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Baghdad on the Bayou

The Land Of Ice And Snow
A Bourbon Street Irregular Adventure

April, 1, 2012

While getting ready for Gideon’s wedding to Penelope the group (minus Calvin, Susannah, and Hugh) is setting at Jeannie’s bar deciding on what they are all getting the happy couple and other wedding plans when they see an energy beam hit the top of Monoc Tower across town. Rikard leaves immediately saying that someone has come from the home office. The rest of the Irregulars follow and soon they are on the roof greeting Hilda, with Rikard giving her a huge bearhug shouting, ‘Little Sister!!’

After greetings are done, she asks for their help. Frost Giants have stolen Eldhrímnir, the cauldron with which Andhrímnir, the cook of the gods, prepares meals for the Einherjar in Valhalla. Now Odin has a bunch of hangry Einherjaren and no way to feed them. He has tasked Hilda with finding and retrieving it for him. She in turn has come to the Irregulars for help and the group agrees to help.
She explains that not many of them have weapons that could hurt Frost Giants or their minions, so the All Father has given permission for them to visit the armory be loaned weapons for the task. As they ready themselves to leave Hilda call on Heimdall to open the Bifrost, and they are enveloped in the same energy they have seen before and taken to Asgard, or it could be Monoc Security HQ, and the armory.

The armory is enormous and has weapons from every age in its vaults. It is there they meet Gunnar Svenson, the einherjar responsible for the armory. He lets them pick their choice of weapons. Rikard is excited to show his friends his home and picks up a small one-handed Warhammer and gives it to Lady Oka. It is Hviturgaldur – White Magic and tells her it will serve her well. Hunt is presented with the Staff of the All Father, a magic staff that gives him access to Odin’s Siedr magic. Greer is drawn to a spear and hears a male voice saying, ‘Daughter, take up my Spear – it is your birthright.’ Jeanie is intrigued by the Torc of Njord but realized that it takes a spellcaster to use it to the fullest – so she takes up Megingjoro the wolf-hide belt that increases her strength. Alex chooses the Orb of Unknown Origins, which gives him access to a range of abilities. Gunnar explains that each item is on loan and must be returned, however if they would like to keep them – they must attune to the item (pay the refresh). If they are unable to attune to them (not enough refresh) then Odin can assist them for a favor at some future time (Sponsor Debt). Gunnar also insists on going with them to keep an eye on the weapons he has loaned out and picks up a HUGE two-handed warhammer from the corner. He mentions that this weapon is Volendrung, the Giantsbane.

Armed with their weapons, Hilda petitions Heimdall to open the Bifrost again and they travel to Jotunheim. As the Bifrost opens on Jotunheim, the Irregulars mention that the subtle, sneaky option is off the table because the Giants know they are there. Sure enough, within minutes they are surrounded by Giants and wolves the size of a truck. Hilda attempts to intimidate them into giving back the Cauldron, but they refuse. Instead of fighting the Giants propose trial by combat. When the party accepted this the leader speaks, ‘Tell us of your genealogy and exploits, so we might know who we face?’

The group is not sure what to do for a minute, and then Hilda steps forward. ‘I am Hilda, Squire to Odin Borrson and Valkyrie of Asgard. I have battled enemies of the All Father in numbers too great for counting. I have confronted ghouls and Fomor in their hordes endless! I am the bearer of Gungnir and a Drengr of the Aesir. I am Hilda, Valkyrie of Valhalla! And I come for Eldhrímnir.’

Rikard stands beside Hilda. ‘I am Rikard, son of Baldur Odinson. I have battled dark sorcerers and black hearted Fae! I have fought men and beasts in numbers too great for counting, confronted Fomor and their minons in their hordes! I have entered the Kraken’s maw and lived, while laying low the works of the outcast Formor. I am Rikard Baldurson, The Slayer of Monsters, wielder of Bani-Forad. Until Valhalla!”

Gunnar steps up to the opposite side of Hilda. ‘I am Gunnar son of Sven from the Land of Ice and Snow, a mortal who has fought the hoard and proven himself in battle to be numbered with the Einherjar of Odin. I am the bearer of Volendrung – the Hammer of the Gods, and armorer of Valhalla. I am Gunnar Svenson, the Giantsbane. Until Valhalla!’

Sunny, taking inspiration from the Vikings and Norse in the party introduces herself. ‘I am Sunlight Dancing on Water, daughter of Earth Beneath Her Feet. Healer of warriors and wielder of the elements of creation! I have stood against the forces of darkness to protect the Earth and its people. I am Sunlight Dancing on Water, the bearer of White Magic – Hviturgaldur, a weapon of the Aesir blessed by Odin, and I stand against you.’

Alex introduces himself, ‘I’m Alex, and I am all out of bubblegum.’ – which was lost on the giants. Jeanie introduces herself as an heir of Jean Lafitte, and bearer of the Wolfhide Belt. Greer greats them with, ‘I’m Greer, daughter of Lugh and bearer of his spear. Hunt introduces in a grand flourish, ending with slamming his staff on the ground and making it crackle with lightning.

The Frost Giant leader introduces himself next, ‘I am Thyrmr, King of the Jotuns. Son of Bergelmir. I have battled Aesir and Vanir armies throughout the nine realms! I have fought men and beasts on Midgard in numbers too great for counting, invaded the heart of Asgard and stole the hammer of the Odinson. I have matched wits with the traitor Laufeyson and prevailed. I thwarted the combined will of Asgard! I am Thymr, son of Bergelmir, I have battled the Odinson and lived!’ He introduces four other giants – his second, Vornir, and the others, and includes 3 whelps of Fenirir, so the contest is evenly matched.

The Giants spread out to make a fighting ring for the combatants and the battle begins. Gunnar and Alex in his demon form charge at the same time, both with Supernatural Speed. Thymr is knocked down and injured, as he is hit with Gunnar’s Volendrung his is sapped of his strength. Greer and Hilda attack Vornir and Hilda pins him to a Stalagmite with Gungnir and Greer also hits with her spear which returns to her hand.

The giants then have their turn, however not many are able to hit the heroes. Thymr, even on the ground and weakened, attacks Gunnar, but he successfully defends and ripostes with another attack, hitting Thymr again and sapping more of strength. Sunny heals Hilda so she can keep fighting. Vornir pulls Hilda’s spear from his body – enduring the pain it causes him, casually dropping it on the ground.

