The Aeon Institute


The Aeon Institute is the world’s foremost non-profit relief organization. They routinely come into natural disaster areas and war-torn countries and offer medical attention of all types to the residents, often free of charge. This organization is funded and headed by Dr John Conrad, the world’s foremost transplant surgeon and also one of the wealthiest men alive thanks to patents he holds on almost all the artificial organs of today including the CR2000, the worlds most advanced artificial heart. Dr Conrad has brought the Aeon Institute to New Orleans in Katrina’s wake, investing millions upon millions of dollars in rebuilding Tulane Medical Center and University. He has created jobs and is almost always on the television, attending fundraisers and pressing for the rebuilding of New Orleans.

Conrad and The Aeon Institute have gone a long way to make the world think they are Good Samaritans, sharing their wealth and good fortune with devastated and suffering peoples. What the world does not know however is the darker side to the Institute, and specifically John Conrad. The world has no idea the atrocities that have been and are being done by this organization or the man heading it. The only thorn in their sides to date has been Adam.

  • Aspect: Corrupt Multinational Organization
  • Aspect: Big Business gone wild
  • Aspect: Shady deals and shadier dealers

Affiliated Individuals:

  • The Professor or Igor, Dr. Conrad’s assistant, and right-hand man.
  • Adrian Shaw, consultant of the Aeon Institute, and Fomor Sorcerer – deceased
  • Dr. Carl Avery, a Fomor working with Dr. Wade – deceased
    *Dr. Terra Wade, a world-renowned electrophysiologist employed by to research reanimation of dead matter

The Aeon Institute

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