Plaza Tower

Plaza Tower (for a time dubbed Crescent City Towers and Crescent City Residences in a failed proposed redevelopment scheme) is a 45-story skyscraper in New Orleans, Louisiana, designed in the modern style. Located in the Central Business District, it is the third tallest building in both the city of New Orleans and the state of Louisiana.

Construction of the Plaza Tower began in 1964, as a project of developer Sam J. Recile, but halted in October 1966. The property was bought out and construction resumed in 1968. Upon completion later that year, the Plaza Tower became the tallest building in New Orleans and Louisiana, a record it held for four years until One Shell Square surpassed it.

In 2001, tenants began to publicly criticize the building’s owners for ignoring worsening conditions in the building. Claims were made that a lack of proper maintenance had led to exposure to asbestos and toxic mold. In 2002 several class action lawsuits were filed by workers against the owners and managers and their own employers. Since that time, the building has sat sealed off and unused. The building has been unused since then because of environmental problems such as toxic mold and For several years in the late 2000s a plan was in the news to redevelop Plaza Tower as residential space under the name “Crescent City Towers” or variations on that name.

A succession of failed purchases and default plagued the property ever since. From 2005 to 2011 it has changed owners at least 3 times. Every one of them have failed to start the various redevelopment plans, let alone even finish them. So it has set empty and unused in the middle of the business district of downtown New Orleans. The previous owner was Terra Nuevo Development.

In late 2011 (right after Hunter or Hunted), developer Joe Jaeger, whose company is the SMC Group, purchased the building but will not revealed any plans for redevelopment.

Still behind the powerful veil of an abandoned building, redevelopment has already begun. The previous Red Court occupants had done a fair amount of work developing the space to meet their needs. There is still plenty to do. Rikard Baldurson has been assigned to coordinate the redevelopment process, with the assistance of Kara and Hilda Burg. The reconstruction process has been complicated by the high priority of keeping the development a secret. They have relied heavily on late-night, small deliveries of materials, and importing in labor from Oslo, who they house in the Tower temporarily to avoid to much traffic in and out of the location.
Even though it will be under construction for several more weeks, the Tower has already begun to function as the local headquarters. Recently, a recovered Fomor Weapon has been secretly secured within the Tower.

Approaching December, significant progress has been made towards the completion of the renovations. Of the 45 floors, currently the Svartalves have taken the bottom nine (floors 2-10) and developed something of a small luxury hotel, primarily catering to their own kind, who are interested in enjoying the “delights” of a city full of sin. Monoc Securities has established its satellite offices on floors 31 through 45. Floors 11 through 30 are available for rent. And a handful of companies have already signed leases, and are beginning to move in. Each floor has about 7000 sq feet of usable space.

45th floor, Executive reception area / Executive office / Boardroom
44th floor, Meeting rooms / Auditorium Briefing room
43rd floor, Main offices (Legal, Operations, Staff Resources, Communication, PR, Accounting)
42nd floor, Security Offices (Holding pin / secure holding area / vault)
41st floor, Valkyrie and other officer residences
40th floor, Einherjaren Barracks
39th floor, Files/Library/Storage
38th floor, Recreation area / Cafeteria / Kitchen / Cold Storage
37th floor, Arcane Library / Arcane Sanctum / Gate to Oslo (Not yet in operation)
36th floor, Labs: Chemical/Mechanical/Pyrotechnics
35th floor, Medical / Bio-research
34th floor, Workshop (Construction/Fabrication)
33rd floor, Gym/Sparring area
32nd floor, Armory (Ancient & Modern)
31st floor, Monoc Securities Main Reception

30th floor, [Available for rent]
29th floor, [Available for rent]
28th floor, [Available for rent]
27th floor, Turbosquid 3d Modeling (Tech Firm)
26th floor, [Available for rent]
25th floor, [Available for rent]
24th floor, [Available for rent]
23rd floor, Regional National Distribution Company (Alcohol Distribution Company)
22nd floor, [Available for rent]
21st floor, Tulane University Branch Campus
20th floor, Tulane University Branch Campus
19th floor, [Available for rent]
18th floor, [Available for rent]
17th floor, [Available for rent]
16th floor, [Available for rent]
15th floor, Coast Guard Recruiting Office
14th floor, Manning Architectural Firm
13th floor, [Available for rent]
12th floor, [Available for rent]
11th floor, [Available for rent]

10th floor, elfr (Private Resort of the Svartalves)
9th floor, elfr (Private Resort of the Svartalves)
8th floor, elfr (Private Resort of the Svartalves)
7th floor, elfr (Private Resort of the Svartalves)
6th floor, elfr (Private Resort of the Svartalves)
5th floor, elfr (Private Resort of the Svartalves)
4th floor, elfr (Private Resort of the Svartalves)
3rd floor, elfr (Private Resort of the Svartalves)
2nd floor, elfr (Private Resort of the Svartalves)

1st floor Main Lobby and Security Station (The main elevators go from floor 11 through 31).

Plaza Tower

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