Seeing a chance to end this quickly, Jeanie uses her newfound strength to lift a boulder and smash it down on Thymr’s head – killing him. The giants are stunned – in a matter of seconds they have seen their leader defeated by a motley group of individuals and then killed by a human woman. Capitalizing on their awe and hesitation to continue, Hilda shouts, ‘Your leader is dead at our feet, now yield! And bring forth Eldhrímnir, so the rest of you might not suffer his fate!’

They surrender and bring forth the cauldron for them and the Irregulars return to Asgard victorious. They are welcomed back and meet Odin as Hilda reports to him that the cauldron is returned and the Giant Thymr is dead with Jeanie delivering the killing blow. He allows them to keep their weapons if they desire, most do. Hunt bargains with the All Father to keep his staff, as he did not get to really use it. He would like to see it in action and is intrigued by the sponsored magic from Odin, that it offers access to. They are invited to feast in Valhalla with Odin and his warriors, given the title of Drengr and inducted into ‘The Wolves of Odin’, also known as the ‘Ulfhednar’ – Odin’s chosen warriors.

Who You Gonna Call?
A Bourbon Street Irregular Adventure

After the events of the St Patrick’s day death of a sailor, many of the group began exploring the surge in spiritual encounters and the weakening of the veil between the supernatural world. As it continues to build, the city is increasingly beset by ghosts and spirits. David’s Mother, Evangeline, has came into town to meet Betty and her family and help plan the wedding and they meet Greer on the street.

As the energy continues to build the group meets one evening at Jeanies’s bar to discuss their options and share their findings. Through investigations they have discovered that there seems to be concentrations of energies around town, and a spike in Voodoo centered magic around the city. Sunny, with Sparrow and his orb, use a map and thaumaturgy to mark the spots.

There are five locations that are acting as anchor points of spiritual energies, Charity Hospital, LaLaurie Mansion, Le Pavillion Hotel, St Louis Cemetery #1, and Jackson Square Park. They realize that they have about one night before it peaks and releases a wave of energy across the city disrupting the veil between worlds and leaving the Bourbon Street and Downtown areas of the city open to the ghosts and spirits as they enter our world. To stop it they need to destroy the 5 anchor points around the city and disrupt the energies. They also realize the five points around the city could be the points of a neighborhood wide pentagram centered on the French Quarter.

As they discuss their options and the locations, they decide they need to go to the Voodoo Queen of New Orleans, Marie Laveaux. The Supernatural community do know of Marie, the owner of a beauty parlor in the 9th ward of the city catering to women of color, named Cornrow City. She does not admit that she is the Marie Laveaux, but it is a common assumption that she is. She does not explain or advertise that she is still alive, but somehow, she is.

They visit her shop at about 5 pm as the store is just cleaning up for closing. They explain what they have found, and she confirms the increase of Voodoo energy at the same sites. They ask for her help since none of them are trained in Voodoo. She agrees to meet them at Cemetery #1 in one hour.

As they travel to the cemetery they see ghosts on the street with the population, riding in taxis, and other evidence that the barrier between worlds is becoming thin. When they arrive, they find the cemetery eerily quiet. As they enter, they can see the restless spirits in the cemetery, and they seem to be led toward the group by a deformed man with the head of a bull almost like a minotaur. Alex reacts first and kicks the ghost creature back into the mob of ghosts, and they promptly attack him ripping chunks of ghostly flesh out of him. Calvin lifts the minotaur up with his gravity power when they notice that the ghostly minotaur is attacked. It soon becomes apparent that he was not leading them but that they were chasing him. Marie swears in Creole French and explains she has found the anchor in the form of a Voodoo veve, or marking, of Baron Samedi drawn on the ground beside of her crypt. She needs time to disable it and the group fights off ghost while she does that. They also notice that the minotaur has a Gris Gris bag around his neck which looks like it is causing him pain. When Sunny looked at him with the Sight it appears as a knot of electrified barbed wire embedded in his flesh, they must perform ‘psychic surgery’ to remove it while Marie is dismantling the anchor.

The necromantic energies have transformed the locations into places where the Nevernever and the mundane world bleed together in these anchor spots. This causes some of the strange effects that occur and allows the heroes to interact more directly with the ghosts here than they would otherwise be able. After Sunny succeeds in removing the torture spell from the minotaur they realize that someone is inflicting pain on the ghosts to get them in a frenzy and weaken the barrier between worlds. Marie explains it is more than that – the torture spell only effected the strongest ghost who kept the others in line and contained. It seemed to weaken them and inhibit their power and influence as well.

As they finish the ghosts are still whipped in a frenzy, but they receive help when they see a bright light from deeper in the cemetery come toward them. The spirit of Warden Luna is leading a group of other spirits to aid the heroes. Soon their ghostly allies form a perimeter and start pushing the maddened ghosts back from the group. Marie tells them that her lover Bastien was buried in her crypt after being tortured – made to where a Bull’s head – and killed by Delphine La Laurie. The Irregulars now know what they need to do in the other areas – destroy the anchor Voodoo veve and remove the torture spell from the one ghost who should be controlling the others. Marie tells them she will try to send help to the other points. Luna’s spirit explains that the energies and weakening of the barrier allowed him to pass through to aid them, but his time is short, and he cannot stay. He asks them to give a message to David for him, ‘Do not fear the Jaberwock.’ Then he fades away.

The heroes decide to travel to Jackson Square Park next, but before they do, they visit Reverend Lantern at the Cathedral to see if he has anything to help them. He loans Susannah an artifact that looks like a chunk of wood about an inch in diameter and 3 inches long. He explains that it will magnify a threshold to epic proportions. Susannah finds that it interacts with her abilities, providing a threshold centered on her in about a 10-foot radius.

When they arrive at the park, they find it eerily quiet until they step into the park. They then see the ghosts of hundreds of executed criminals and a ghostly hangman gallows in the center of the park. The ghosts seem to be attacking Louis Congo, who looks in pain and wounded. They find the veve of Baron Criminel, at the base of the gallows by the fountain. Now they know what to do it does not take long to free Louis Congo. As they finish up Lady Charlotte and the Sugar and Vice necromancers come to their aid with the Gore Wights. When the Irregulars express their hesitation in accepting the help, Lady Charlotte responds, ‘This is my town too, and I am going to protect it. Now we will handle these, I understand you have more places to go.’

