Monoc Securities


Monoc Securities is located in Oslo, Norway. Their logo is a thick round circle, bisected by a straight vertical line emerging from either side of the circle. It is speculated that it resembling an eye cut from its socket. Donar Vadderung is its CEO. The New Orleans branch was ran out of Lafitte’s Blacksmith Shop Bar – Bourbon Street, in the French Quarter. Monoc Securites’ New Orleans headquarters is in the newly purchased the Plaza Tower. Rikard Baldursonand Kara are charged with overseeing the renovation project and increasing the presence of Monoc in the area..

In October 2011 ( Hunter or Hunted ), developer Joe Jaeger, whose company is the SMC Group, purchased the Plaza Tower but will not revealed any plans for redevelopment. SMC Group is the Svartalf-Monoc Construction group. They plan to make this a base of their operations in the area to oppose the Fomor. All are signatories of the Accords, but since the the Fomor are related to Jotuns the Fomor are natural enemies to the Aseir.

As such Monoc Securities has mysteriously opened up offices in all locations that the Fomor have a strong foothold, such as Los Angeles, Seattle, Miami, New Orleans, and Boston. They also are covertly providing support in locations where resistance to the Fomor seem to be holding them back; like in Europe, where the White Council is most active, and in cities such as Chicago, Baltimore, San Diego, and the state of Texas .

The title of the company is a shortened version of Monocular. Thus many conclude that Monoc stands for One Eye. Something to be considered with the identity of the CEO. Both the “One Eye” meaning for Monoc, and the eye missing from its socket that sees all are clearly references to Odin, head of the Norse Gods.
Update:Banks, Beignets, and Beyond
Shortly after purchasing the Plaza Tower, and construction just getting started, it has become the secure location of a highly sought after Fomor Weapon. To compensate for the current lack of infrastructure, Donar has deployed additional warriors to help protect the weapon the “old fashioned way.”

Monoc Securities as an “Organization”

Organizational Aspects

  • Odin’s Military Security Firm (Organizational Concept)
  • Soldiers of fortune and glory (Dark Secret)
  • Protect Midgard from Jotuns and other evil creatures (Organizational Goal)

NPC “faces” for each aspect
Donar Vadderung (Face of “Organizational concept”)

  • Odin, The All-father
  • Wears many hats…or mantles

Svend Mannerink (Face of “Dark Secret”_

  • Regional manager of contracts and customer service
  • Mercenaries get paid to not ask questions
  • Protect, Pillage, Payday or Perish. Repeat.

Hilda Burg (Face of “Organizational goal”/example of a typical member)

  • Valkyrie in training
  • Squire to Donar Vadderung
  • Raised by the Dvergr

Organizational Skills

  • Weapons +1
  • Lore +1
  • Resources +2
    Monoc has vast resources (it helps when your CEO is a god), and they have military contracts all over the world, so they have access to weapons from all time periods, and they have access to Odin’s magic and the rune magic of the Valkyries as well.

Favor Track
Monoc is a world-wide operation with offices all over the world. They have vast resources both material and supernatural. Granted if they help you, you will be in their debt – and they will expect it to be repaid.

Monoc Securities

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