The Pride

Jean Lafitte’s fabeled ship, The Pride, sunk well over a hundred years ago.
However, due to a combination of the enhantments that were cast on the ship, the fanatical loyalty of her crew, the ledgentary will of Jean Lafitte, and decades of personification by powerful beings, a spirit was born—kniting together the souls of the crew and the ship itself.

Similiar to a Genus Loci, such as Demonreach, a Genius Navi is a spirt that personifies a ship. These spirits tend not to take any shape other than that of the ship itself. They tend not to speak, but they do listen. The provide the energy for the ghostly crew to manifest, and binds them to a single purpose, Which helps keeps them sane (mostly).

As a ship, the Pride is similar to a “Item of Power” (Total cost 2 Refresh)

  • It is indestructable (+0)
  • It is what it is: (+0) A Tall ship armed with cannons on both sides. (Weapon: 3)
  • Spectral Sails (+1) Ship ignores weather conditions when sailing—in dead calm or raging storm, the sails fill with a steady ghostly wind
  • Glows at will (+0) At night the ship radiates enough light to read by the sails. This glow can be suppressed by the captain, at which point the ship simply looks like an old, tattered tall ship.
  • Demesne (+1) The ship itself can adjusted to the will of the captain. The captain can use Disipline to make scene aspects or even attack with the ship. (This power, of course, is limited to the ship itself.)
  • Crew of specters (+2), but they cannot leave the ship. As a comptant crew they +1 to the sailing check of the captain. Additionally, they have a gun skill of +1 and a weapons of +1. They will lend their aid to anyone fighting on the ship or firing cannons, so long as they are allied with their captain.


  • The Pride is limited to large bodies of water. (-1)
  • The Pride requires a fate point to be summoned for one scene (trip) (-1)

The Pride has the following aspects:

  • Ship Aspect: Ectoplasmic manifestation of the tall ship “Pride”
  • Crew Aspect: Dead men hoist the sails.
  • Aspect: Shiver me timbers.
  • Aspect: Perfectly silent in the water.

The Pride

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