They then travel to the LaLaurie Mansion before traveling across town to the other sites. They find a similar scene with the ghosts of tortured slaves accosting Delphine LaLaurie. With the help of Susannah’s threshold protecting them they quickly remove the torture spell and destroy the veve of Maman Brigitte that acts as the anchor at this point. As they finish ghouls descend upon the angry ghosts and they meet the LaChaise Clan that make their home in New Orleans. They explain they are here to help, and they will handle cleaning up here.

The Irregulars make there way to the abandoned Charity Hospital. The pent-up energy there has effectively created a powerful type of threshold that prevents even pure mortals from entering—including several members of the group–the sense of foreboding was too much for them. Fortunately, Susannah was able to enter and with her personal threshold they quickly found the ghost of Sister Stanislaus bearing the Gris Gris bag and being assaulted by the ghosts of almost 300 years of patients who have died at the hospital. They were able to destroy Guede Nibo’s veve anchoring the necromantic energy. As they were wrapping up, Adam – Dr Frankenstein’s creation – came to help them ripping through the ghosts as if they were nothing. The Irregulars had never met him before but had heard the Cavalier’s talk about how he helped them bring down the Aeon Institute last year.

They proceeded to the last anchor in the city at Hotel Pavilion and meet with the others. The hotel is known for its hauntings and when the heroes enter, they find the ghosts have gone crazy and terrorizing the guests and staff. The ghostly mob seemed to be focused on a well-dressed couple who looked as if they were going out for a night on the town. As they approach the couple and get the ghosts off them, they discover that the couple is dressed in 1920s clothing and the man has the Gris Gris Bag while the woman is wearing a necklace with the veve of Baron Guede anchoring the spiritual energies. They save them and disrupt the anchor here as the White Court Vampires of the city come to the aid of the heroes, being led by the Colonel and Dr. Ba.

With the Anchors destroyed, and it being about 3 am in the morning, the Irregulars start back to the center of the ritual in the French Quarter and come to the Death Museum. The New Orleans’s Museum of Death displays as many approaches to death as it can fit within its four walls. Twenty years after opening the original museum in California, in 1995, Rosalie Carotene brought her collection of body bags, autopsy videos, skeletons, pieces of taxidermy, letters and pictures sent to them by serial killers, and various other death-themed oddities to the French Quarter. They know that Rosalie is a Black Court Vampire, and she probably has vampire spawn and Renfields there as well.

As they debate how best to enter and confront her, Calvin just rips off the roof of the building with his godlike gravity powers he inherited from his mother. He lifted it about 20 feet in the air and then dropped it back down on the building. Apparently, the debate was over, and they went with the shock and awe option. All the Renfields Rosalie had were now dead or otherwise incapacitated as they entered the building. As they pick their way through the rubble, Alex gets attacked by a figure in a skintight black suit descending from the ceiling behind him. Alex fights off the fear trying to dominate him as the figure slips away into the floor.

The party soon finds not just one ‘Rosalie’ vampire, but she has help from two other Black Court vampires that look like brothers. It soon becomes evident that these are Jon and Wayne Carter. As the group fights the three vampires and ghost, they slowly get the upper hand and destroy the undead. As dawn breaks over the city they have just saved, the heroes find evidence that Rosalie was trying to make it possible for her ghostly lover to fully manifest in this world so they could be together finally.

The next day a woman comes to Jeannie’s bar introducing herself as Deborah Gale from the local historical society in New Orleans. She explains that she is trying to find the Napoleon fleur-de-lis, rumored to be part of Jean Lafitte’ treasure and have curse removing properties, and asks if Jeannie knows anything about it.

Murder on the Ghost Tour Express
An Irregular Adventure

March 2012

In the weeks leading up to St Patrick’s Day and the festivities involved (New Orleans always has a reason to throw a party and the week long St. Patrick’s Day celebration is no exception) each members of the Irregulars meets a member of the Supernatural community. While Sunny is getting her van worked on by Freddie Runcie, they discuss the uneasiness of the spirits and ghosts of the city. Susannah talks with George on her way to work, and Lady Charlotte gives Calvin a ride home. While Hunter is making the rounds as a warden, he crosses Jackson Square Park at night and meets the intimidating ghost of Louis Congo – all suggest the same thing. The barrier between this world and the Nevernever is growing thinner – it always has been particularly malleable in New Orleans but is becoming more so – and something is stirring up the spirits and haunts in the city. If it ruptures it could release ghosts, spirits, and worse creatures into the city.

This morning while Greer is on duty her team gets a call to respond to a disturbance at University Medical Center New Orleans, the new state of the art hospital recently opened to replace Charity Hospital that has been closed since Katrina. When she arrives, she is informed that Doctor Ba, a trauma surgeon, is acting erratically and locked herself in an empty room for fear she might hurt someone. Dr_Ba.jpg

Soon after, a very handsome dashing Southern Gentleman arrives and offers his assistance. He explains that both he and the good doctor distantly related and share a common ‘inherited’ trait. Greer recognizes him as The Colonel, a mysterious New Orleans figure who owns a riverboat casino, and a White Court Vampire. He assures her he means no harm and wants to help. He explains that he feeds on Despair, while the doctor feeds on Fear. The doctor is being overwhelmed by the amount of fear in the city as the barrier becomes weaker and the spirits grow more restless.

At the same time, this morning Jeannie and her new bartender, Alex, are walking down Bourbon Street when one of the many tours of the city is passing them. They overhear parts of it as they pass and realize it is a Haunted New Orleans tour.

“Truth is New Orleans had the highest morality rate back in those days. ‘Course when you mix all that death born in a town in chaos, crime, and culture, spirits tend to roam. Spirits like Confederate sailor Cornelius LaRue, who plunged to his death on St Patrick’s Day, 1867. Some say we went crazy cause of the fever but trust me… he isn’t roaming the streets to this day ’cause he was sick. He was murdered!"

