Lafitte's Blacksmith Shop Bar - Bourbon Street!

Although the bar is still technically owned by Rikard Baldurson and Monoc Securities, it is now run and managed by Jeanie Lafitte. The bar is lit primarily by candelight and lanterns. There is a small room dedicated to a piano bar. Lafitte’s Balcksmith Bar Shop is the home to the infamous voodoo rum, and a variety of ghost stories. While not officially Accorded Neutral Ground, it is a generally safe place for the supernatural community to gather.

Currently Jeanie lives in the small attic apartment upstairs, and helps out in the bar as often as she can. She has been spending more of her free time at her cabin on Terre as of late

Jeanie has hired her longtime friend Dylan Flynn away from the The Palace Cafe as her lead bartender.
With more trouble in her bar lately she also hired a bouncer Alex Keene for reinforcement.

Dylan is pictured here with the rest of the team

  • “Pinky Fingers” Serge Miller, Piano/Singing
  • “Barnacle” Dylan Flynn, Lead Bartender
  • “Cat” Bella Grayson, Bartender
  • “Jolly” Tad Ward, barback

Alex Keene/bouncer/security

All the staff are “clued-in”, in fact, most of them are former/current Bojangles.

Jeanie’s upstairs apartment and where the Bourbon Street Irregulars retreat to have private conversations.

Lafitte's Blacksmith Shop Bar - Bourbon Street

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