The House of the Rising Sun

The House of the Rising Sun appears on the surface to be a typical creole townhome, squeezed tightly between two other structures. Strangely, those who are looking for the House of the Rising Sun can never find it. Everyone you ask in the French Quarter knows they’ve seen it, but they can’t remember exactly where.

In truth, The House of the Rising Sun has no address. It doesn’t appear on any map. The whole place is semi-sentient, and alive with magic. It transports itself into the Nevernever, and then reappears in some other location, warping reality to allow to appear between any two buildings in the French Quarter. It will only appear or disappear when no one is directly looking at it, but it is steeped in mind-altering magics that prevent it from drawing unwanted attention to it. People who see it assume it has always been there. When it’s gone they think nothing of it.

The House of the Rising Sun is most likely to appear to someone who is wandering the streets alone, with a heavy heart, with plenty of time and money to kill. It tends to reshape itself into whatever vice is most appealing to its target. This is usually a brothel/strip club/sketchy looking massage parlor, but also may appear as a bar, opium den, cigar lounge, or even a Chinese buffet. It is certainly larger than it appears from the outside.
Customers find the staff beautiful and accommodating. Everything seems catered to their exact wishes. Once you enter however, you will need the assistance of the “staff” to help you find the exit again.

Noilly Prat is the Attendant to the House of the Rising Sun. Her staff of fairies ensure that every customer is satisfied. At the very least, they leave indebted to the fairy court. Some who leave spend the rest of their lives looking to fill the hole left by their visit. Many have their vices dramatically escalated by the experience. Some sink into deep depression or frustrated disappointment the rest of their life. Some never leave. Some say that those who do not leave before the sun rises the next morning becoming changelings, and are forever beholden to the fae. Only a very few have enough will to visit and resist the temptations offered by the House of the Rising Sun and her staff.

Testimonial from a previous victim of the House of the Rising Sun.

The House of the Rising Sun

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