Nuggles are Fae Water Sprites that appear as horses with slick black fur. In the Louisiana area they are part of the Fae Folk. The largest and oldest herd of Nuggles associate with the Cour Des Marais. One a nuggle selects a rider, they are bound for life (a nuggle disappointed with its rider will murder them rather than abandon them.)

Note: A rider should have the nuggle mentioned by name as one of their aspects. They will appear when summoned (possibly at the cost of a Fate point) and serve for a scene, assuming that the nuggle is supportive of the goals of its rider.


  • Fairy water horse
  • Mischievous with their friends, Malevolent towards their enemies.
  • Deep intelligence
  • Nuggles never get lost.
  • I’m not your horse, you are my rider.


  • Endurance +4,
  • Athletics, Alertness, Might +3
  • Survival, Presence, Empathy, Fists (Hooves) +2


  • Aquatic (+1) (When immersed in the water, a nuggle’s hind legs shift into a fish’s tail.)
  • Walk over water/snow/ice/mud as if it were solid ground. (+1).
  • Inhuman Speed (+2)
  • Glandular secretions (Nuggles can coat their fur with either slippery or viscous oil.) (+2)
    • (Viscous oil) “Glue” a rider to their body, requiring a Might contest to dismount.
    • (Viscous oil) Hold a rider fast, providing a +2 to the difficulty of anyone trying to dismount the rider. Additionally this eliminates penalties for combat from horseback.
    • (Viscous oil) Create a “bubble” of air available to its rider while underwater.
    • (Slippery oil) Add 2 to the difficulty of any riding checks. Mounting an unwilling Nuggle requires a contest against its Athletics + 2 for the slippery oil.
    • (Slippery oil) +2 on Athletics to escape grapples or squeeze through tight spaces.
  • Either:
    • Superhuman Recovery (+4)
    • or in rare cases, Physical immunity (+8)
  • Catch: Cold iron and the like (-3)

Refresh: 7 (or in rare cases: 11)


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