As if on cue a body hits the sidewalk with a sickening thud. The tourists all start clapping and taking pictures – they think it is part of the tour. Until the young lady giving the tour screams in fear. They just witnessed someone falling to their death right in front of them, at the same spot where another man fell to his death almost 150 years before.Pharmacy-Museum-New-Orleans.jpg

Jeannie calls the rest of the Irregulars and they all arrive at the scene only a half hour after the incident. Greer responds as some of the first police on the scene after finishing up at the hospital. When they reach the French Quarter, they are met with several pieces of information. The death occurred in front ofJohn Corvac’s Pharmacy Museum, and the victim is Petty Officer Taylor Anderson. He arrived in town earlier this week on emergency leave. As Greer and the other officers interview witnesses, they learn that the tour guide was in the middle of telling the story of Cornelius LaRue, when the man fell from the rooftop and fall to his death. The name of the tour is ‘ New Orleans Haunted Ghost Haunts and Adventures’. Weird name, but whatever.

It is rather ironic that a sailor fell from the same rooftop that Cornelius LaRue fell from 150 years ago. Who is this, Cornelius LaRue? The medical examiner does confirm that the victim did die from the four-story fall. It was unclear if he was pushed of if he fell. The more observant Irregulars see a middle-aged man try to cross police tape unsuccessfully. Oh, and tonight is a full moon.

When examining the roof, there are two sets of shoe prints found on top of the roof. They also find his abandoned cell phone when it rings. Greer answers it and the woman on the other end is frantic and wants Taylor to come to the house immediately someone has tried to break in.

Greer answers and introduces herself, she states that Taylor cannot come to the phone, but she is a police officer and will be there as quickly as possible. When they arrive, the door is open, and a young lady is on the porch. She introduces herself as Julie, Taylor’s sister, and explains their grandmother, Rose, passed away from cancer recently. Taylor came into town a few days before to tie up loose ends and finalize the estate. She barely arrived and took a shuttle from the airport straight here. The house was like this and she has not entered. The door is obviously busted, and the house had been ransacked. As they clear the house Hunt finds the remains of a séance ritual in the middle of the grandmother’s bedroom. As Hunt and Sunny examine the ritual it is clear it was not going to do anything – it was a mishmash of several different religious and mystical traditions and whoever did it does not have the experience or knowledge to do it. However, they do find a fingerprint on one of the candles. Greer calls forensics to process the scene. They also tell Julie about her brother.

Greer ordered a rush on the forensics, so they get results by the afternoon. The fingerprint belonged to a low-level con artist and owner of ‘New Orleans Haunted Ghost Haunts and Adventures’ named Larry Walters. Some recognize him as the creepy guy trying to cross the police tape and get close to the body. They also find that Petty Officer Taylor Anderson was clean, about as squeaky clean as any person could get, and he was granted leave for his grandmother’s funeral.

They decide to visit Larry at his business office but only find an elderly lady, named Deloris, answering phones. She tells them that Larry is not there but prepping for the last tour of the day to start at the LaLaurie Mansion, the most haunted building in New Orleans.

The party races there and enters the haunted mansion. The LaLaurie mansion. Where slaves were tortured at the hands of Delphine LaLaurie. On April 10, 1834, a fire broke out at the luxurious house owned by LaLaurie. The fire not only destroyed part of the house, but it also brought to light seven slaves who were starved, tortured, and chained to the upper part of the building. The_LaLaurie_Mansion-592ac0715f9b585950396d65.jpg

Flashlight’s fade. The party feels the cold air swirling around inside the home. A sudden gust of wind has the group jumping. To say the mansion was creepy was an understatement. One could see why this place was a highlight on the ghost tours. Every board creaked beneath their feet, the lanterns and lights seem to flicker with every gust of wind. They clear the first floor and begin working on the second floor when they get startled by a skeleton jumping out of the closet in the hallway. Alex, Jeanie’s new bartender, reacts with his martial arts prowess and sends the fake skeleton flying into pieces. That is the last straw for Jeanie and Susannah and their nerves are rattled with their mental fortitude shaken.

Larry pops up from a nearby wet bar and calls out “Welcome to New Orleans Haunted Ghost Haunts and Adventures.” He immediately recognizes the group from the crime scene and with a “Oh you guys.” He takes off running through the house. Greer and Molly immediately give chase and soon others follow. Soon they hear him upstairs followed by them giving chase.

However, Jeanie and Susannah get trapped in another room and separated from the rest of the group when both doors to the room they are in slam shut tight and they cannot get out! They really begin to start to panic, but it is a good thing Hunt is there to calm them down and get them out.

The rest of the chase could almost be seen as an episode of Scooby Doo – a party of ghost chasers with a dog chasing the mysterious villain – if they were not chasing a murder suspect. They chase Larry through the upstairs of the mansion and thorough every dark and spooky room. They continued to follow him around the corners, down the back stairs, and through the kitchen where the infamous fire was started. Molly catches Larry just as he bolted out of the kitchen door into the courtyard. “I didn’t do anything. I’m innocent.” He pleaded.

When questioning Larry, they find that he did indeed preform a fake séance for the Petty Officer’s grandmother. The old woman had come to Larry to find the truth about the family secret. She had spent her whole life looking for a secret. He thought he could humor the woman by doing a fake séance and making a few bucks. But after she died, he claimed to have heard her speaking to him…beyond the grave. Larry went on saying the woman told him he had to seek out her grandson, Petty Officer Taylor James. And it was not twenty-four hours later that the sailor ended up dead. Apparently, the kid believed the fake medium and thought there was something to the whole family secret. But he did not kill Anderson.
The next morning police had a timeline of Anderson’s movements in New Orleans, so The Irregulars decide to retrace his steps. St. Louis Cemetery was the last stop Petty Officer James’ made before he ended up at the rooftop across from the pharmacy museum. The cemetery was established in the 1700’s and the oldest cemetery in the city. This above-ground cemetery, with its extravagant tombs and crypts, is the finally resting place for Marie Laveau – a voodoo priestess whom many worship, Delphine LaLaurie, Homer Plessey, members of Jean Lafitte’s pirate crew, and the future resting place of Nicolas Cage.

As they are investigating the cemetery, they find a tomb with a list of names on it. At the bottom of the list of names was one Cornelius LaLRue. Why would Anderson come here to LaRue’s finally resting place? Did this have anything to do with his death at the same spot the former Confederate soldier died?

Now, all they had was that the petty officer was looking into a family secret that might be related to LaRue. Based on evidence that was found in Taylor’s grandmother’s home, the family secret that Grandma Anderson was looking into was that they were related to LaRue.
Forensics also found mold spores on Petty Officer James’ shirt. But here is the kicker. The spores are over 150 years old, the same time as Cornelius LaRue was alive. This is starting to look more and more suspicious like it was a ghost.

