The Bojangles are a tightly-knit network of minor talents who heroically volunteer their time patrolling the streets of New Orleans under the guise of street performers.

Officially called “The Buskers of Jackson Square,” the BoJS is affectionately nicknamed the “Bojangles” after its founding member in the 60’s. The founder, only know as “Mr. Bojangles” was a roaming dancer that discovered he could fly, and spent his life doing good—when he wasn’t in prison. But that’s another story. “Mr. Bojangles” (or Mrs. Bojangles) now also the title of the leader of group.

Those in-the-know often tip them generously when they see them, not for their performances, but for their tireless service to the supernatural community. This network interfaces closely with the Paranet, centered out of Chicago. The Bojangles are current led by Charlie Bard. The Bojangles use Artist Colony as a coordinating/head quarters, as well as a cover for their operation.

Current known Bojangles include:

Bojangles as an “Organization”

Organizational Aspects

  • Supernatural reconnaissance network under the cover of buskers. (Organizational Concept)
  • Recently hunted by the Fomor. (Dark Secret)
  • Protect the streets of New Orleans and support the forces of good. (Organizational Goal)

NPC “faces” for each aspect

  • Charlie Bard (Face of “Organizational concept”)
    • “Mr. Bojangles” (Nitty Gritty Dirt Band)
    • “We shall overcome.” (Pete Seeger)
    • “I’ve got friends in low places.” (Garth Brooks)
    • “Don’t fear the reaper.” (Blue Oyster Cult)
    • “All I need is a miracle.” (Mike and the Mechanics)
  • Empty (Face of “Dark Secret”)
    • Empty’s aspects are unknown, but he seems to be involved in the “collection” of minor talents.
  • Freddy Lovell “Steady Freddy” (Face of “Organizational goal” / example of a typical member)
    • “Seasoned Bojangle"
    • “Balance is a state of mind”

Organizational skills

  • Contacts +2 (As a very close-knit group, deeply involved in the community, the Bojangles are helpful when “getting the tip off”, gathering information, or even spreading rumors.)
  • Investigation +1 (As a reconnaissance organization, Bojangles are available to help surveil locations, trail targets, rummage through the trash, etc.)
  • Performance +1 (As a performing group, Bojangles can be called on to provide back-up singers, harmony, dancers, magician’s assistants, etc. for just about any performance. Bojangles also make great plants in the audience to lead the cheering.)

Favor track


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