Cortège Gras

The Cortège Gras, also known as the Fat Court, is a fairy court dedicated to drunkenness, revelry, debauchery, and music. Although they don’t have the sweeping scope of the Summer and Winter courts—they are the most influential in the city of New Orleans.

The court is led by their queen Absinthe, the Green Fairy. Interestingly, many French wines and spirits are named after members of this court.

Each year, the Court gradually gains power through the weeks leading up to Mardi Gras when their power is at its peak. Revelers don masks and dress as Fae, allowing the Fae to frolic among the mortals with impunity—as all surrender to their hedonistic impulses. The cycle then renews during Lent, as mortals realize the consequences of their actions, and resolve to behave.

Known members of the Cortège Gras include:

  • Also, Picon are the most common type of fairy in the court.

The Sponsored Magic of the Cortège Gras

  • Magic focuses on frivolity and excess. Magic could be used to enhance celebrations—for example: Loud noises, music, dancing, lights, smoke, food, wine, etc. These effects are never subtle—but can potentially be used for distractions, barriers, or directly cause harm. Illusions, particularly bright and evocative ones, are second nature to the Cortège Gras. Additionally they would focus on magic that manipulates emotions and mental states, e.g., drunkenness, laughter, amorousness, confidence, dizziness, etc.
  • The agenda of the Cortège Gras tends to push mortals towards excess, but also eliminating forces pushing towards moderation (i.e., they may find themselves at odds with various churches, law enforcement agencies, and the Fae Folk, etc.) Compared to other courts, the Cortège Gras after very… interested in /fascinated by/ envious of …mortals, and interact with them regularly. Of course, like all Fae, they find the Formor to be a very unwelcome intrusion.
  • The evocations of the Cortège Gras tends to leave hallmark trappings of “post-party”… ash, confetti, glitter, smudge and smear marks, smells of sulphur, cigarettes, alcohol, and in occasionally the faint smell of ammonia.

Cortège Gras

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