They continued to retrace all of James’ steps and came across the house of Giavanna Moreau. The house has belonged to the Moreau family for hundreds of years, the same Moreu that founded the Bourbon Apothecary. When they arrive, they already find another person there asking questions – Larry Walters.

When they pull Walters aside, he channels the spirit of the dead sailor. He really can talk with ghosts. The ghosts of the sailor and his grandmother seem to have latched onto Larry and will not talk to Sunny. He finally argues with them to the point they give up and give Sunny the idea to look at the old photos lining the mantle. They all seemed to be from the late eighteen-hundreds and showcased the history of the Apothecary and the family. She was just about to turn away when she noticed the last photo. It was a picture of Edgar Moreau and Cornelius LaRue standing outside of what is now the Pharmacy Museum.Pharmacy_picture.PNG According to Gia, her father and LaRue opened the Pharmacy together, the photo was of the opening. From the way the men shook hands and smiled at the camera it could only mean they knew one another. It was clear that the death of LaRue and the death of the petty officer were more connected that had been previously thought. So what Taylor Anderson was trying to prove – that LaRue was murdered? Apparently, someone thought he could. How else do you explain them being on the roof waiting? The killer has been dead over a century, so it is not as if someone could get revenge. Maybe it is not about revenge. Justice is just as satisfying 150 years later.

The other place the petty officer went to, was the city archives. Located in the basement of an old brick building that was illuminated only by the streetlamps across the street. The party split up and some went to the archive. As they comb through the archives looking for any sort of clue. They stumbled upon a box that had a disturbed layer of dust. This box is from 1860 to 1880. This must be what James was going through before his death. It looks like old registrar papers and name approvals. Documents tell about a Benjamin Larue, Cornelius’ son. The papers were an approval for a name change to Anderson. He probably did not want to be associated with mysterious death of his father. As they make this discovery, lights flicker, and a rattling started. Then the lights go out and the room explodes, the adventurers barely make it out in time as the building goes up in flames.

As it turned out the file revealed that Benjamin LaRue had in fact changed his name to Benjamin Anderson to distance himself from the legend of his father. The Irregulars call Julie Anderson again and ask if there is anything that her grandmother might have to help with the mystery. She mentions her grandmother having a keepsake box with papers and clipping in. When the group arrives, she retrieves it for them. They discover a box of newspaper clippings and a handwritten family Tree, along with some other papers. Back in the eighteen-hundreds, Corenelius’ widow had sent in a letter asking for the investigation of her husband’s murder. Petty Officer Anderson was trying to solve the family secret of who killed LaRue and why. It is revealed that he had just come back to New Orleans after Medical school and opened the Pharmacy with Edgar Moreau. This means that the Anderson family might be related to Corvac.

They go to the Pharmacy Museum and talk to John. He says that it is impossible and there is no way the Anderson’s are related to him. He excuses himself to help other customers and asks them to leave. However, they do notice the same picture hanging in the corner of the Museum that was in the Moreau house.Pharmacy_picture.PNG

Greer gets a call from the station telling her that the police found tire tracks outside the Archives explosion and cross referenced with make and models. It was revealed that the tire matched a Land Rover 4×4. The same car that Giavanna Moreau had parked outside her house. They rush to confront her, but she is not there. A BOLO on the car reports it was spotted on Bourbon Street.

The group figures out that she is after Corvac, but he is not in his shop and the closed sign is in the window – during regular hours. They hear an argument on the roof and run up the stars at the back of the building. Gia has Corvac on the roof trying to force a confession and admit he killed Edgar Moreau 150 years ago. She is ranting and raving and when he will not admit to it – she shoots him, a double tap to the chest. He falls off the roof like Cornelius and the petty officer did before. She says that she would have gotten away with it if the Irregulars had not meddled in her family affairs. Alex rushes her and as fate has it, she is knocked over the side and falls to her death as well. They watch in sadness as the bodies of John Corvac and Gia Moreau are taken away by the first responders.

A couple of days later as Jeanie and Alex are walking to the bar, they notice the Pharmacy Museum is open again. They enter and find John behind the counter and giving tours of his museum as if nothing had happened. When asked how it was possible, Corvac confesses he was indeed LaRue, who opened a business with his friend Moreau. They had a falling when, in a moment of weakness, he had a short affair with Moreau’s wife. When Edgar Moreau found out he left the partnership and split their businesses. Gia found out about Corvac’s long life and identity and plotted to kill him and his descendants for revenge.

Placeholder for Cavalier's Riverboat Rescue

In which the Cavalier’s rescue a boy from a hag and her henchman – on a riverboat.

Placeholder Irregular Burbon Street Adventure Pt 2

Wherein the Irregular’s Mardi Gras adventures continue into the Cortege Gras portion of the Nevernever.

Placeholder for the Cavalier's Bakery Bruhahah

In which the Cavaliers follow up on the mysterious cookies and the bakery they came from.

Placeholder: Irregular Bourbon Street Adventure Pt 1

Wherein they explored Bourbon Street during an unforgettable Mardi Gras.

Suicide, Poltergeists, and Romantic Revelations
In the which the Guys discover a friendly (??) White Court vampire, and plan for upcoming nuptials

Little time has passed since last our friends encountered a group of smugglers and thieves, battling a troll and retrieving a cursed denarius wrapped in the hair of Samson. That was a couple of weeks ago, though, and on this particular fine afternoon, they are sitting together chatting in Beaumont’s family’s cafe, being fed and mother-henned by Beaumont’s mom. In discussion, Gideon announces his upcoming nuptials, and Beaumont volunteers, as his wedding present, to make their wedding cake. They are discussing this and other events when Greer walks in.


The first thing everyone noticed is that Greer and Beaumont hugged and kissed. No one had realized that they were dating. Greer is a spectacular hottie, and all of the guys give him enthusiastic signs of approval and congratulations, which Greer politely, and pointedly, ignores, letting the boys be boys.

