Solomon's Guard, The Angelic Blade

When the old wise King Solomon passed from the land of the living, the guardian angel that protected him set aside its sword, its duty complete. The sword did not join its master in retirement but instead appeared to those who shared its purpose, to protect and serve. Solomon’s Guard, also known as The Flaming Blade, is a short sword of angelic make. Its blade is slightly longer than a man’s forearm and made of a silvery material flecked with gold that is as strong, if not stronger, than steel. Three words are inscribed in Latin on both sides of the blade: ‘Duty, Honor, Sacrifice’.

Musts: You must have a calling or destiny to inherit Solomon’s Guard, one that coincides with its purpose. This is usually represented by a High Concept.

Skills Affected: Alertness, Conviction, Empathy, Lore, Weapons.


  • [-0] Divine Purpose. Solomon’s Guard may only be swung with true selfless purpose in mind and heart. When swung without such purpose, the blow does not land (any attack roll automatically fails), the bond between sword and wielder is immediately broken until the wielder repents with an appropriate trial of faith, and the sword falls from the wielder’s hand. Basically, you and your GM should look at the description above as a guideline for how to compel the high concept attached to the sword – your character might be tempted to use the sword for selfish reasons, and could receive a fate point to wither stay their hand or succumb to the temptation and lose the sword temporarily. If another takes up the sword and swings it selfishly, your character is still responsible for how the sword is used.
  • [-0] It Is What It Is. Solomon’s Guard always takes the form of a sword, though the precise type of sword may change through the ages. Regardless of type, it’s weapon 3.
  • [-0] Unbreakable. As an Item of Power, this item cannot be broken except with a magical ritual predicated upon perverting its purpose.
  • [+2] One-Time Discount. A sword is a tricky thing to conceal.
  • [-1] Angelic Origin. This blade was wielded by an angel and shared in that angel’s nature, making this weapon a powerful holy symbol in its own right. Its very touch is like that of holy water, a cross, or another symbol of faith backed by the belief of the possessor.
  • [-0] Divine Light. Solomon’s Guard is lit by a holy flame. It provides light that is sufficient in strength to illuminate one zone of mundane darkness.
  • [-1] Duty. While wielding this weapon, you cannot be turned from your duty. When swung in keeping with its purpose, Solomon’s Guard adds one to its wielder’s Weapons skill.
  • [-1] Honor. The honor of this blade illuminates the wielder’s path with divine fire. In the presence of acts this blade finds to be dishonorable, it’s flame flares fiercely, alerting the wielder to danger. It provides you with a +1 bonus to Empathy when detecting lies, +1 to Alertness while Avoiding Surprise, and +1 to the Mystic Perception trapping of the Lore skill.
  • [-2] Sacrifice. When you wield Solomon’s Guard in defense of others, the blade hardens your convictions into a brilliant aegis. This Power is identical to Supernatural Toughness with the Catch that you only benefit from it while defending others.

Solomon's Guard, The Angelic Blade

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