noble

Knight of the Cortège Gras; The Gros Chevalier (a.k.a. the Fat Knight)



  • Silver-tongued, car salesman bringing balance and leadership to the courts (High concept)_
  • My boss is trying to kill me (Trouble)
  • No one takes me seriously
  • Technically, I’m allowed to murder you
  • Hey, buddy—how are you doin’? Can I hang with you guys?


  • Legendary (+8)
  • Epic (+7)
  • Fantastic (+6): Presence, Deceit
  • Superb (+5): Alertness, Athletics
  • Great (+4): Conviction, Rapport, Guns
  • Good (+3): Driving, Resources, Empathy
  • Fair (+2): Contacts, Investigation, Lore, Survival
  • Average (+1): Intimidation, Performance, Scholarship, Stealth
  • All other skills are mediocre (+0)


  • Marked with Power 1 (People recognize the connections to the Cortège Gras)
  • Sponsored Magic 4 (Knight of Cortège Gras)


  • Infuriate (+2 to any roll when deliberately trying to piss people off)
  • Close the Deal (bonuses in negotiations, convincing people to take a chance or do what you ask)
  • Read the Surface (Know people, read them in a fraction of the normal time)
  • My Power is in Lack of Discipline (Use Presence in Place of Discipline)
  • If you can’t dazzle them with “lore”, baffle them with BS (Use Deceit in place of Lore)

Total Refresh: 11-10= 1

Stress boxes

  • Physical (2)
  • Mental (4)
  • Social (4) + 1 extra minor social consequence

Rote Spells

Based on your “LORE” (i.e., DECEIT) you have access to 5 Rote Spells. Essentially these spells don’t require a DISCIPLINE / PRESENCE check to control, but may require a roll to target. They still cost 1 mental stress to cast.

  • Special FX
    One zone is suddenly filled with Lasers, Cyro-jets, Pulsating music, Screeching fireworks, etc. All targets in a single zone must make a DISCIPLINE roll vs. 3, or have the aspect “Sensory Overload” applied to them, with one free invocation, for one exchange.
  • Drunken stupor
    One target in a single zone must make a DISCIPLINE roll vs. 3, or have the aspect “Totally wasted” applied to them, with one free invocation. This aspect lasts for 3 exchanges.
  • Knock Knock
    Roll DISCIPLINE (PRESENCE) against one target you can see within 2 zones. The target starts laughing and can’t stop, even to breathe, slowly suffocating themselves. For the next 5 exchanges, the target must overcome your attack with ENDURANCE, or take physical stress. (Weapon: 1) (If they successfully overcome the attack or are taken out, the spell ends.)
  • Eye of the Tiger
    This spell enhances your awareness and reflexes in regard to incoming attacks. It effectively creates a strength 5 block for 1 exchange.
  • Velvet Rope
    This spell creates a psychologically-intimidating, enchanted velvet rope which creates a border between two zones (or possibly dives one zone into two). The rope lasts for three exchanges. To muster the confidence to pass the rope, targets must make a DISCIPLINE roll of 3+ to overcome. The caster and his allies are “authorized,” and don’t need to roll to overcome.

Focus Items / Enchanted Items

  • Mardi Gras Scepter (Uses two Focus Item slots)
    • Weapon: 2
    • +1 Power (Conviction) for both offensive and defensive evocation magic (Cortege Gras)
  • Hat of deception (Uses two enchanted item slots)
    • Your choice of hat: At any given moment, this hat can appear as any kind of headgear chosen by the wearer. By default it appears as a jester’s hat, but could become a fedora, headband, earring, sunglasses, man-bun, etc.
    • Instant Veil: 3 times/session, add an aspect related to your appearance for one scene. (e.g., “I look like Arnold Schwarzenegger”, “My suit cost more than your car”, etc.)
      Each time it is used, you can invoke the new aspect once for free.
    • Double-vision: 2 times/session, add a visual blurring effect to yourself, functioning as a block 4 for one exchange. (Rather than making an athletics check, you just get a free block of “4”, to any attacks that round. However, if any attacks still hit, the block disappears.)
  • Two Potion “slots”
    Note: You either choose what potions you are carrying at the start of a session, or leave them undefined and spend a fate point during the adventure to declare that you happen to have a particular one.
  • Example “potions”

Potion of Stamina Grants the drinker an ENDURANCE of 5 for one scene. (This would grant you 2 extra stress boxes and an extra minor consequence. It would additionally grant you additional endurance on the dance floor, drinking contests, in the bedroom—-whatever might tax your fortitude or ability to perform strenuous activities for extended periods. )

Party Bomb Thrown on the ground creates a scene aspect that fills one zone of “Confetti, Strobe lights, and Loud Music” for one scene. It can be invoked once for free.