Greer has come to the bakery, under counsel from Beaumont in a conversation earlier that morning, for the purpose of finding all of the guys together. One of her dear friends and a mentor on the police force, Officer Mason Guillot, has apparently committed suicide overnight, and she is confused and worried. Her feeling is that it was not in his nature to do such a thing, and it seems very suspicious to her. He wasn’t the kind of a guy to get depressed, and certainly not suicidal. He has recently been involved in a shooting, in which he had been forced to kill a young man that had gone crazy and killed a young lady. When Officer Guillot came upon the youth, he was hunched over the body of the dead girl, attempting, it seemed, to eat her. When Guillot shouted at him to step away, the kid charged and attacked him, forcing Guillot to shoot and kill him. The review board recently determined that it was a completely justified killing, and that Office Guillot could return to the force as soon as he completed his mandatory post-shooting counseling sessions.

Because of her only-recently reinstated status in the Sheriff’s office, Greer is hesitant about her ability to look into it in any way at all, and was hoping that Beaumont and the guys could help her out. With Beaumont’s enthusiastic urging, the guys all decide to go along and see what they could discover. Anything to help out a bro.

After some discussion, they decide on three avenues of investigation: First, David arranges to meet and have lunch with his girlfriend Betty, who is on the force, to see if she has heard anything, or knows anything more. It turns out that Betty doesn’t know much more than Greer, but she did tell David that there were still officers at Guillot’s house. Second, they had thought to go to the scene of the suicide and investigate it themselves. They decided against this, though, after David’s talk with Betty. Maybe this is something they can get back to once the police presence dies down. Lastly, they decide to go and talk to the psychiatrist that was talking to Guillot for his mandatory counseling.

Albertus Marais is a successful local psychiatrist that often works with the sheriff’s department, helping with the mandatory counseling session for officer-involved shootings. He has been doing this for years. The guys travel across town and show up at Marais’s office, a very elegant, converted shotgun shack. Vic uses his skills to convince the receptionist that they are from the sheriff’s office, and need to see the notes from Guillot’s sessions with the doctor. She has them fill out a release form, and tells them that she’ll be able to access the records once the doctor is out of his current session, in about twenty minutes or so. Eventually, Marais’s current patient leaves, and he greets the group, having been told their purpose by his receptionist. He invites them in to visit, and having been informed that they are from the force, he shares with them what details he has.

Guillot had only been in to visit him for two of his four mandatory counseling sessions so far. Marais’s initial evaluation of Guillot indicated that he was perfectly fine, and he expected to release him to return to the force as soon as his mandatory sessions were completed. This wasn’t a surprise. Guillot was an old-timer, this wasn’t his first shooting, and the shooting itself seemed particularly justified. Marais discusses a little bit what the guys had surely all seen in the news a few weeks earlier.

Officer Mason Guillot had shot and killed a local 25-year-old college student after being arriving in response to an emergency 911 call. The young man, Dalton Rufus, was a student at the University of New Orleans. When guillot arrived in response to the 911 calls, he found a naked Dalton Rufus savaging the body of a young woman that he had killed with his bare hands, apparently. By all appearances, he was attempting to…eat the body of his victim. Guillot shouted at him to step away and surrender. Rufus jumped up, covered in blood, and rushed Officer Guillot, and Guillot was forced to shoot him. Rufus died on scene from his wound. The incident was widely reported in the news, and the guys know very little about it other than what they have heard on TV.

Because of the incident, however, Officer Guillot was attending these counseling sessions. Marais had heard about Guillot’s suicide on the news this morning, and admits to being a little surprised. In his first session, Guillot was the hardened old curmudgeon on the force, having already lived through a number of gruesome incidents. It’s New Orleans, after all, and weird stuff happens. Marais does mention that in between his first and second appointment, Guillot seemed to have changed a little bit. He wasn’t overtly depressed at all, and certainly not suicidal, but he did seem to be doubting himself a little bit. He had asked about whether he was really right in killing the kid, and maybe he could have done something less final. All questions that anyone would have asked in the situation, but they were only odd and worth mentioning because they were so different from what he had expressed in their first visit.

Marais said that Guillot had mentioned a pop-culture self-help guru that he had heard about that was doing some seminars downtown. The man’s name was Dylan Cannon, and was the latest iteration of the Tony Robbins-type help. Marais didn’t know very much about him, but did know that a number of his patients had mentioned visiting him, or listening to his seminars. What little the guys could find out about him online seemed legit and on the up-and-up. At least, no more kooky than any of the other self-help gurus out there.

There was one thing that Marais mentioned that raised the guys’ collective eyebrows. Marais mentioned that in the past month or so, he has noticed a slight up-tick in suicides around the city. A few of his patients, in particular some that had also mentioned Dylan Cannon, had unexpectedly committed suicide. There was no evidence of foul play, these things happen sometimes, and Marais certainly didn’t want the bad press the would come with revealing that his patients were committing suicide, so he didn’t say anything. As long as the sheriff’s office was here making inquiries about Guillot, though, he felt like it was worth it to make an unofficial observation.

Other than that, there doesn’t seem to be anything particularly revealing that the psychiatrist can offer, and the guys head out, deciding to rendezvous with David at the Monteleone Hotel, where Dylan Cannon is hosting his seminars.

They arrive together at the hotel and see a placard out front announcing Cannon’s seminar: Dylan Cannon of the Eternal Path Union. Seminar today in the Pontalba Conference Room. Today’s seminar: Trauma Retaliation! Last minute registration at door: $895

In an attempt to find out a little more information about what’s going on with Dylan Cannon, they call in one of their contacts from the Bojangles, to learn what they have seen around the hotel. The Bojangle performer confirms that some of the people that have committed suicide have been seen coming from Cannon’s seminars. He also mentions that as long as the guys are looking into mysterious events, they should also know that there has been a rash of children going missing lately, and it has a lot of the Bojangles keeping an eye out. So far, so leads have come from it, but it’s a growing concern. Beaumont notes that he’s helped a few people find missing children lately, and that he’s noticed the same increase.

They head up to the Pontalba room, and after some deliberation, quietly enter the back of the room to catch the last few minutes of the seminar. Cannon seems to be a typical self-help speaker. The majority of the people in the room, there are around 100, seem completely engrossed in what he has to say, hanging on his every word. It seems a little odd, but not creepy. Just a little bit more engaged than normal. Also, they notice that Dylan seems to spend as much time talking about how riddled with self-doubt and self-loathing the crowd must be. He’s helping them, and giving good advice, but just seems to be over-emphasizing the self-doubt.

The guys talk a little, and David decides to look at Dylan with his wizard’s eye. As the seminar ends and the crowd filters out, he does so and sees Dylan as a giant, terrifying monster. A creature that is clearly vampiric, but the odd thing is that instead of being surrounded by darkness, this “monster” is suffused with light. He’s brilliant. So brilliant that he almost hurts to look at. His brightness, in fact, almost hides the fact that he is a vampire. Confused a little at his impression, David manages to close his wizard’s eye. The other notable occurrence is that the moment David opened his wizard’s eye, Dylan flipped his head around and stared at the group.

Dylan clears out the last of the seminar attendees, and boldly walks right up to the guys. He introduces himself, and asks what they want and what their intentions are. He even asks if any of them are White Council. The guys are a little surprised at his openness, but hey, he is a self-help guru, and knows how to take charge. In fact, more than seeming angry, he seems fed up and exasperated, like “I gotta deal with these guys AGAIN.” He is clearly unafraid of them in any way, even knowing that some of them are White Council.

After some discussion, Dylan openly admits that not only is he a white court vampire of House Cannon, but that he has been feeding off of the crowd. He is very careful to take only a tiny bit from each of the people that can handle it, and never feasts deeply on anyone. He doesn’t even take anything from people he can tell don’t have it to give, and his seminars are honest ways to help people. He holds legitimate degrees in counseling, and genuinely helps people. How does he know that he doesn’t take more than people can give? The same way that ordinary mortals know when they are about to take the last chip from the bowl in the middle of the table.

Cannon also mentions in response to their queries that Mason Guillot had come by, but had not attended the seminar. They had spoken briefly, but Guillot left without being willing to pay the seminar fee.

The guys, in particular Gideon and David, are not completely convinced, and Beaumont in particular is openly hostile. (The players do, however, remember the description of Thomas feeding gently from women in his hair salon, and see this as a mostly similar scenario.)

Just as they are deciding what to do about it, there is a scream from the lobby. A woman is screaming “He’s dead. It killed him!”. The guys go to race down, telling Cannon to keep where they can see him. He laughs, and tells them that they had better try to keep up, and then in a burst of vampiric speed, is gone in a flash down to the lobby, where the screams are coming from.

When they arrive in the lobby, Cannon is already comforting a lady over behind the reception desk, and they are surrounded by hotel staff, including the manager. It turns out that the woman and her husband are a rich, elderly couple, and that a couple of nights ago, they awoke to crashing sounds from the common area in their suite. When they came out to investigate, the room was in shambles. They were worried that the hotel would charge them for the damages, but the hotel quietly and quickly fixed things up, asking them not to fuss over it. Now, though, she insists that a ghost has tripped and thrown her husband against a wall, killing him.

After questioning, the manager, Layne, admits that the room is haunted, but that the ghosts there almost never do anything. There are many ghosts in the hotel, and the hotel enjoys publicizing the fact, it helps draw in customers, but this particular room they don’t talk about. The ghosts there manifest only rarely, and always to ill effect, and they definitely don’t want the kind of tourist that is interested in dangerous ghosts frequenting the hotel. The hotel has tried having the room exorcized in the past, but “the crackpot priest” (as described by Layne) from the local cathedral was not effective. The ghosts are poltergeists, a couple that were involved in a gruesome double murder at the end of the last century. Blade and Amaranth Lovelace were a well-to-do couple staying there for Mardi Gras in the late 1800s. He walked in on her cheating on him one night, and killed her, only to be attacked and killed by her lover, who subsequently escaped and was never found.

Layne none-too-eagerly agrees to pay the guys a sum of $10,000 if they can clear the ghosts out >tonight<. It’s a $2000/night room, and they can’t afford to have it closed off permanently. The guys reluctantly agree, but only after Gideon extracts a promise of a free room for his upcoming wedding night, and they also get promised room-service dinner and breakfast while they are here.

The guys set up in the room and figure out, again using the wizard eye, that there are lots of ghosts coming around. They invite their friend Sunny, who can speak to the dead, to come help them trap this particular set of ghosts. When she arrives, a supernatural force slams the door shut on her, and seals it shut. Gideon uses his holy sword to cleave the door in two, and allows Sunny in.

She helps set watch, giving them warning when the ghosts appear, and the guys set up a ritual circle to trap the ghosts. To help them with this Gideon brings his motorcycle (his holy symbol) up from the parking garage, using the freight elevator. The two poltergeists appear and start wreaking havoc, but are quickly trapped in the ritual circle that was set for them. The guys are all set up for a knock-down, drag-em-out fight, and they can tell the ghosts will be formidable, but Sunny winds up talking to them, helping them find a kind of resolution. In the end the ghosts turn away from each other and fade away, presumably never to be seen again.

The next morning, an angry Layne sends up nothing but bowls of oatmeal for breakfast, but the guys have completed their task and banished the ghosts, and Layne agrees to pay them their due. As they leave, he offers them each a chocolate chip cookie from a local bakery, mentioning how popular the place has become and how the cookies are simply amazing.

The guys leave with new leads to follow up on, in particular the missing children and the mysteriously good chocolate chip cookies.

Placeholder Eli's One shot
A Cavalier's Adventure

Vic was contacted by Hugh of the rival Swamp Court to help with a militant faction in the Swamp Court.

Vic contact the rest of the Cavilers and we head off to a secluded river access to a nearby lake where Hugh told us the rouge faction of his court is operating under the direction of the Patriarch’s Daughter and her Troll muscle.

After some reconnaissance and sneaking (thanks to Tru) the group of heroes follow them back to a warehouse in a small town outside of New Orleans.

The Cavaliers discovered an Anti-Magic field inside the warehouse. after taking out the Faerie henchmen outside they fight the troll. David got pile driven into the ground but they managed to get the necklace of Sampson’s Hair holding an Blacken Denaraius (it was causing the anti-magic field) and kill the troll and escape with treasure and magical writings and histories. Just as they leave the Patriarch’s daughter shows up and now knows who they are.

Christmas in New Orleans

It’s Christmas time in New Orleans. The Bourbon Street Irregulars are celebrating the season in Jeanie’s upstairs studio in Lafitte’s Tavern. Outside, the city is alive with Christmas traditions. Carolers holding candles gather in Jackson Square. Local churches prepare for their midnight masses. New Orleanians prepare massive pyres on the levies to guide Papa Noel to New Orleans on Christmas Eve.