Love potion The drinker must make a DISCIPLINE check vs. 5 or be given the aspect “Seized by lust” for one scene. This can be invoked once for free. (And probably should be invoked immediately.)

Flash Mob This small firework “popper” can be thrown into a zone. Everyone in that zone must make a DISCIPLINE check vs. 3 or be given the aspect “Compelled to sing and dance”. All those affected are “compelled” to perform a coordinated musical dance number selected at the time of creation.

Liquid Dance A drinker gains a PERFORMANCE of 5 for one scene—focused specifically on some sort of dancing. This can be invoked once for free.

Colored smoke This creates a block against awareness for a single zone for one scene. Seeing any target in that zone requires an ALERTNESS check of 5+.

Buzzkill This potion grants the drinker an ALERTNESS of 5 for one scene, specifically focused on seeing through veils, glamours, faerie magic, etc.

Feelgood This potion allows the drinker to ignore 6 shifts worth of consequences (i.e. One minor and one moderate) for a few minutes. (The length of one combat). These consequences cannot be “invoked” for that period.

Pyrotechnic Malfunction (or “Oops!”) This glass bottle can be thrown up to one zone away to create a pyrotechnic explosive blast, impacting everyone in the zone. Roll DISCIPLINE (or PRESENCE in Vic’s case) to attack. Targets defend with ATHLETICS. Weapon: 3

Mysterious puddle (“That ain’t water!”) This glass bottle can be thrown on the ground to create a large puddle of bubbling, toxic, yellow fluid. This creates a barrier between zones that blocks movement, and can be overcome with an ATHLETICS of 3+. Failing the roll causes stress as if defending against an attack, Weapon: 2. After the scene, the puddle dissolves away.

Description of Aspects

High Concept: [High Concept]

[Short description of the aspect]

  • Example Compels: [Example compels]
  • Example Invokes: [Example invokes]

Trouble: [Trouble Aspect]

[Short description of the aspect]

  • Example Compels: [Example compels]
  • Example Invokes: [Example invokes]

Aspect: [Aspect #3]

[Short description of the aspect]

  • Example Compels: [Example compels]
  • Example Invokes: [Example invokes]

Aspect: [Aspect #4]

[Short description of the aspect]

  • Example Compels: [Example compels]
  • Example Invokes: [Example invokes]

Aspect: [Aspect #5]

[Short description of the aspect]

  • Example Compels: [Example compels]
  • Example Invokes: [Example invokes]

Aspect: [Aspect #6]

[Short description of the aspect]

  • Example Compels: [Example compels]
  • Example Invokes: [Example invokes]

Aspect: [Aspect #7]

[Short description of the aspect]

  • Example Compels: [Example compels]
  • Example Invokes: [Example invokes]

Vic Noble, the perfect stereotype of a sleazy car salesman from Las Vegas, hit it big at the slots two years ago. He decided to celebrate by booking a week-long trip, leaving one city of sin for another. Traveling alone, with plenty of time and cash to burn, he quickly fell prey to The House of the Rising Sun. After becoming deeply indebted to the Cortège Gras, Vic bargained for his freedom by becoming their Knight.

Although he sold himself well in the “job interview”, the Cortège Gras have found Vic to be a deep disappointment. Unfortunately, they are bound by their own word, and Vic is entitled to the Knight’s Mantle until his death. Of course, that doesn’t keep the Queen from being quite open about her search for a new knight, and giving Vic assignments that she fully anticipates will get him killed.

Vic is relatively new in his position, and there are certainly parts of it that he enjoys. He has taken to glamouring particularly quickly—of course, he tends to use illusions to fast-talk and swindle people for his own purposes, rather than advance the interests of the Queen.

Vic Noble

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