Suddenly, Sunny feels the faint unsettling disturbance in the fabric of the magic around her. Calvin hears the unmistakable echo of necromantic magic twisting the cacophony of city sounds into low throbbing beat, used by Sugar and Vice to control the undead. The Irregulars race down the stairs just in time to engage the first wave of zombies sieging the bar. They spring into action, taking down the zombie horde, with the help of Jeanie’s new bouncer, Alex Keene. Santi, Calvin’s father—in zombie form—is included as part of the assault. The keen eye of the Irregulars however spot he is somehow still alive—-his skeleton has been animated inside a living being. That disturbing type of living animation is the trademark of Calvin and Hugh’s old rival—Johnny Sunset, the Vice Grimlord of Sugar and Vice. Calvin and Susannah spotted Johnny a block away on a balcony. Susannah rode her bike and jumped it up onto the balcony deeply injuring Johnny. Calvin increased gravity turning the entire building into rubble. In desperation, Johnny attempted to animate a group of tourists to come to his aid, but Susannah finished him before he was able to cause any more harm.

Sunny communicated with the spirit of Johnny and discovers that he has recently had dealing with beings that barter in souls, known to him as the Seers. Clearly Johnny has plans, even as a spirit—but the Irregulars we unable to thwart his plans further. Santi—freed from Johnny’s control entered into a catatonic state, and has been put under Sunny’s care.

Greer is notified of a murder investigation happening at Jackson Square—-apparently theReverend Philip Nicholas has been murdered. At the same time, Susannah receives a call from her brother Peter, drunk, confessing that he has done something horrible. The Irregulars run to the Cathedral and lurk outside before being allowed in to investigate the scene. Gregory Lantern reports having witnessed Susannah’s brother Paul fleeing the chapel carrying something. As the party investigates the scene, they realize that strangely, the Reverend’s soul seems to be conspicuously absent.

With a city-wide police search for Peter, the party finds him first and hides him in Sunny’s van. Paul has no recollection of the crime, but has blood on his hands.

Calvin seeks help from his grandmother, Gaia, who was quite pleased to hear from him. She summoned Mnemosyne, his “aunt”, on his behalf, but told him to be prepared to make an offering for her assistance. The Titaness of Memory appeared in their midst—or maybe she had always been there. Their memories are quite spotty on their interactions with her. She took some of their memories in exchange—unfortunately, the party has no recollection of exactly which memories she took. She took Paul and did a deep dive into his memories. Even with her massive power, she was shaken by what she witnessed. Paul in fact had been inhabited by being from another dimension, known only as “He who is without restraint: The seer in secret.” Although no longer possessed, Mnemosyne could access a few scattered pieces of this being’s memories as well. She discovered this being’s affection for Jazz music, his proclivity for murdering people with axes, working as a mercenary for various beings in the past (including a decades earlier contract with the White Council, where he possessed rookie cop Earl to murder Greer’s parents. He was involved as well with the collection of Penelope’s soul several years early. There were also spotty memories of interactions with two other beings: “He who is without regard: The seer of secrets” and “He who is without remorse: The seer with secrets”. Whatever these beings are, their business seems to involve the collection and selling of mortal souls.
Through hacking Paul’s phone, the party was able to piece together that the Seer (in Paul’s body) had taken the Reverend’s soul to Cemetery number one. The party decided to rush to the cemetery for further investigation. Upon arriving outside the gates, they foundJoseph Luna and David waiting outside. Joseph seems unsurprised to find them there, almost as if he had been waiting for them to show up. They rush into the cemetery and approach the Pyramid Tomb of Nicholas Cage. There are obvious signs of a magical ritual recently in the area. David tells the Irregulars, “We’re late. Have your weapons ready, we are going in.” He opens a red glowing gate, and a wave of hot sulphury air flows outwards. He disappears into the portal.

The scene on the other side is madness. The party is in a red glowing wasteland outside a city dominated by a single tower rising into the sky. Roaring battle is underway in every direction. Angels clash with devils, what seems like two armies on motorcycles swerving in and out of the fray swinging medieval weapons. Einherjar and Valkyries battle unholy beasts. Jeanie briefly made eye-contract with her bouncer Alex among the Hell’s Angels.
They witnessed a small group of men, the Crescent City Cavaliers, making a run for the city itself. Joseph looked over at the group, and the looking to the north. Just outside the city, in a twisted hellish replica of the graveyard they just left, a group of robed figures seems to be performing a ritual around a pyramid shaped alter.

The Irregulars disengage from the fray and head towards the graveyard. (But not before Hilda commandeered a Pegasus from a fallen Valkyrie.) Several voodoo priestesses and warriors gather around the alter. Two souls magically bound together, pulsing with energy, provided fuel for the ritual. An almost invisible snake like creature seemed to be drawing the energy to gradually become more corporeal. The party descended on the group, killing the priestesses and chasing away the beast.

They recovered the souls of Greer’s mother and the Reverend and prepared to escape.
As they approached the gates, they could see the forces of good in full retreat. They watched as a tentacle of shadowy magic whip Warden Luna who fell to the ground. David carried him through the last portal closing it behind himself, leaving the Irregulars trapped in Hell. Moments later, another portal opened in the sky, and a large canoe pulled by flying alligators emerged. As the Hell’s Angels and all sorts of other denizens from below descended on their position, Papa Noel, narrowly landed and loaded the group aboard. As they took to the sky, Papa Noel was hit by a blast of magic. Unable to control his own vessel, he handed the reins to Jeanie and said “This thing isn’t so different than a Tall Ship”. He then turned to Hunt, “Hunt, will you guide my pirogue tonight?”

On the vessel, Greer and her Mother had a final conversation. Unfortunately, the magic that tied her and Philip together, there was only enough substance left for one of them to return to our world. Greer’s mother refused to allow Philip to die in her place. At the appropriate point on their trip home, she stood and dove off the ship, finally finding peace.
Navigating the Nevernever by boat during a magical raging storm caused by the epic War Down Below was not easy, and the ship was almost lost, but at the last moment, cutting through the storm like a lighthouse on a rocky shore, the bonfires on the levies of New Orleans were lit—-giving Hunt and Jeanie the direction they needed to safely return home.